Tuesday, August 5, 2014

H&M Osheaga Music Festival 2014 and DIY

We went with H&M to the 3 Day Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal and had the time of our lives! We helped host the DIY H&M craft tent that ended up being the best part of the festival! When we arrived in Montreal on Thursday night, we headed straight to the opening party at H&M. HAIM kicked off Osheaga and were dj-ing the night before the festival started. We danced up a storm and had the best time with the HAIM, the H&M team and the awesome Montreal bloggers! The next morning, we woke up all excited for the first day of Osheaga! When we got to Parc Jean- Drapeau, the H&M tent was covered in glowing umbrella's hanging from the trees. It was inspiring, creative and concert-goers were lined up and waiting to get inside!

Inside the tent, it was air-conditioned and packed with people crafting everything from t-shirts to body paint to putting painted stencils on jackets and gems on faces. We created four DIY pieces that hung in the tent that were painted, bedazzled and studded. There was the most unbelievable craft table overflowing with craft supplies, while the DJ was spinning some amazing hip hop tunes. If you look at the pics below, we managed to take a pic of the tent before anyone came in... and when you look at the tent three days later, the walls and tables were DIY-ed. Everyone was DIY-ing on everything!The happy and creative vibe was infectious and we were dancing and glueing gems on our faces in the tent! There was even a video camera that turned a 7 second crazy video moment in to a mini flip book, as a memento! We made four of them.. it was so much fun!

While in between hanging at the DIY tent, we saw Lorde, Outkast, HAIM, Kodaline, Jack White, HAIM, J.Cole, Chromeo, Awolnation, Arctic Monkeys, CHVRCHES, Foster the People, Childish Gambino, Lykke Li, Lorde and the Sam Roberts Band perform. Outkast celebrated their 20th Anniversary and they sang one of our all time fav' songs, "Hey YA" that we rocked out too!

In the mornings, we headed down to Old Montreal and ate at some yummy restaurants and checked out some great stores. We even had time to pop in to one of our fav' vintage stores called The Little Shop and tried on her vintage Stratford costumes and had a blast dressing up! This year, the H&M Osheaga experience was EPIC with a crazy amazing memories and one heck of an amazing DIY tent! The tent bonded friends together and made everyone feel part of the festival life. We can't wait for next year!

 photo IMG_2059_zpsa21a1e70.jpg  photo photo014_zpse020a3aa.jpg  photo IMG_2088_zps7263d63f.jpg  photo IMG_2063_zps3dd86193.jpg  photo IMG_2086_zps90879401.jpg  photo IMG_2104_zps14998f4e.jpg  photo IMG_1329_zps5209e6f5.jpg  photo IMG_1314_zpsa7430fc7.jpg  photo IMG_2110_zpsdd41a39c.jpg  photo IMG_1269_zps70d1fb50.jpg  photo IMG_1313_zps12396965.jpg  photo IMG_2111_zps5f8c79ed.jpg  photo IMG_1277_zps84c24ae5.jpg  photo IMG_2145_zps8cd2ba9d.jpg  photo IMG_2181_zpsbacb669e.jpg  photo IMG_2230_zps8b326842.jpg  photo IMG_2101_zps74fd6c33.jpg  photo photo6_zps0bc219ee.jpg  photo photo8_zpsc779e282.jpg  photo photo013_zps00d0eed2.jpg  photo IMG_2114_zps3cc5c064.jpg  photo IMG_2128_zpsda52d24f.jpg  photo IMG_2182_zps80f769a4.jpg  photo IMG_2188_zps70a951a8.jpg  photo IMG_2204_zpsbebf19f6.jpg  photo IMG_2220_zps019e25aa.jpg  photo photo010_zpsc59f6deb.jpg  photo photo1_zps17775f50.jpg  photo IMG_2250_zpsf8356bed.jpg  photo photo7_zps917efb97.jpg  photo photo012_zpse2bac490.jpg  photo photo3_zpseca6d420.jpg  photo photo2_zpsb1ffaaa1.jpg  photo IMG_2175_zpsb98587b6.jpg  photo IMG_2165_zps9aa1fbe4.jpg  photo IMG_2157_zps5c8101f9.jpg  photo photo9_zps8ac8025e.jpg  photo IMG_2281_zpse92940b8.jpg  photo photo4_zps1d9d8e57.jpg Pin It Now!


Jeanne said...

How exciting girls! You must have had such a blast! And your style is beyond cool, as always!

Unknown said...

Loves like you had a lovely time.

Great blog.

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Andyandra said...

Wow, awesome photos!! seems like it was super fun and you girls look gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

It looks like a fab event and you had so much fun!

Chidiogo Maxwell said...

Absolutely stunning!
Looks like so much fun :)

Toks said...

Wow, looks like an amazing event and you obviously had the best time. Great photos. Thanks so much for your visit and lovely comment.

Lyric Fashion Lover said...

Hey Girls! What a blast! Looks like you had the best time! The H&M tent looked gorgeous, especially at night. WOW : ) XO

tr3ndygirl influencer e fashion blogger said...

nice event,very beautiful pics
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Tina Silver said...

That was the best Osheaga ever! I loved H&M's tent the best! You girls are my favorite people
Xo Tina Silver

Vikee said...

Great post ladies
Beautiful pictures

Love Vikee

Laura Mitbrodt said...

That looks like so much fun!!

jas said...

wow look like you guys had a ball! love your style girls - so fun!

reckless abandon


definitely looks like a shitload of fun!

heartbeats Carola // VIENNA WEDEKIND

Keisha Burbank said...

Great post ladies. It looks like you had the best time. I love the picture with the hanging umbrellas and I love your blog. You are my favorite bloggers of all time! Happy Summer, Keisha

Jodi Rosenberg said...

I want to hang out with u girls. I absolutely love HAIM, and got to see them in l.a I really want u two to come to Coachella

Daiane Borsatto said...

Amazing Pics!
Thanks for visit my blog!

Shall We sasa said...

It looks really fun! You girls rock:)


Unknown said...

Could you two be any cuter!? This looks like it was a blast, wish I was there!




Unknown said...

this is the most funny event ever!!! I wanna be there now!!!
I love your DIY, so crazy as always!!!
♡EFFENSHION…essence † fashion

Beauty Editer said...

Very awesome event dear! Love this.


Miss Pippi said...

Cool pics! Must have been an amazing 3 days!


AlexisSplash said...

This post literally made me feel like I was in the tent and festival with you guys! Thank you so much for posting your experiences there. It looks so much fun and super jealous that you guys saw Outkast! I love the before and after pictures of the DIY tent as well. I'm feeling the awesome vibes through my laptop screen and I'm loving it!

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xx AlexisSplash


Emilie said...

Sounds so fun!!!