Monday, March 21, 2011

Samantha- Springtime + Carole Tanenbaum Collaboration Day 1

Jacket- Vintage Rennel jacket from Value Village in Toronto
Jeans- Red H&M jeans from H&M store in Toronto
Turban- Vintage turban (no label) from Brimfield Antique show in MA
Jewelry- All jewelry is Carole Tanenbaum, click here
Shoes- Burberry Prorsum shoes from Burberry store in Toronto
Bag- Vintage Chanel bag from Hells Kitchen Flea Market

The Look: Springtime + Carole Tanenbaum Collaboration Day 1

Fun Fact: Springtime is HERE!!! Today is officially the first day of Spring on the calender, and I wanted to wear Carole's gorgeous vintage collection of butterfly pins to celebrate the warm weather heading our way! They are sooo fabulous and colorful! Happpy Springtime to everyone! To check Carole's vintage pins and butterfly's click here! Pin It Now!


Oh my Dior! said...

I love your turban is really beautiful!!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

You girls always work with the most fabulous brands. and the way you are showing the jewelry, fabulous, fun and amazing. it is spring so i love the coat, you need a trench in spring because you never now what can happen. the sleeves of the trench are magnificent, love the movement. the boots are fabulous: they are stylish and rough and bold at the same time.the jewelry are so elegant and over the top at the same time. they make me think of 'Diamonds are a girls best friend'. fabulous idea to wear the brooches like buttons. BTW love the Header of your blog, it makes me smile


the bag is amazing!
you look gorgeous with this turban!


Lia said...

love the turban!!!

ASB said...
Partecipate al Giveaway potete vincere uno smalto Chanel e un ritratto personalizzato della nostra Sam!!! Buona fortuna a tutti ;)
Join the Giveaway you can win a Chanel nail polish and a custom portrait of our Sam! Good luck to all ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment -- Aren't those sheets TOO fabulous for words!?

And speaking of fabulous ... You girls are ah-mazing. Love what you have going on here. Happy Monday, and Happy Spring!

Collections said...

That coat is awesome. My grandmother used to collect butterfly pins so this reminds me of her. Also adore your bracelets.

Anika said...

Well, I can`t think of a better way to celebrate spring! You and the butterflies look stunning! I am sewing dresses in celebration of spring, and want to thank you for all of the lovely inspiration you give me :) Hugs!

xx Anika

mispapelicos said...

My dear Samantha, you are wearing everygirls dream: butterflies, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
They are so unique.
Love the photo with you wearing a blue one on your forehead, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

✗✗ said...

Gorgeous!! I love all the butterflies, love the shoes and turban as well! So pretty for a lovely Spring day!!

Kat said...

that is an amazing jacket!!! love love love this look! :)

mirjam schuurkamp said...

love the turban

so different but still so beautifull

i have a new outfit post, Will you take a look?
everyday a new post

xo model from holland

It-Blogirls said...

Thank you so muuuuch you have such an incredible style, absolutly love it!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh!!!! ok i got like that when i saw your sweet comment on my blog and recognized who you are!!!!! You are like blog idols!!!! ;D that is SUCH A HUGE pleasure for me! you girls are just amazing, i loooove how you enjoy putting together outfits and don't hesitate to get exagerate.
it would be a pleasure for me to send you one of my creations if you like!

Lots of hugs, sissi from internodiciotto

ryan said...

All your butterflies, so beautiful! And your shoes are great too :)

Michelle's Style File said...

Love the butterfly's and pink lippie- fabulous!


Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

I love your butterflies :).

shabby said...

WOW! I just came across your blog and this was a great first post to look at. You ladies dress so well! I'm going to have to look at the rest of your site now!

peace and love! shabby

Vivi N. said...

Your outfit just made me smile. Love the use of the butterflies. And cute turban, too.

Anonymous said...

Love all the jewelry!

Unknown said...


I have no words.


Mxx said...

Love your brooches. Now, I want to wear this vintage brooch from my mom. Thanks to you, girls! I will post that soon.

VIVIENNE said...

love the boots! x

Haute and Fierce

Styleabaad said...

I am in love with that red turban! SO fab! I have a thing for turbans and I love the way you have matched it up eith the jewelry. Also red/nude is such an awesome combo of colors!! xx