Saturday, May 15, 2021

Patch it up DIY and embroidery magic!

We're totally obsessed with patches and embroidery and anything thats nostalgic with pop culture mixed with a vintage vibe. I ( Cailli) took my vintage levi's jeans and hand sewed vintage patches from Etsy and Ebay. Also waiting for the patches to arrive was the slow part. I also hand sewed a vintage 70's yellow happy face patch on this 70's vest I snagged off Ebay. This outfit is a hardcore #BeckermanDIY outfit. Sam is feeling an embroidery British rock vintage Harry Styles vibse so she threw on this Gucci skirt to mix and match it up!

The Look: Patch it Up DIY and embroidery magic!
Fun Fact: It took Cailli and month to make these jeans but it was worth all the hand sewing and stabbing my fingers with the pin a million times! lol

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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the fabulous Mother's out there! What a wonderful day to celebrate our Mom's! Our Mama Bear is such a big inspiration to us. She is such an animal lover and activist and teaches us compassion and love everyday. She is the most grounded person we know she is such a free spirit! Her unwavering love towards animals is moving. She leads with her heart and brightens every room she walks in to. Thank you for always being there for us Mom and being a bright light. We love you very much and thanks for being our best friend! Now let's take a look back!
We are all wearing Pretty Little thing 


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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Sweet Valley High Burberry Edition

Here in Toronto, we are still in lockdown from the pandemic. Both of us have got our first vaccine and are just waiting to get our second vaccine. But it won't be until the summer for sure! But we're very happy and feel relieved that things are moving forward in regards to the vaccine. In Canada, we're still having a tough time with the virus and the variants, so we are all still hunkering down and trying to slow down the virus. Today we felt like dressing up and mixing one of our favourite iconic prints...Burberry. We collect Burberry pieces in the Nova print which is the plaid. We like to joke around that we are The Sweet Valley High Twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield. What would they do in lockdown? lol! And what would the cover title of their books say now? We used to read the books following the identical twins and we kinda of look like them! Haha! If you have no idea what we're talking about. Just google them. The series began in 1983, and ended twenty years later with over 180 books. They are pretty amazing especially the illustrations on the covers of the books. Anyways wishing you lots of love if you are still in lockdown and stay safe out there! xo The Wakefield Twins... we mean The Beckerman Twins! (lol)

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Monday, May 3, 2021

Vintage Dior!

The Look: Vintage Dior Rasta Vibes and Vintage Dior Speedway Vibes! 

Fun Fact: Let's just vibe! We're really feeling vintage again and can't get enough of these vintage Dior Looks! Vintage is definitely having a resurgence! We're not sure if its because the pandemic has made everybody clean their closets and re wear their old pieces again and collect it too!.. but we are here for it! We love it because we're all about sustainability and re-wearing pieces and making them new again as well as collecting special vintage pieces. So heres to a little vintage Dior moment! The storm was approaching and we took these pics really quick before it poured :) 

Vintage Dior Rasta pants from El Cycer Vintage 
Daisy necklaces- Dolorous Jewellery Daisy Necklace

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Happy 12th Anniversary BeckermanBlog!

Can you belive it! 12 years!! Happy Anniversary Beckerman Blog! Without Change there would be no butterflies! 🦋👯‍♀️🦋 Today marks a very special day for us...its our 12th blog/Insta Anniversay! We’ve changed, challenged ourselves, loved and lost. And most importantly, grown and learned over the last 12 years. But one thing is constant... you! We wanted to thank YOU, our blog fam! 💕 It wouldn’t be possible without your love and support! Thank you for all the sweet comments and positive vibes ❤️It means so much to us, especially during this hard and challenging time of pandemic life. We love you very much and send that love right back! Cheers to many more! 🍾 🥂

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Friday, October 11, 2019

London Fog x Jeremy Scott

 photo London Fog-Jeremy Scott-Beckerman Twins-1_zpsnguoak8x.jpg  photo London Fog-Jeremy Scott-Beckerman Twins-3_zpsfzwa1syn.jpg  photo London Fog-Jeremy Scott-Beckerman Twins-2_zpsumlmhlmd.jpg  photo London Fog-Jeremy Scott-Beckerman Twins-4_zpstiqi6xx4.jpg

Okay Okay Okay... Hold the Phone... or at least put it on speaker phone and scream out loud... THE NEW LONDON FOG x JEREMY SCOTT Collection is Here!!!!

These jackets just got released and we are OBSESSSSSSSED!!!!! We are love the 80's graffiti on the front that says "LONDON" and the Back lapel says "NYC" in graffiti. It's street, its skate, and you could literally wear it to grab a coffee with sweatpants and some timbz and it looks cool! It's the sickest trench coat in the game! Jeremy, you did it again!!!!!!!! Can't wait for the rest of the collection to drop!

The Look: London Fog x Jeremy Scott Get the Trench Coats on London Fog. We are wearing the size (medium) just for reference :) Pin It Now!