Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Samantha- Doo-wop + Country Cabin Chic

Vintage Knit Poncho- Houndstooth Knit Poncho (no label) from Sherway Gardens Antique Show in Toronto
Shirt- Vintage Talbots from Value Village in Toronto
Jeans- Vintage Earl Jeans from Toronto
Shoes- Marc for Marc Jacobs from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Sunglasses- Vintage Rocha from Ebay
Bag- Beckerman Love Bag

The Look: Doo-wop + Country Cabin Chic

Fun Fact: These Earl Jeans are sooo old! We have had them forever! They used to be dark darkk navy and we kept patching them over and over throughout the years and they are still our favourite! Pin It Now!


Nikki said...

Great poncho.

Really cute outfit.


ita darling. said...

Earl jeans are seriously the best.. maybe one of the first denim brands to become "it" jeans... but damn those things make an ass look great! I kind of keep collecting cheap ones off of ebay just in case they go out of bidness.. I like that there is no gaudy decorative stitching and their logo is understated. just a pair of jeans.

Julia said...

Saw your blog featured in Lucky this month and I love it! Sensational style! I'll be reading regularly now. That bag is the tops, by the way.