Monday, June 13, 2011

Caillianne- Juicy Couture Collaboration

Top- Sweatshirt by Juicy Couture from Juicy Couture
Dress(under top)- Striped blue and white dress by Juicy Couture from Juicy Couture
Necklace- Vintage beaded African necklace from Fairfax flea Market in LA
Bag- Silver Balenciaga bag from Balenciaga store in NYC
Sunglasses- Balenciaga sunnies from Balenciaga store in NYC
Bracelet- Vintage heart bracelet from Brimfield Antique Show in Boston, MA
Hat- Vintage sailor hat from Hells Kitchen Flea Market in NYC
Shoes- Marc Jacobs desert boots from Holt Renfrew in Toronto

The Look: Juicy Couture Collaboration

Fun Fact: I could live in this outfit all summer... It's soo nautical and cozy! We found this really great Alice and Wonderland grass maze. It was really cool to walk around and around it!  It felt like I was standing in a grass cake! For more of our collaboration with Juicy click here Pin It Now!


Diana said...

LOVE this look! perfect for summertime :) i love anything nautical xo


It looks like a perfect summers day there!

Minna said...

Love the lady sailor look with red lips and shoes! And the round sunnies look so cool too! :)

Julie Khuu said...

Hey there Sailorette! You look soooo juicy cute!! Love the red dash of skipper chic!! Such a fun and funky summer ensemble!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Kavery said...

Fantastic shots. You make it look so easy to put together a look this gorgeous.

MELISSA Z. said...

love the striped skirt! amazing necklace too! <3

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

i have seen this look at Juicy and i love the crispy white fresh sailors look. would look fabulous on a yacht in St.- Tropes!!! so huge fan of oversized tees and sweaters, so i definitely need one like that. love the blue stripes because they are not too bright, just perfect. but as always, the accessories are the finishing touch, what a statement necklace. i am not a fan of Balenciaga, but i am a fan of that bag, what a color, what a shape! it is like, Balenciaga is interesting again. i love it when a brand is not afraid to reinvent there self

blue roses said...

this outfit is a clean, refreshing interpretation of the traditional nautical aesthetic; it looks incredible, i could probably romp around in those pieces all summer as well!

Phillipe LeNerd † said...

adore this colors on you
and so nautical and fresh

looove the jewelry and i haven't told you girls this
but i LOVE the fact you're always smiling in your pictures..

makes me feel...HAPPY!


Autilia Antonucci said...

AMAZING shoes !

Mrs. C said...

So fabulous!! Love the dress (duh I love Juicy) which is just so fun for summer!!! Amazing as always ladies!! Check out my get ready for swimsuit season tip!
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Sabrina said...

You look incredibly doll! Love that necklace, it's so epic xx

Lydia said...

That is the best necklace in the entire world.

Anonymous said...

I heart that purse! && the shoes are a nice pop of color!

kim said...

this outfit is so freakin cute, I'm dying over your sailor hat!

clothes are cute

à.dé said...

perfect nautical look! and that silver balenciaga, so unexpected but great!

Jewellery Bijou said...

You look gorgeous and unique!

fashion clocked said...

stripes, sailor, silver and shades soooooo sexy WOW i missing you beckerman babes and trying to get my days fix!
How are you? ho[e all is well and oh wow.. the proenza party- tommy ton and your family all so gorgeous and fun and seriously... the most super cool family out there!!! kisses and loves.Katie.xx
fashion clocked

Wida said...

What a very interesting necklace...haha!

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robyn said...

Really love the necklace with this outfit, whimsical!


Tamara said...

Oh I love that bag,...whole outfit looks amaazing. Have a look at my giveaway here

Sandwich de Dinausore said...

I love your outfit ! It's "hippie style", I love this !
xoxo :)

InesT said...

I love that necklace
It's so cute!
Thank you for sharing :D

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MalibuMara said...

i love these photos! and that necklace is awesome :)Great fashion!


BackOfTheOne said...

missing you my sistas
love it love all about this look!!
perfect girls

sacramento said...

Caillianne, you are pure inspiration, and I need, WANT all your accessories, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Love you my dear girls.

akiko said...

What a great photos! Love your outfit (especially the bag and red shoes) and really love the photo you threw your hat. Fun!

pepa said...

Wow, amazing pics dear!
Looove your outfit.
Sooo chic!

New outfit post on my blog

Kisses from pepa:X

vivacious blonde said...

loving the nautical theme! that necklace is amaze. i admire your style girl !

jill said...

you guys are so pretty and colorful! your blog is like a dreamy picture book and you have the best taste. definitely following.

Elina K said...

I superlove the outfit you put together! So nautical-so summer-y!
Thank you for stopping by my blog! I'm now following yours! Come back anytime! xx

jansmithxxx said...

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Peta said...

When something is seriously amazing and 'speaks' to me, I have this internal scream! Yup, this is amazing : )

Vivi said...

You Beckermans find the most unique accessories. The African necklace is a-MAH-zing. Wow.