Monday, January 25, 2010

Scrap-Crack Book

It was raining lions and tigers here in Toronto! So we did a lil scrap crack booking while listening to The XX ! Their songs are are so chill and just mesh into one another seamlessly, perfect for a relaxing Sunday! xox Beckerman girls

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The Sound of Lace said...

great inspiration! and i love XX..hoping to see them in oakland, ca in april

Dr. Daffodil said...

ohohoh, I fancy the skeletons. collaging is great fun. --> look it up!

Anonymous said...

awesome! what kind of camera do you guys use :)?

Beckerman Girls said...

We use two camera's! Usually, we use the Canon D40 but when we can't bring a big camera along, we use the Canon G11
xoxoBeckerman girls