Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We are hosting Coach's Fashion Night Out in NY!

We are sooo excited to be hosting Coach's Fashion Night Out! We have partnered up with Coach this Thursday Sept. 6 to celebrate one of fashion's hottest nights at their flagship Coach store in NY. Special guest DJ Solange Knowles will be playing the tunes and other fabulous bloggers like: A Pair and A Spare, Because I'm Addicted and I Spy DIY will host with us and have also made DIY bags. We designed a customized Coach duffle bag that we will be rockin' at the event, and we will be showing you how to make it yourself. We took the iconic Coach duffle bag and denim-ized it by adding bleached out denim loops. Coach has created the "Kit" so you can mix and match tassels and straps to personalize your bag with your favorite colors!
Come and join us at Coach's 595 Madison store in NY, this Thursday Sept, 6th, from 6-8pm to party, hang and do crafts with us! Check out the DIY steps below to see how we made our bags. We can't wait to see you!

Here is how we made our DIY Coach Duffle bag:

Step 1: Supplies- Dark denim (non stretch), light denim (non stretch), white pencil crayon, scissors, hot glue gun, bleach, ruler and iron (optional)

Step 2: Use white pencil crayon to draw 1" strips on denim. Then cut 1" strips down selvedge on denim. Once you cut about 2" down on the denim and get it started, you will be able to rip it fast with your hands.

Step 3: Make sure that you have a lot of strips ripped in both light and dark denim and separate them into piles.

Step 4: Put half of the dark denim strips into a deep sink, and pour bleach gently onto pieces. Leave to sit for 10 minutes and then wash in washing machine and place in dryer. Do the same bleach process with half of the light denim. That way you will have a variety of bleached and non bleached pieces.

Step 5: It's optional to iron the strips once they are out of the dyer. We ironed each piece to make sure that the loops had the same texture on the bag. We also de-threaded the pieces so that they were neater looking.

Step 6: Use a ruler and cut piles of 6" strips.

Step 7: Cut strips of each denim colour. That way you have some light denim, light denim that is bleached, dark denim and dark denim with bleach.

Step 8: Take the 6" strips and use a dab of glue (from your hot glue gun) to connect them into loops. These are the loops that will be all over your bag.

Step 9: Glue the first row of loops directly onto the bag. And choose denim different colours to make it pop.

Step 10: When doing the second row of loops, lift up the row above to hide the second row underneath. It will give it a fringe effect. We left about 1 1/4" for spacing between each row.

Step 11: Cover front, back and side gussets with rows of loops.

Step 12: We changed the straps and tassels using the Coach Duffle kit and it's so cool because you can choose the color you want and customize your bag! Voila... your bag is finished!
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Absolutely Mrs. K said...

ladies ladies ladies, how phenomenal are you!!! if i knew this, i would have booked myself a trip to nyc! again, there is an ocean between us!

Myriam said...

amazing pics!

The Merchant Project said...

so fun! I love the creativity and the american spirit! Have fun hosting! Cheers!

Fabrizia Spinelli said...

Such a lovely post: I like your bags so much!!So original!
What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???

Daisy Roadster and Coco said...

This is a very good idea, what a great creativity !

Anonymous said...

Cool bags ! ^^ Nice diy-project for old jeans.

x thanks for the comment girls! the train track is not on use hehe ;)

Indie by heart

Seinfeldted said...

umm. this DIY is KILLER. make sure you dont miss the beckerman gals at FNO!!

Unknown said...

That is sooo awesome!!! I'm so glad I got to see you guys in soho (I'm the dork in the red jacket that stopped you on the street to snap a pic!). You guys are definitely inspiring...even more so in person!!!!
Brooke @ what2wear

lipoooo said...

Thank you so so much! :)