Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New York Fashion Week Show Review!

We had a killer time at New York Fashion week running around like crazy seeing a bunch of shows!
Here are some of our favorite moments we saw at fashion week! There were a bunch of different trends that got us obsessed for Spring 2014.

Rodarte did a rock n' roll L.A Vegas frilly Homie vibe at Rodarte. They showed lots of amazing fringe, leopard prints and studded accessories! While Marc by Marc showed killer downtown looks with neck ties, sparkles, polka dots and star prints. There were after hour ballerina-like girls at ADEAM and we loved the tie dye printed dresses . There was neon chic 80's cool at CALLA with electric green dresses with big white zippers, lots of dreamy textiles and kick ass baseball caps!

We hopped over to Ivy Kirzhner's shoe presentation where we went crazy for her bunny flats and Western biker boots. There was an off duty European beach vibe at the J.Crew presentation with obsessive painter pants and sequin Hawaiian pants!

At Jen Kao, there was a 90's feel with lots of denim, mixed plaids and cool platform shoes. We loved seeing the gorgeous Afghan dogs walking down the runway with the models. There were stunning geometric windbreakers at Jeremy Laing. And he introduced his new shoe and menswear line that was super awesome.

The neons and bright leathers at Kenneth Cole had a sporty street style feel with great leather pieces and we loved his gladiator sandals. At Michael Kors, there was a lady-like sophistication with floral prints and trench coats. There were micro mini floral prints and cut out bathing suits at Nanette Lepore.

Trina Turk did flower power with a 60's vibe showing bell bottoms, straw hats and large sunnies. We went to the Safilo Eyeglass Presentation and we fell in love with the new Dior blue reflective lenses. Neon neoprene, basketball jersey's and a whole lot of sand was at the Tommy Hilfiger show. We loved getting a sweet message from the Tommy Hilfiger team written in lipstick backstage!

 photo rodarte2_zpsde086e9f.jpg  photo rodarte3_zps740d68bb.jpg  photo rodarte_zps7d8657c0.jpg

 photo MarcbyMarc_zpsc3c1ff06.jpg photo MarcJacobs1_zpsac61aac5.jpg  photo IMG_1543_zpsb869e887.jpg  photo IMG_1542_zpsa49edab9.jpg

 photo adeamshow_zps648d1168.jpg  photo adeamshow2_zps97eda249.jpg

 photo callashow1_zpse20b7486.jpg  photo callashow2_zps48f44f95.jpg

 photo ivy1_zpse7c26c65.jpg  photo ivy2_zps6008b6f1.jpg  photo ivykirzhnerpicforblog_zpsad4f2aa6.jpg

 photo jcrew1_zps184f89d5.jpg  photo usandjennalyonsforblog_edited-1_zps04bca52c.jpg  photo jcrew2_zpseabae137.jpg

 photo jenkaoforblog1_zpsd2776d96.jpg  photo jenkaoforblog2_zps4a710c63.jpg

 photo jeremylaingforblog_zpsb7ca28cf.jpg  photo jeremylaing1forblog_zpsda2a3320.jpg

 photo kennethcoleblog1_zps5f3831e1.jpg  photo kennethcoleblog2_zpsc9527e25.jpg  photo usandkennethcoleforblog_zps23e3fa4d.jpg

 photo michaelkorsforblog1_zps6d8e9a5d.jpg  photo photo_zpsfd86d5a3.jpg

 photo photoforblognanette_zpsb5d228b0.jpg

 photo phototrinatyrkforblog_zps6d7d4abb.jpg

 photo safilosunnies_zps8ba4d835.jpg

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cleartheway said...

Rodarte was amazing. You grabbed many good photos! (I found you while searching new blogs on Bloglovin!)

Kate from Clear the Way

B Allen @ What2Wear said...

how exciting to be around so much talent and inspiration.....yourselves included :)
brooke @ what2wear

Milex said...

Now I am impressed

Anonymous said...

beautiful :)

Adela said...

You must have had such an amazing time! Great photos.
Adela x

LaraBeTheOne said...

Great collection!

Marta said...

Loving the photo’s! Gorgeous collection and you blog is lovely!

I'm Just Me said...

love the photos & collections!
thanks for stopping by =)

AWolfinChicClothing said...

Great shots, girls! Tempted to wear out the "ribbon around the neck and hair" look from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Loving the JCrew collection, those pants are a tropical vacation! xx awooo!