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We went on the most beautiful trip to the South of France, Grasse with CHANEL to experience the May Rose Flowers and the new CHANEL No.5 L'eau Perfume.
 photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-17_zpsxffkmira.jpgWe arrived at our gorgeous hotel located in the countryside of rolling hills, Cyprus trees and fresh flowers. We first started at the Museum of International Perfumes where we saw the evolution of perfume. They had the original bottle of CHANEL No.5 Perfume from 1921 and we walked around town. Later that night, we went to a famous cozy French restaurant La Colombe D'or (where Justin Timberlake goes all the time) and enjoyed the bessst food, desserts and amazing company. In the past, famous artists like Matisse, Picasso and Magritte used to pay for their meals in exchange for their paintings... so their incredible Art hung on the walls.

The next day we excitedly ventured out to CHANEL's May flower fields that harvests roses, jasmine, and lavender. The air is so fresh and the flowers are sooooo beautiful---we just soaked it all in. It was so incredible to feel and be so close to nature and see all the love that is put into making CHANEL fragrances. It was like a painting come to life! And we were welcomed with open arms!

It's actually a family affair and the fields are owned and operated by the owner's (Joseph Mul) son in law Fabrice Bianchi. We met with the amazing Fabrice who taught us how the rosebuds are picked by a lovely group of forty five people and brought to the factory. We were out on the fields with the workers, picking roses, dancing in the fields and enjoying the best day ever. We used the technique of using our thumb, index finger, pressed and then clicked to take the roses off the bush and placed into our linen aprons. 

May is the best time for the flourishing of the roses and there was an astonishing five generations of roses that surrounded us. Fabrice was telling us how they have mastered the original quality of the rose and how the valley of the hills and specific soil have made the fields a micro climate. 
The bags of roses are then brought over by a tractor, put into a vat with a solvent, steamed and then turned into a liquid that is then used in the CHANEL No. 5!  The rose only has a only a 2.5 hour window from the time it's picked in the fields, getting to the factory and turned into an extract for the best quality perfume. When we got to the factory, we watched as the bags of roses were poured into the vats and they told us to jump in! Ommmg! We jumped in the fun began! Bags and bags of roses were poured on us and we couldn't stop laughing! We were smiling ear to ear! It was beyond amazing! And it smelled INCREDIBLE! Roses everywhere! 
 photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-9_zpspaxdhgiw.jpg photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-15_zpsrvk8zkg0.jpg  photo FullSizeRender 7 copy_zpsjeffu1gv.jpg  photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-26_zps5rgngy4a.jpg  photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-16_zpsfzgtvrfq.jpg

After the factory visit, we met with the super talented and creative genius Olivier Polge who created the new CHANEL No.5 L'eau perfume, the fresh and sexy fragrance. Olivier wanted the new scent to be contemporary, sexy and have a purity to it. It has notes of citrus that is the fresh accord, has floral notes that enhances the fresh green fruity aspect, has base notes of cedar wood that pushes the fragrance. We just love how Olivier said that the scent is spontaneous + structured and we are obsessed with it. The No. 5 L'eau fragrance only uses a few ingredients and that's the key to making it more modern. There's with an emphasis on the No.5 DNA but now it's all dressed up. 

Perfumes are linked to memories and good times and the L'eau No. 5 fragrance is now our all time favourite scent reminding us of our special trip to Grasse. We are spraying it right now as we type this! The new CHANEL L'eau No.5 is available Sept.7th! #ChanelGrasse #NewChanel5

 photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-6_zpsndk00gbg.jpg
 photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-1_zps02qprqbg.jpg  photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-4_zps3llzymyw.jpg  photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-12_zpsaondfp9s.jpg  photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-11_zpshaidczya.jpg  photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-123_zpsiz3kv2j9.jpg  photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-5_zpsuyhwacos.jpg  photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-22_zpselhr9qrf.jpg  photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-020_zpspfxqza2q.jpg  photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-13_zpsjluvhsvk.jpg  photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-7_zpsnsquphdo.jpg  photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-8_zpsds6e3gth.jpg
 photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-010_zpsihbyv0ng.jpg
 photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-24-olivierpolge_zpsulmtdlyg.jpg  photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-14_zpsoloufjde.jpg  photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-28_zpswjldaqrs.jpg  photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-2_zpsnidg87yr.jpg  photo FullSizeRender 3_zpsdoznoxsb.jpg  photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-21_zpsfo7gmcrx.jpg  photo Chanel Grasse-No.5 Leau-Beckermanblog-19_zps7wptyvmg.jpg Pin It Now!


Jenny said...

Wow your so pretty!! Loved this post and the beautiful images :) The fragrance sounds divine and it's always great reading and seeing how it's made! I will need to pick this up xx

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That is a hell of an experience! Amazing outfits! Love your photos!


Grasse is the important parfum production in france this is a SUPER experience

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These photos are incredible! Great post. :-)
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Oh my... looks so fun bathing in roses lol :)

Great boots.... striped & floral!

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you look stunning and great post.

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Beautiful photos!!


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I love, love, love all of these photos. I will be in Grasse in June for an event and this just made me so excited. Thanks for sharing.

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Wow! So much fun girls! Grasse is so beautiful! And not very far from Corsica where I live! ;) Totally obsessed with the leather shorts by the way! Awesome outfits! Love your style! ;)

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This Looks so much fun Girls. Lovely Pictures and looking gorgeous<3
Have a lovely day babes.

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So amazing, darlings! You both look fab! I'm loving both paid of boots!


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bellissima raccolta di foto, bellissime

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Love Chanel will want to try it pretty dolls.

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OH wow, this entire post from beginning to end is so dreamy! I adore the giant bottle of Chanel no.5 and you look like you're both having so much fun surrounded in pink petals - beautiful!!

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Loved all the pictures, so awesome!! This was a very refreshing post!! :)

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Absolutely lovely. I had fun reading your new post!

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Carolina Pinglo said...

What an amazing experience!!! the pictures are beautiful and i want to take that giant perfume bottle home, how cute is that! also those are the cutest hats i have ever seen :)

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Amazing photos, the south of France is so beautiful xx

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only one word : beautiful!
xoxo Gina

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What an awesome experience to see how the perfume is made!

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I would love to take a bath in these beautiful flowers!!! Nice experience for sure :)
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How amazing! You girls are so cute and I love your outfits!!


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OMG girls, that looks like an amazing experience. Love it. And can I just mention those Chanel gorgeous. And you two look amazing as always. Cannot wait to see your next adventure. Rock on. xoxo

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Love your pictures, you two look so cute!

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Stunning pictures and fantastic post! It must have been a wonderful experience!


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I would love to have a sniff of the new fragrance!!!! You guys look adorable in those outfits too! Me LOVEE!

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que maravilla


guauuuuuuuu!!! que fotazas y qué bien os lo habeis pasado!!!!!, qué chulo todoooooooo!!! un besazo enormeeeee

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nice post :) I love to read your blog! :)

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Amazing post and so beautiful pictures!
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This sounds like an exciting trip! :)

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Wow,you guys are solucky
The pictures are so awesome
great looks and love the boots

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lovely photos and AMAZING outfits! <3


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great trip girls! ;)

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So many beautiful photos, i love this post.

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I'm always so jealous of your girls' travels with incredible brands!! It looks so amazing

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You babes are amazing! I'm so happy I got to share this experience with you both <3

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I love this! Thanks for sharing xx

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You are so elegant girls ! Lovely photos. Kisses :)

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Very cool, love Chanel, I actually just got a free sample from came quickly too :)