Monday, October 5, 2015

Noisy May- Hudson's Bay!

We are obsessed with Noisy May's new collection! Not only is their denim amazing, but we are living in their plaid shirts.. and never taking them off! We are all about their rock n' roll style and skinny legged jeans. Their jeans are soft, stretchy and ripped to perfection. It's so great for back to school and traveling in. Just so OBSESSED with this skeleton sweater! This skeleton sweater will be available October 15th exclusively on But we can't wait for it to get even colder outside so we can wear this parka jacket, everyday. The hood on it is just so snuggly. It's all available at Hudson's Bay! (This post was sponsored by Hudsons Bay but all opinions, styling and outfit selects are our own.)
 photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-1_zpse0b7ixfq.jpg  photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-2_zpshorl35am.jpg  photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-3_zpsxilefdrc.jpg  photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-4_zpslqi06ox4.jpg  photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-5_zpskxucgvcg.jpg  photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-6_zpsfpqthpkb.jpg  photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-7_zpsx3zgx1wt.jpg  photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-8_zpsalc4zsyj.jpg  photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-9_zpsgupye9dc.jpg  photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-011_zps2pfsh2jx.jpg  photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-12_zpsk7qyhng1.jpg  photo NoisyMay-BeckermanBlog-HudsonsBay-13_zpsdt0uniwz.jpg Pin It Now!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Cailli- H&M Studio Autumn/ Winter Fall 2015

 photo cailli-hm-fall2015-beckermanblog-hmfall2015-toronto-7_zpsxcd1etje.jpg  photo cailli-hm-fall2015-beckermanblog-hmfall2015-toronto-4_zpshhzh8ete.jpg  photo cailli-hm-fall2015-beckermanblog-hmfall2015-toronto-3_zpsfjgwfgpj.jpg  photo cailli-hm-fall2015-hmfall2015-9_zpsryrymkyu.jpg  photo cailli-hm-fall2015-beckermanblog-hmfall2015-toronto-5_zpshs4gju4x.jpg  photo cailli-hm-fall2015-beckermanblog-hmfall2015-toronto-1_zps4ns1krtz.jpg  photo cailli-hm-fall2015-beckermanblog-hmfall2015-toronto-8_zpsf3p5xw3f.jpg Sweater-H&M Studio
Overalls-H&M Studio
Hat- H&M Studio

The Look- H&M Studio 2015

Fun Fact: When we saw this H&M Studio Autumn/ Winter 2015 Collection in Paris this past March we fell in love with it! These leather overalls and the hand beaded hats and sweaters blew our minds! Not only was it space meets 70's, it was embellished to the max! These have to be the best fitting overalls I have ever owned, and I can't get enough of all these jewels. Pin It Now!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sam-Wild Beast + Leather

 photo coachwildbeastbag-leopardcoach-bag-sambeckerman_zpsgjxzw3mc.jpg  photo coach-beckerman-blog-wildbeast-garybaseman_zpschednv6j.jpg  photo coachfall2015-garybaseman-beckermans-streetstyle_zpsarrtpz9t.jpg  photo wildbeastsweater-coachspring2015-garybaseman-leopardprint-canada-coach_zpsex6hivxv.jpg  photo torontostreetstyle-canaada-coach-wildbeast-sambeckerman-classicanimalprint-rhyderstatchel_zpshgdrfruy.jpg  photo samanthabeckerman--coachrhydersatchel-canada_zpspmdmook7.jpg  photo coachgirls-sisters-beckermangirls-beckermansxcoach_zpsllhl3hb5.jpg

Sweater- Coach Furry Beast Crewneck 
Bag- Coach Rhyder Satchel Wild Beast
Watch- Coach Wild Beast Watch (sold out but love this one)
Sunnies and Red Bandana- Vintage
Skirt- H&M
Boots- AGL

The Look: Wild Beast + Leather

Fun Fact: It's amazing how quickly Fall has come and it's sweater weather in Toronto again! And this Coach Wild Beast Print by Gary Baseman is everything. I'm obsessed with how warm and fuzzy it is, as well as the melting leopard spots! I also got the matching beanie hat, so that when it gets even colder here, I can wear it all together. Cailli and I just attended the most incredible Coach Spring 2016 Collection during NYFW at the High Line! Stuart Vevers created the most stunning collection with a cool 70's vibe. The models walked though a grassy runway filled with micro floral prints, patchwork skirts, rock n' roll boots, and even a Dinosaur sweater!!! Ahhh!!! Even the bags had 3D leather flowers all over them. Once again...We are OBBBBSESSSED with ALL OF IT! Stuart did it again! It was a brilliant collection and we got a chance to meet Blondie! Can't wait to wear all of it! Cailli and I both wore our Wild Beast bags to the show and then got picked up in a floral printed Coach taxi that drove us around New York city! It was such a fabbbbulous collection!

Get the Look:

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Birks- Backstage Preview of the New Muse Ribbon Collection

We stopped by the Birks photo shoot to get a sneak peek of the new Muse Ribbon Collection, and boy, did we fall in love with their 18K gold stunning heritage collection. They were shooting their Fall 2015 campaign and we popped in to try it on! It was inspired by architectural swirls and curves, and has a vintage and modern aesthetic. We just love it! The Birks Muse Ribbon introduces yellow gold, complementing past Muse collections in white and rose gold, pearl, silver, and gemstones. The patterned ceiling of the first Birks boutique on St. James Street in Old Montreal in 1879 inspires all the pieces. The 16-piece collection, including gilded earrings, stackable cuffs, and layerable pendants and chains, are all meant to be worn together. It is a gorgeous collection and we are so excited to have gotten a backstage preview of the collection.  photo Birks-BeckermanBlog-3_zpsb8itaepk.jpg  photo Birks-BeckermanBlog-2_zpsxawcyn0z.jpg  photo Birks-BeckermanBlog-4_zps9ods5qcl.jpg  photo Birks-BeckermanBlog-5_zpsl74islne.jpg  photo Birks-BeckermanBlog-8_zpsazsq7fcg.jpg  photo Birks-BeckermanBlog-1_zpslz2xaxbj.jpg  photo Birks-Beckermanblog-6a_zpsu5hgkxfr.jpg Pin It Now!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Biore- Deep Cleansing Pore Strips!

 photo Biore1-BeckermanGirls_zpsiuben00n.jpg We have been using BiorĂ© Deep Cleansing Pore Strips for years! We always like to use them when watching TV, exercising or hanging out in the backyard – at least once a week. They are the best way to prep skin and pores before applying makeup. Our skin is super sensitive, and we love how these Pore Strips are oil-free, gentle and hypoallergenic. They also work like a magnet and lift out dirt and oil from those hard-to-get spots that can lead to blackheads. The best part about these new BiorĂ© Limited Edition Deep Cleansing Pore Strips – they have cute & fashionable pastel prints that make them totally fun! Perfect for the Fashionista headed back to school or prepping for a big event like Fashion Week!  photo Biore4-BeckermanGirls_zps07p32bja.jpg It's really easy to use you just have to:
1.Wet your nose first, and with dry hands pat on the cleansing strip after you remove the plastic backing.
 photo Biore5a-BeckermanGirls_zpswe3hssvm.jpg
2. Leave on for 10-15 minutes until it is stiff to touch.

 photo Biore3-BeckermanGirls_zpsy2a44dji.jpg

3. Voila! It is time to peel it off, but starting at the edges and pull toward the center

 photo Biore5-BeckermanGirls_zps7oqph2bg.jpg  photo Biore6-BeckermanGirls_zpsl0yfzkqb.jpg Pin It Now!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Our Pomeranian Dog Pillow DIY

We teamed up with Commonthread this month to create a DIY Pomeranian hand-stitched embroidered pillow and we are OBSESSED with it! It's the cutest to create your own personalized dog or cat pillow with your own furry pet as inspiration. And this pillow is a hit! Everybody wants it and you can bring it everywhere because it's small...perfect for back to school, on the bed and your pet will love it! The cuteness factor is a definite 10! Lol! So first, we found an adorable pic of our dog Marni's face, picked up these supplies below and got right to work.
 photo 16A-diy-commonthread-beckermanblog-4x6_zpsycqsixeb.jpg  photo 15A-final-diy-commonthread-pomeranianpillow-dmc-4x6_zpsrl2umrda.jpg
What you need:
DMC Tea-dyed Linen fabric (its really soft beautiful linen)
Acrylic Paints Paintbrushes
DMC Embroidery Thread
White Thread for hand sewing
Hand Sewing Needles
Black Felt tip Marker
Stuffing for the inside of the pillow
Velvet Fabric (we picked up for the back of the pillow) but you could technically use the Linen.

1.So, this whole dog pillow project is all about having fun and being free while painting. Make sure to let loose and don't worry about going outside of the lines when painting. 'We free-handed this with a black felt top marker and painted Marni's face with paint.

2. Cut half an inch around the face of the pillow. This will be the front of the pillow and the extra seam allowance will help you sew it together.

3. We took the DMC Embroidery thread and highlighted her fur by making it look 3D. We also gave Marni black eyelashes and basted in black around her whole face

4. Now cut the back of the fabric. We took the velvet and cut the back of the fabric by just tracing the face with the velvet facing flat on the table. You want two of the same shapes for the head.

5. We hand stitched the front and back pieces together. Hand stitch the two right sides together with little tiny stitches. Leave some room at the the top of the pillow to flip it inside out. Once the pillow is flipped inside out, you can then stuff it with the pillow stuffing.

6. Then you can finish up by sewing the last ear up and adding on those whiskers!
   photo 1A-supplies-4x6_zpsj4inmjav.jpg photo 2A-firstillustration-4x6_zpsrskoapuy.jpg  photo 3A-whitepaint-4x6_zps59lkbs7r.jpg  photo 4A-brownpaint-4x6_zps7ciej5vz.jpg  photo 5A-paintingmarni-4x6_zpslg6nhc8n.jpg  photo 6A-cut-4x6_zpspw6w514c.jpg  photo 7A-embroidery-4x6_zpspbgsdxs9.jpg  photo 8A-embroiderycomplete-4x6_zpserx5d78d.jpg  photo 9A-tinywhitestitches-4x6_zpsqpbqgtg1.jpg  photo 10A-bothfabricsquares-4x6_zpssnue4cgu.jpg  photo 11A-stuffing-4x6_zpsqknygtqi.jpg  photo 12A-sewingpillow-4x6_zps0r8pmk6v.jpg  photo 13A-whiskers-4x6_zpsc30hwkuf.jpg  photo 14A-final-4x6_zpsfsdk2gr4.jpg Pin It Now!