Monday, September 2, 2013

Caillianne- Metallic + Grunge

 photo IMG_8226a_zpsd6282e5f.jpg  photo IMG_8273a_zps7e1e875c.jpg  photo IMG_8312a_zpsc3342032.jpg  photo IMG_8232a_zps60e371c4.jpg  photo IMG_8053a_zps2dc0f46d.jpg  photo IMG_8324a_zps8cca81ec.jpg  photo IMG_8160a_zps9b0f0bae.jpg  photo IMG_8382ab_zpsa621db82.jpg

Shirt- Plaid H&M shirt a gift from Sam :)
Dress- Anthony Vaccarello dress from The Room at The Bay in Toronto
Necklace- Vintage silver Carole Tanenbaum necklace
Bag- Proenza Schouler bag from The Room at The Bay in Toronto
Shoes- Isabel Marant shoes from Jonathan and Olivia in Toronto
Dog: Miss Marni Beckerman woof!

The Look: Metallic + Grunge

Fun Fact: Miss Marni and I were running around town today doing errands. We actually didn't get that much done because she is sooo cute and we keep getting stopped everywhere! LOL! I have been obsessing over plaid shirts and can't seem to stop wearing this one. I love throwing it on everything like dresses and jeans and love how it grunge's up things a bit!
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Lia said...

That dress is fabulous! It almost looks like 2 separate pieces! love the outfit :)

Glass of Fashion

Tomma said...

Love this interesting mixture! At first I didn't notice the dress is a dress!

Anonymous said...

Your puppy is so cute! I need that dress in my life! -KR

Anonymous said...

Obssessed with u! - Caroline

Chloe said...

Love the studs! And Marni!! Cutie pie!!!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

oh my it's a dress! love love love how you have changed the vibe! the dress is a classic one, pretty sophisticated but you've pumped up the beat with the tartan shirt! so you and so stunning!

mispapelicos said...

You look sooooooooooooo glorious.
Love, love, love