Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Jurassic Park Adventure!

We are in L.A visiting Chloe for the Holidays and went on a little road trip to visit the dinosaurs in Cabazon, California! It was a Jurassic Park dream come true! Pin It Now!


Lauren said...

RAWR looks like so much fun!


Joie de Viv said...

I've always wanted to stop by there! Looks like fun!

xx Vivian @

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

oh wow that is like the most perfect decor ever! i could swear that the last one, is a real one ;)! enjoy the holidays, merry christmas and a happy new year

Anonymous said...

Love the pics!!

Lace and Chiffon - Fashion blog - בלוג אופנה ישראלי said...

So funny! :)

Caitlin M. Peterson of the (ef)Face said...

Loving both pairs of fabulous boots! This looks like a fun day! :)


Chicago Chic said...

Fun pictures, looks so fun!


AS Style & Design said...

Thank you very much for visiting us. Tell us if you want to follow each other.

fabulousjunk said...

soooo freaking jealous!!! I always wanted to go there! Thats ok, I plan on taking a road trip next year and that is one of my planned stops fo' sho'


Lauren Dimesky said...

OMG! Looks like a blast! Must go over there on my day off!! You look adorable in your outfits and your pooch is so so huggable! xxx

-Lauren at adorn la femme

Mónica C. Welton said...

You're funny!
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casper+pearl said...

gorgeous post! love your style!
hope you have a very happy new year!

lots of love from the c&p girls,
casper&pearl blog