Monday, December 1, 2014

Comic Book Hero + Coach

 photo Coach-Fall2014-StuartVevers-CailliBeckerman-Wynwood-Miami-BeckermanBlog-CoachxPeanuts-7_zpsc964d564.jpg  photo Coach-Fall2014-StuartVevers-CailliBeckerman-Wynwood-Miami-BeckermanBlog-CoachxPeanuts-3_zpsead7e0f8.jpg  photo Coach-Fall2014-StuartVevers-CailliBeckerman-Wynwood-Miami-BeckermanBlog-CoachxPeanuts-6_zps2819fc0b.jpg  photo Coach-Fall2014-StuartVevers-CailliBeckerman-Miami-BeckermanBlog-CoachxPeanuts-5_zpsf585ed9f.jpg  photo Coach-Fall2014-StuartVevers-CailliBeckerman-Wynwood-Miami-BeckermanBlog-CoachxPeanuts-010_zpsdbe6dd64.jpg  photo Coach-Fall2014-StuartVevers-CailliBeckerman-Wynwood-Miami-BeckermanBlog-CoachxPeanuts-2_zps27efe966.jpg  photo Coach-Fall2014-StuartVevers-CailliBeckerman-Wynwood-Miami-BeckermanBlog-CoachxPeanuts-1_zps444c9828.jpg  photo Coach-Fall2014-StuartVevers-CailliBeckerman-Wynwood-Miami-BeckermanBlog-CoachxPeanuts-8_zpsa738ba19.jpg  photo Coach-Fall2014-StuartVevers-CailliBeckerman-Wynwood-Miami-BeckermanBlog-CoachxPeanuts-9_zpsd6f7aa13.jpg  photo Coach-Fall2014-StuartVevers-CailliBeckerman-Wynwood-Miami-BeckermanBlog-CoachxPeanuts-4_zps78a09e89.jpg

Jacket- Coach Reversible MA- Jacket
Necklace- Coach Feather Necklace
Dress- Sankuanz
Bag- Coach (similar here in camouflage)
Shoes- Coach Urban Hiker Boot

The Look: Comic Book Hero + Coach

Fun Fact: OMG! We had the bessssst time when we found the Wynwood Walls in Miami! They are so creative and stunning! A blogging paradise :) We are so excited to go back to Miami this Tuesday for Art Basel to check out the art scene. I seriously can't get enough Coach in my life! The jacket, shoes, and bag fit right in to my wardrobe so perfectly. I'm living in this jacket right now and even wore it on our flight down to Miami. It is reversible and the inside is a black bomber with snap pockets... simply the best design ever!

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Unknown said...

love this look!

Jeanne said...

I so need a bomber jacket like yours!!! I love your style more and more girls! Everything is perfect, from the prints to the stunning mural!
Have an amazing week!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

You look SUPER AMAZING!!! Love it all :))) xoxox

The Fashion Panda said...

I like it ! Always so colorful ! :)

Unknown said...

I love that background!!! as funny as you are! I wish I had to go to Art Basel it's so much cool and creative people there! Have fun


Anonymous said...

love your dress, is so fun !!! the paints are awesome to !! i like the last picture with the big bambi !!! ;)

Madame Daria said...

so colofrul and beautiful !

Sarah Ladenbaum said...

I need those shoes sooo bad! you look amazing!
-Sarah L

Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

This mural could not be a better backdrop for this colorful ensemble babe! Love the pop art, love the pattern, that oversized houndstooth is just divine! Looks and feels like Christmas!! So darling!

Thank you for visiting my sweets, would love to get your thoughts on my latest!

Xx- Julie
Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Enara Girl said...

Very nice outfit, it's perfect to wear next to the wall. xoxo

Caro * said...

Adorable bag and your jacket is very pretty :)