Monday, December 2, 2013

Hanazuki's Custom Holiday Wrapping Paper DIY

 photo hanazuki-gingerbred-diy_zps946bc276.jpg  photo gingerbread-hanazuki-wrap1_zps65c0d2f7.jpg  photo wrapping-beckermandiy_zpsbd6c2b25.jpg  photo pompom-diy_zpse57d115c.jpg  photo hanazuki-pipecleaners_zps7e6f4874.jpg  photo buttons-paper-diy_zpscac5f6d8.jpg  photo wrapping-diy-studs_zpse66cb054.jpg  photo diy-house-beckerman_zpsecf49eb9.jpg photo hanazuki-pompoms_zpsa7b02003.jpg  photo beckerman-wrap-diy-beckermanblog-hanazuki-final_zpsf45ee0de.jpg
We were so excited to team up with Hanazuki to wrap presents! We just love how fun their wrapping paper is! The kit came with buttons, ribbons, pom pom's, pipe cleaners and stickers. We decided to wrap the Gingerbread house present that we are giving to our friend Dani. Every year, we make a make a super sugary gingerbread house together for the Holidays. We thought it would be totally outrageous to make the present look like a gingerbread house! (Since she already knows what's going to be inside!)  So we took the Hanazuki wrapping paper and used it as a base for the Gingerbread house. We then used buttons and glued them on the roof. The windows are made out of pipecleaners and pom pom's. The chimney is made out of buttons and a cute cardboard cut-out that we wrote Happy Holidays on. We had sooooo much wrapping, that now we want to wrap everything with @Hanazuki #HanazukiHoliday ! Pin It Now!


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

OMG it is monday morning 8AM, complete into the monday morning blues and then i see this post. i don't need coffee, this is an instant happy maker! amazing, i'm feeling completely fuzzy inside now! and OMG the holidays are coming

miasmode said...

Wow this looks adorable. The cutest wrapping I have ever seen. Love it.

xx Mira

babi pineda said...

Lovely!!! How do you like to follow each other?? I am am following you.


MILEX said...

you're good.

mispapelicos said...

Soooooooooooomuch fun.

The Fashion Panda said...

Waaw so creative ! Great post and thanks for your nice comment !
Love your blog and great instagram pics, so cute those movies with the most beautiful dogs I ever saw ! Love it :)