Monday, November 30, 2009

Caillianne- Greyhound + Rothko

Grey Sweater- Wilfred from Aritzia store in Toronto
Scarf- Multicolored scarf from store in Bayview Village in Toronto
Hat- Tracey Watts from Tracey Watts sample sale in NYC
Pants= Striped leggings frm H&M mens long underwear
Shoes- Studded Jimmy Choo for H&M motercycle ankle boots...Love em!
Bag- Comme des Garcons from Le Bon Marche Department store in Paris
Dog- Cubby Beckerman :)

The Look: Greyhound + Rothko

Fun Fact: We had a riot today! When I fell into the splits while taking photos...We coined it "The Cheese Splits!" Pin It Now!

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danny & dani said...

The splits look amaaaaaazing!!!!!!!! when will you join cirque du soleil???