Saturday, July 15, 2017

Vetements x Levis Collab!

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The Look: Vetements x Levis Collab

Fun Fact: This was by far one of my most favourite collabs on the season. I looooove Vetements and have been collecting vintage Levis since I was a teenager. But both of them together!!! OMG! I love the zippers and the mismatched pockets and how this jean jacket was re-worked back together. It's so exciting when brands come together to create these beautiful pieces. Since I'm a denim junkie I fell hard for these pieces. Plus my boyfriend surprised me and got me this jacket for my Birthday... he knows me so well! lol! 

Jacket- Vetements x Levis (get it in black denim here!)
Pants- Vetements x Levis
Hat- Balenciaga
Shoes- Balenciaga

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Paula Lopes said...

Wonderful photoshoot, I loved all the photos. Have a great day.

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Unknown said...

wooow amazing shoes!

Miki à la Mode said...

These denim pieces are freaking amazing! What a fun collab! I love your boots. So fab!


Caro * said...

Amazing style ! You are fabulous ! I love your shoes. Kisses ;)

SwissTwins said...

You look amazing<3
Follow for follow? please let me know

andreeacarro said...

I love dtotal look on denim with the poiny with colour


Unknown said...

Nice picture!

Mens fashion obsession said...

Great post, I like it :)fantastic outfit and amazing boots :)

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Midnight Cowgirl said...

What an awesome look!

amely rose said...

Wow what an amazing look,
I adore the boots, love These bright Colors.

with love your AMELY ROSE

Victoria said...

Loved this post, and love the Vetements x Levi's collection!

Amy Aed said...

You look flawless omg, I adore your style. And your hair! I'm so jealous, I'd love to be bombshell blonde with long locks like that! The lcoation is super charming too.

Little Moon Elephant

Mens fashion obsession said...

Great post, I like it :)

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Emma Renata said...

This outfit is crazy amazing!! I am in love!! You totally rocked it said...

great shoes! <3


So excited photo and fantastic denim ootd :)
YOu super beautiful !!!


Unos botines muy originales, un besazoooooo

Paola Lauretano said...

Oh my.... these boots are 2die4!!!!
Kisses, Paola.