Thursday, May 5, 2022

We're the Power Puff Girls!

OMG! All we're missing is Buttercup! Thats our sis (Chloe) who's in L.A! She has her in L.A! We're obsessed with these Moschino Power Puff bags and these  Simpsons x Levi's yellow jumbo corduroy pants! 
Cailli sewed this vintage happy face patch on to this vintage yellow cord vest that went so perfect with these pants. Sam wore her patched up vest that she DIY-ed and we had to pair it with these bags!
Our yellow frog bracelets are H&M from the Iris Apfel Collection. Sunglasses are by Socotra "Michael" Sunglasses and the shoes are Dunk Low by Nike 
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Monday, May 2, 2022

Hearts, Love and Rainbows! Soooo excited about H&M's Innovation Story called-The Cherish Waste Collection! Its online May 5th! This collection is all about special pieces that are made to be re worn and cherished in your wardrobe with all the pieces made from sustainable and recycled material. 
We're totally obsessed with these silky heart lounge pieces. The bottom of the pants have flames and we had a little snack of Flaming Hot Cheetos! It matched our outfits perfectly! The studded slides are so cool too! Sunglasses are Vehla eyewear (Dixie Black- Toffee)
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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

DIY JEANS- Beckerman Twins Edtion!

We're totally obsessed with handmade anything! So let's kick it back to these DIY jeans we made a few years ago. We made hand painted patched up chocolate bar jeans and hand painted troll jeans with faux fur hair! They are still our fav' jeans!  They are silly and fun and every time we wear them, people stop us, and we all have a good chuckle! lol! We made them on vintage Levis and paired them with Vehla Eyewear Dixie- Black Toffee We looove these sunnies! The shape and lenses are so cool. These awesome bomber jackets by WE-AR4 ! They are Limited Edition made on these E Bomber jackets and only 12 were made. They are super soft and made out of a nylon satin with an oversize fit. OBSESSED! Cailli is wearing the Orange and Sam is wearing the Military Green!
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Monday, April 25, 2022

Baggy Pants + Dunk Low's!

Sooo... lately we can't get enough of baggy pants and Dunk Low's!
We've been so in looove with this whole casual 90's vibe. Usually we're rockin' the sweatpants and sneakers look...but decided to dress it up a bit today. Sam is wearing the Simpsons x Levis yellow corduroy pants, North Face x Gucci vest, Dior hat and belt and a Burberry hat. Cailli is wearing Vivienne Westwood x Burberry pants, a Vivienne Westwood top, Ray Bans and a Dior bag and necklace. We might just be accidental sneaker heads! LOL!
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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Happy 13th Anniversary Beckerman Blog!

WOW! WOW! WOW! We can't believe how time flies! Happy Bday Beckerman Blog! Thank you for following us on this amazing adventure! The blog wouldn't be the same without you! Here are some of our favourite pics from the last year!
Love you soo much! Now... Lets eat some cake! xox
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Monday, April 4, 2022

Dust of Gods!

So obsessed with Dust of Gods! Created by our friend Antonio Tadrissi! He is the best! He creates the dopest pieces using vintage garments and re-creates them in to these masterpieces! We LOVE our jackets. He made them come to life by using a vintage Louis Vuitton bag. He even uses the handle at the back of Sam's suede jacket along with a Rolling Stones painted motif. Cailli's camo jacket has vintage Louis Vuitton pockets and some denim pieces on the back. These jackets are one of a kind and super special and we love how he is all about sustainability, but in the coolest way possible. Each Dust of Gods pieces are one of one. Make sure the check out the site and get DUSTED!

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