Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cailli- Sharks + Beach

 photo beckermanblog-caillibeckerman-skotison-beach-HM-Rodnicksharkbag-kitnealeandtattydevinepins-1-Toronto-3_zps8f5a268e.jpg  photo beckermanblog-caillibeckerman-skotison-beach-HM-Rodnicksharkbag-kitnealeandtattydevinepins-1-Toronto-2_zpsb6c2231b.jpg  photo beckermanblog-caillibeckerman-skotison-beach-HM-Rodnicksharkbag-kitnealeandtattydevinepins-1-Toronto-7_zpsd9c25847.jpg  photo beckermanblog-caillibeckerman-skotison-beach-HM-Rodnicksharkbag-kitnealeandtattydevinepins-1-Toronto-5_zps2929ab2d.jpg  photo beckermanblog-caillibeckerman-skotison-beach-HM-Rodnicksharkbag-kitnealeandtattydevinepins-1-Toronto-6_zps46a1e4fc.jpg  photo beckermanblog-caillibeckerman-skotison-beach-HM-Rodnicksharkbag-kitnealeandtattydevinepins-1-Toronto-1_zps225f004f.jpg  photo beckermanblog-caillibeckerman-skotison-beach-HM-Rodnicksharkbag-kitnealeandtattydevinepins-1-Toronto-4_zpsb9cdc4e1.jpg  photo beckermanblog-caillibeckerman-skotison-beach-HM-Rodnicksharkbag-kitnealeandtattydevinepins-1-Toronto-8_zps549296c2.jpg

Jacket- H&M White faux fur jacket from the Studio Collection
Sweater- Skotison sweater
Pants- Skotison corduroy pants
Necklace- Kit Neale X Tatty Devine Monsters
Bag- The Rodnick Band shark bag
Shoes- Alexander Wang

The Look: Shark + Beach

Fun Fact: I'm obsessed with these corduroy pants! Not only are they big and bell bottom, they are soft and are large corduroy fabric which is totally 70's and super chic! Skotison is a new label from New York and Chelsea Goldman is the fabulous designer behind it. She designed for Prozena Schouler and Celine before that. Her knitwear sweater is also amazing because it feels like its leather knitted together. I topped it off with this Kit Neale x Tatty Devine Monster necklace... which is such a showstopper! I am in love with these little monsters! They all have names.. like Bianca, Denise and Stacey! lol! They can either be worn as charms on bags or put all together as a necklace. It's my new favorite necklace and I'm never taking them off. The shark bag is by our awesome designer friend Philip Cobert, from The Rodnik Band who designs such fun pieces! This shark bag was made for the beach. We just did a really fun collaboration together in Toronto, at the Design Exchange, and you have to check out his new collection with Peanuts! It rocks! I also met a cute pup on the beach who wanted his photo taken with me! hahah! It was such a fun day :)  Pin It Now!


Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

Cailli! Those lips are deep dark devilish GLAM! I'm all about the 60's chic swag, and those flared cords DO NOT disappoint babe! I've never heard of Chelsea but this is precisely why I've been following you beauties!

Instantly. schooled.
Muah! Thanks for the intro!

...and Thank you for visiting hun, would love to get your thoughts on my latest design!

Xx- Julie
Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Q said...

Love love love the pants!!x

Jeanne said...

Wow Sam! From the lipstick to the bell bottom pants I couldn't love your look more!
And the backdrop is stunning too! Well done again! ;)

Unknown said...

in love with your pants, jacket, well: everything! Great great !! XOXO, daphny

esosandra said...

I love love pants like this they are so comfortable and I like the way you style yours.

Unknown said...

This is such a crazy, fun, rad look! Love the necklace, the pants... And that puppy sure is a poser!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Ahhhh...obsessed with this outfit!! I love it all :)) The jacket, the bellbottoms - those are the only kind of pants I wear because they are so much fun :))) And your accessories are out of this world amazing!!! Soooo GORGEOUS!!!! Love your dog, sweetness :))) Happy weekend dolls xoxoxo

Gabrielle said...

Oh WOW, the H&M white oversized fur coat is killing me, it's pretty much the most perfect fur coat I've ever seen! Gorgeous! :)


Mihaela said...

wonderful post! you have such a great blog ;) i wish you an amazing day!


itstimetostyle said...

Awsome post, I'm in love with your blog! Your style is amazing, it's fantastic!!!
This necklace is pure love!

xo xo

itstimetostyle said...

Awsome post, I'm in love with your blog! Your style is amazing, it's fantastic!!!
This necklace is pure love!

xo xo

Bellezzefelici said...

What a crazy, wonderful look!!!
Love your necklace and bag a lot...
Great fur coat :)


Jessica said...

This outfit is incredible. I am crazy for that coat and that necklace is amazing.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

Denise said...

That white faux fur jacket is absolutely amazing and you pull it off so well! I am loving the way you styled it. That necklace is so awesome, and I totally wish I could pull something like that off. Also, loving your lip color!


Caro * said...

Amazing necklace !
Your clutch is so cute, I want it !! :)

Charlène Jiho said...

OMG I love this necklace !

Anonymous said...

awesome post like everytime :p i really like your style !! the shark purse is beautiful, i want the sameee !!!

Unknown said...

Amazing outfit dear! xx

Glamour ZONE said...

Beyond stunning.
Love love the pants and the fur coat

Mass Vision said...

Let's trade articles for each others blogs :)