Thursday, July 23, 2009

Caillianne- July 23, 2009

Dress and shell belt- Coral dress from Salvation Army (no label) in Toronto
Knit Cardigan- Sequiun knit cardigan is Donna Karan from Chelsea Flea Market in NYC
Shoes- D&G gold platforms from D&G Store in Soho, NYC
Earrings- Pearl earrings from Tiffany's in Toronto
Pin- Vintage Spider pin from store Old Goode Things in NYC

The Look: Kim Novak + Seashell

Fun Fact: The blue makeup that I'm wearing on my eyes is the new YSL Tresor D'Afrique shade that I got as a present for my birthday! Thanks Bri and Krissy, I'm OBSESSED with the makeup! xo Pin It Now!

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sarah said...

your hair looks great! makes me want to do more to my hair than just (rarely) brush it!