Friday, March 27, 2015

COACH Swagger Bag D.I.Y #WhatsYourSwagger Collaboration

We showed our Swagger by customizing and DIY'ing our COACH Swagger bags! You can pick your size, colour and make it your own. This was such a fun DIY for us because we pulled out our acrylic paints, sharpie markers and started drawing. Sam was inspired by dancing fruit and the song, Tutti Frutti!  So she grabbed out her markers and started drawing the funniest fruit monsters. Cubby even jumped in it and made it his own. Cailli was inspired by Hawaii and Smiley face stickers... Super Kawaii, she even put a felted bunny on it.  Cailli always carries all her COACH agenda, iPhone and her day to day stuff in it which includes her camera, wallet and sunnies for blogging. They were really fun to make and even more fun to wear! #WhatsYourSwagger

Sam's COACH Swagger DIY Bag
: Tutti Frutti Dancing Fruit
Bag- COACH Swagger 37 Carryall in color block leather
Coat- COACH Fluff Oversized Coat
Jacket-COACH Badlands Flora Blouson Zip Jacket
Shoes- COACH Rivet Sling Light Pearl
Pants- Comme Des Garcons Patchwork Jeans

 photo cubby-coach-swagger-beckermanblog-2_zpsceef8sif.jpg  photo cubby-coach-swagger-beckermanblog_zpsushrktw4.jpg  photo coach-swagger-beckermanblog-6_zpsptd1iucc.jpg  photo cubby-coach-swagger-beckermanblog-5_zpsirfppwun.jpg  photo cubby-coach-swaggerbag-_zpszsuc6z4v.jpg  photo cubby-coach-swagger-beckermanblog-4_zpsqig4rwyf.jpg  photo cubby-coach-swagger-beckermanblog-3_zpsdk2lmatu.jpg

1. Get 3 Permanent markers and draw fruit creatures all over you Swagger: lemons, limes, pineapple, apples, pears, grapes, cherries, oranges, bananas, tomatoes, blueberries, blackberries, watermelon and strawberries
2. Add faces, arms and legs to them!
3. Pull out your acrylic paints and paint them in (TIP: make sure to use good paint brushes, it makes it a lot easier to fill in the fruit creatures)
4. Add fun charms to the bag!

 photo coach-swagger bag-diy1_zpstncteiid.jpg  photo coach-swagger-diy bag-2_zpsqbwegae6.jpg  photo coach swagger bag-diy-beckermanblog3_zpsngoqjoct.jpg  photo coach swagger bag diy-beckermanblog-4_zpsf5vn62yk.jpg

Get the Look:

Cailli's COACH Swagger DIY Bag: Supper Kawaii
Bag- COACH Swagger Carryall in Puce
Coat- COACH Mid Length Leather Trench
Shoes- COACH Rivet Sling in Denim Pearl
Necklace- COACH x BASEMAN Necklace
Agenda- COACH Agenda

 photo coach-swagger bags-beckermanblog-cailli-1_zpsnbwcknfc.jpg  photo coach-swagger bags-beckermanblog-cailli-4_zpsix3ptw8z.jpg  photo coach-swagger bags-beckermanblog-cailli-7_zpsxpjwksgx.jpg  photo coach-swagger bags-beckermanblog-cailli-6_zpsdbkbx99l.jpg  photo coach-swagger bags-beckermanblog-cailli-5_zpsqi2uzemc.jpg  photo coach-swagger bags-beckermanblog-cailli-3_zpsp27qumfd.jpg STEPS: 
1. Print out Hawaiian print 
2. Cut out the print and number the petals
3. Take the petals and tape them to the bag.
4. Outline them with a permanent marker on the bag
5. Paint the flowers in (with a few coats)
6. Free hand the smiley faces with paint
7. I added a felted bunny charm

 photo coach-swagger bag- diy-beckermanblog-4_zpsvu2ykerp.jpg  photo coach-swagger bag- diy-beckermanblog-3_zps4eswmyuv.jpg  photo coach-swagger bag- diy-beckermanblog-2_zps64zx4zgo.jpg  photo coach swagger bag diy beckermanblog-1_zps2i7ap2fz.jpg

Get the Look:

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THE NEON FACTOR | Diana said...

Super fun look!! Love how you can draw on the bag!
|| D I A N A ||

Jeanne said...

So many cool details I don't even know where to start with girl!!!!! Cailli your patched jens look amazing with that polka dots blouse and Sam your embellished flats are incredible. Of course I love both bags and the way you customized them but that pink!!!! I need it in my life!!! I wish you an amazing weekend girls!

Shopaholic said...

och, wow! AMAZING OUTFIT <3
Perfect fur, Lovely! :)

Unknown said...

Looove what you did with these bags, they look SO cool!!! I used to paint my sneakers with acrylic paints when I was younger :D Love Sams outfit as well, the coat is SO cool! xxx

dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

Dressed With Soul said...

The bag is so cool and the content the cutest :) Love also your super cool fashion look!
xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

Keylej said...

outfit on point!
i love these bags

Glamour ZONE said...

Wow,both of the bags looks great
Great looks too

AlexisSplash said...

Love the DIY purse! ♡

xx AlexisSplash

Unknown said...

Very fun look! I like the tutti frutti! ))

Anonymous said...

This is the BEST idea! So cute! xo


The Equinox Fashion by Paweerata said...

I am a big fan of COACH and I didn't know that this collaboration is happening! So pretty!!

Amely Rose said...

damn gurl this Outfit is simply amazing
i love the fur coat so much i Need this one so blady
the idea with the bag is amazing lovely

hope you too visit my Blog <3

Unknown said...

You girls are too cool!

Unknown said...

You´re absolutely creative and stylish!! I wish I could draw so well!!!
have a great week!!

100% natural & homemade cosmetics => sano

The Dainty Dolls House said...

This is amazing girls, I LOVE what you did to the bags, looks much better and so fun!! XOXOX

fashionillustrationsbymc said...

I love the fact that you Painted your bags that's so creative!

Gabrielle said...

I love how unique the outcome is - such an innovative way of putting your personal stamp on the Coach piece! :)

Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


Unknown said...

Your blog is just so awesome and beautiful! I like this post and you make a great job!
I’ll return later to see a new one!

Diana Cloudlet

Jessica said...

Wow. I love that you can personalize the bag. Both here are beautiful.

Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

Madeupgirl said...

Very cute I like the Hawaiian print bag.


Caro * said...

Wonderful bags, I love these details !
This dog is so cute <3

Chrystin Aponte said...

That Tutti Frutti Dancing Fruit design might be the cutest thing I've ever seen! You girls have got some serious artistic talent! I know my bag would not come out looking like that haha

Kisses from Buenos Aires xx

Unknown said...

Amazing! It looks so fun and I love the designs ❤

Jenny said...

Wow I'm loving these bag designs, very creative and with I could draw this good! haha x

Agnes W said...

What an amazing idea! Both your bags turned out great, would have never thought to do such a thing. You ladies are super creative!

House of Illusions