Friday, January 22, 2010

Caillianne- Edie Sedgwick + Lime Sherbet

Coat- Custom made coat (fabric purchased in London) and tailored in Paris was a gift from our neighbour
Leggings- Turquoise leggings from American Apparel from store in Ottawa
Scarf- Vintage peach bandanna around neck (no label) from Mexico
Bag- Pink robot nylon Prada bag from Godmum
Charm on bag- Pink robot Prada charm from Godmum
Hat- Vintage Janyth Roy New York hat from Textile and Clothing show in Toronto
Boots- Etro boots from Etro store in NYC

The Look: Edie Sedgwick + Lime Sherbet

Fun Fact: When we were in Cabo, Mexico 2 years ago we went dirt buggy cart racing through canyons. It was completly crazy and scary! Im not sure if I would ever do it again because of the amount of dirt and dust that I ate that day. The place that we did it at gave us bandanas to put around our nose and mouth! The bandanas were the best colors and mine was this vintage peach one that I am wearing around my neck! Pin It Now!


Unknown said...

amazing dress

Nia said...

You ladies always find THE most amazing/wild/crazy/awesome pieces! LOVELOVELOVE

x Antonia


Emily said...

wow the colors are so stunning!


Beth said...

That coat is stunning, I love it!