Monday, May 2, 2011

Bulgari Save the Children Ring Collaboration

Bloggers unite! We have teamed up with Bulgari on this very special day to support Bulgari's campaign for Save the Children. Bulgari has raised more than $9 million dollars in the last two years to support Save the Children's quality education programs that include: Teacher training, Art education, and Therapy programs to give children a voice to help cope with stress.

They are actively:
-Outfitting schools in the Ivory Coast with basic furniture, and school kits
-Rehabilitating 57 Classrooms in the Democratic Republic of Congo
-Training nearly 900 educators and parents in Afghanistan
-Improving education opportunities for 43,500 children in Bosnia
-Building schools to bring in education to 1,500 children in Southern Sudan
-Provided 13,000 blankets as part of the emergency response to the earthquake in Haiti

Bulgari has created this gorgeous silver and ceramic Save the Children ring to symbolize their commitment! The rings are $370.00 and they donate $75.00 from each purchase which goes a long way. So far, they have helped over 200,000 children in the poorest areas in the world. We are very excited and hold this ring close to our heart because it's such a special cause. Celebrities like Sting, Ben Stiller, Jessica Biel, Debra Messing and the ones featured below also believe in this amazing campaign.  To support their foundation and have your own gorgeous Bulgari ring, click here!

To read more about Bulgari's efforts click here. Other bloggers who also support this cause are: Fashion Toast, The Glamourai, Sea of Shoes, The Man Repeller ,Karla's Closet, Style Like U and many more. To see the other bloggers in the Stylelist gallery wearing their Save the Children ring, click here!

Jacket- Vintage suede fringe jacket (no label) from Tribal Vintage store in Toronto
Jumper- Beckerman jumper from Beckerman Collection
Ring- Bulgari Save the Children ring
Belt- Black and silver tassel Etro belt from Etro store in NY
Hat- Straw H&M hat from H&M store in Toronto
Tights- H&M black tights from H&M store in Toronto
Shoes- Burberry Prorsum shoes from Burberry store in Vegas
Bag- Kate Spade red bag from Holt Renfrew in Toronto

Jacket- Proenza Schouler jacket from The Room at The Bay in Toronto
Ring- Bulgari Save the Children ring
Shirt (under jacket)- Tommy longsleeve from Tommy Hilfiger store in Toronto
Pants- Comme Des Garcons plaid pants from The Room at The Bay in Toronto
Belt- Vintage Ralph Lauren belt from Ralph Lauren Store in the Hamptons, NY
Bag- Marc Jacobs bag a gift from my Godmum :)
Shoes- Ralph Lauren desert boots from Holt Renfrew in Toronto

Cardigan- Striped Juicy Couture cardigan from Juicy Couture store in L.A.
Ring- Bulgari Save the Children ring
Shirt (under cardigan)- Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony shirt from Opening Ceremony store in NYC
Necklace- Vintage necklace (no label) from Chelsea Flea Market in NYC
Bracelets- Vintage coin bracelets from Hamptons Flea Market in NY
Pants- Siwy white jeans from Siwy Sample Sale in L.A.
Bag- Roberta di Camerino bag from
Shoes- No.6 clogs from Creatures of Comfort store in L.A. Pin It Now!


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

ah education!!! that is my business!! yep it is Bugari! stylish and distinctive as always. i didn't know they supported such initiatives. well education to me is everything, so good job Bulgari!!! love the serenity of this post! the ring says it all.

Caillianne: the combination with that gorgeous dress is divine. i love the shape and that print. fabulous with the belt and the jacket. but i cannot see yo without some touch of color. so the lipstick and the clutch is the perfect finishing touch.

Samantha: big fan of the trousers not only because of the shape, but oh i love ht print

Chloe: it is all about stripes, love the jacket. but the flowers and the bag are making you glow, what a background can do

Yuliya Fashionblog said...

Amazing look and pics ♥ ♥
Thank for your lovely comment ♥ !

Bisous :)

Erin said...

That is awesome yall! Congrats not only for the collaboration, but also because this is such an amazing cause!


..and Leighton is so graceful.


mispapelicos said...

Caillianne, Samantha and Chloe, my favourite girls ever together for such a good cause.
Love u.

That Girl Lucy said...

Thnk you chickas!! You all look amazing as always, and loves the ring - such a great cause x

jessica january said...

hello beckermans! i just want to say a big THANK YOU to you guys for your comments on my blog. i remember watching a feature on you on ftv with jeanne becker probably 10 years ago now and i have been inspired ever since! to have your support is really amazing, i'm over the moon! you guys are awesome!

january, x

Daphne Economou said...

thank you for your comment :)
that is such a good cause you're supporting and I love love love the Proenza Schouler jacket and Comme Des Garcons plaid pants!!!

mirjam schuurkamp said...

wow girls!
againn again again i can tell you many times more,
but you girls are FREAKING amazing,
nobody can pull of these items as good as you do!

i have a new outfit post, maybe you can check!?

julie digs design said...

Whoa! very cool ad campaign and collaboration!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! :-D

Cheers! -julie

Mrs. C said...

This is such a great cause that I was reading about this morning on Kelly's blog! So glad to see you lovely ladies are a part of!! Check out my jewlery giveaway!!
Recipes Fashion Marriage

Violet E. said...

so lovelyyyy!

The Fashion Writress said...

Fab combinations doll :))


Style-Pursuit said...

All of these looks are pretty amazing! :o)

x said...

love the red lipstick!

The Breakfast Lover said...

This is so nice! i didnt know aboute it
You look gorgeous in every pic and i love the last shoes!

Unknown said...

Love your pics!
It's so cool to see how all the bloggers styled the ring.

♥ Gina Michele

gold N turquoise said...

i am IN LOVE this message & the Roberta di Camerino bag!!!!

the bright bag w/ the pink flowers & lipstick are SO GORGEOUS TOGETHER!

jenny said...

Wow, cool blog. Just found it and I'm definitely following now. You have such great style. I really like the nautical outfit.

Following you now, I have a fashion blog here in California

Katherine said...

Yayy! I love seeing this project on my favorite blogs :) I am crazy about Calianne's fringe jacket (never can have too much fringe!) and Chloe's bright bag :)
La Petite Marmoset

Kimberly said...

love the outfits the ring looks great with all of them and for such a wonderful cause!

ilikestuff said...

Oh my goodness, that bouganvillia (ok I spelled that wrong...too lazy to google it). It's gorgeous!

And bravo for being the only blog to actually explain what "helping the children" means. Good to know it's not just some weirdo creepy Christian missionary thing. You never know these days!

Great cause, gorgeous ring :)

Anonymous said...

Love Caillianne's Beckerman jumper, Samantha's pants and Chloe's bag. All outfits are amazing!

Anouk said...

Thanks for your comment!

Really love the layout of Beckerman Bite Plate, the style of you guys is awesome.


Jana C said...

where can i buy this great jumper?
loooove it :)

Cara said...

Awesome cause, you all look fabulous sporting the ring!
xo Cara

VintageHeist said...

Thanks for breaking down the details behind the Bulgari project! Have seen it posted elsewhere, but finally know what it's all about.
Samantha, love the pants! I just came across and listed a skirt with the exact print (Pendleton, go figure!) in my shop, which unfortunately is not my size....but I am wondering now whether I can some how transform it into pants?!?! Any ideas anyone?
By the way, just letting everyone know that the ring is on pre-order for lots of sizes, so if you're interested, the sooner the better...

a said...

Thanks for the sweet comment!
Lovely blog! Nice outfits! I really like Chloe's outfit! ;)

What are the nail polishes that you guys are wearing?
xoxo Lindsey

a said...

Thanks for the sweet comment!
Lovely blog! Nice outfits! I really like Chloe's outfit! ;)

What are the nail polishes that you guys are wearing?
xoxo Lindsey

G Tauberge said...

those plaid trousers are pretty much the best thing ever. great styling!


Angeles Almuna said...

Love everything! the pants are this cause, love the ring and love your blog!
Your are greta ladies!

Platform P said...

Congrats on the collab!

Thanks for the lovely comment- you girls are amazingness! The fringe jacket is BOSS and the pink trombe shopper is the stuff of dreams ;)


UyenCao said...

LOVE your jacket in the first outfit! The fringe is adorable! Checkout my blog, follow if you'd like, and i'll follow back!(:

xoxo, Uyen

A La Mode said...

The ring looks fabulous, as do all of you! Obsessing over the tartan and jacket combo, serious love!

Marise said...

Both jackets from both outfits are amazing! You girls look amazing :)

fashionwise said...

Such an amazing ring! you guys look great !

Have you seen my latest post ?

Carlijn said...

Lovely outfits! xoxo

Andrea said...

thank you!!

your outfits are fabulous! amazing blog..i follow!

hope you follow back <3

Anonymous said...

Lovely outfits on all of you! I especially love Caillianne's fringe jacket.



this free bird said...

the ring is gorgeous and i must say your fringe jacket is rather swoon worthy.


Elegantesque said...

what a great project !!! and I must admit that your blog is incredible and original ! I love it, all you three have wonderful outfits !!!

do you want to follow each others ?


moustachic said...

hoooly sh* i love the pink bag! i want it! - and you all look beautiful xx

What is Reality Anyway? said...

you are all so stunning! perfect family x

Claire M. said...

You look so lovely on the photos :)

Claire M.

Anonymous said...


Your fringe jacket is rockin! It creates a fluid movement in the jacket that is expected.


Love, love, love your outfit! Those paints are killer and the leather details in the jacket are perfect.


That purse is toooo freakin cute! && the contrast between the horizontal and vertical stripes is a nice touch.

P.S You guys work the heck out of the red lipstick!!!