Thursday, May 6, 2021

Sweet Valley High Burberry Edition

Here in Toronto, we are still in lockdown from the pandemic. Both of us have got our first vaccine and are just waiting to get our second vaccine. But it won't be until the summer for sure! But we're very happy and feel relieved that things are moving forward in regards to the vaccine. In Canada, we're still having a tough time with the virus and the variants, so we are all still hunkering down and trying to slow down the virus. Today we felt like dressing up and mixing one of our favourite iconic prints...Burberry. We collect Burberry pieces in the Nova print which is the plaid. We like to joke around that we are The Sweet Valley High Twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield. What would they do in lockdown? lol! And what would the cover title of their books say now? We used to read the books following the identical twins and we kinda of look like them! Haha! If you have no idea what we're talking about. Just google them. The series began in 1983, and ended twenty years later with over 180 books. They are pretty amazing especially the illustrations on the covers of the books. Anyways wishing you lots of love if you are still in lockdown and stay safe out there! xo The Wakefield Twins... we mean The Beckerman Twins! (lol)

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