Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Caillianne- Lederhosen + Grunge

Dress- Vintage Huadi Fashion from Value Village in Toronto
Vest- Vintage Lederhosen vest from Courage my Love in Kensington, Toronto
Shirt- Vintage Plaid Shirt (no label) from Hells Kitchen Flea Market in NYC
Shoes- Vintage (no label) from vintage mix store in Ossington, Toronto
Bag- Vintage Bottega Veneta borrowed from my Mom
Scarf on bag- Vintage bandana from camp

The Look: Lederhosen + Grunge

Fun Fact: I scored this vest when I was looking in the costume part of the vintage store!! They said it was handmade in the 60's ! Pin It Now!


Anonymous said...

I love this look. I used to have a pair of shoes just like these, until they met with an unfortunate incident. You've inspired me to try to track down a similar pair.

Anonymous said...

Woah. I'm sweatin' this look.

Anonymous said...

Woah! I'm sweatin' this look.