Thursday, November 11, 2010

BitePlate Holiday Gift Guide!

We love gifts! (Who doesn't!) Everyone always asks us, what are good gifts for the holidays?
So, we decided to do the first ever BitePlate Holiday Gift Guide to let you know what we are lusting over and what we really LOVE right now!

1. Alexander McQueen Skull ring- $395.00 from Net- A-Porter: We love this ring because it looks like the BitePlate skull but fit for a Queen
2. Tory Burch Kody Dog Collar- $75.00 from Tory Burch: This will make our dog Cubby look like a little rock star
3. Beckerman Heart Necklace-$75.00 from This is the perfect gift to give to someone with a big heart.
4. Dr.Martens for Opening Ceremony-$300.00 from Opening Ceremony: We are obsessed with the round toe and the splattered paint-like leopard print on them.
5. Linda Farrow X Alexander Wang Zipper Glasses-$365.00 from Opening Ceremony. Our Mom just got these and took out the dark lenses to make them into reading glasses! She put in a clear lens and it looks sooo cool.
6. Guerlain Meteroite Perles- $68.00 from Neiman Marcus: We use this cream so much. It's the perfect primer before putting on any foundation because it hydrates your skin, while making your foundation go on really smooth. It especially does wonders for our skin in the winter.
7. Pendelton meets Opening Ceremony Socks- $170.00 from Opening Ceremony: We are suckers for anything Pendelton. We love how they are thigh highs.
8. Prada Bag- $1235 from This bag is so simple, the color is perfect, and it looks like 90's Prada
9. Proenza Schouler PS1 Bag- $1595.00 from We have been wanting this bag forever but they never go on sale and even though I pray for it, it still hasn't landed in my closet.
10. Nars Dragon Girl Lip Pencil-$24.00 from We hoard this lipstick. We wear it everyday and it's hard to find! We usually pick it up at Sephora when they have it in stock. It's the best red color because it's so pin up, and it doesn't come off or bleed.
11. Topshop leather lace up gloves- $32.00 from It's so hard to find a cool pair of winter gloves that are affordable and cool while keeping you warm. These actually look like they could do the trick, and they also look like a football.
12. Tory Burch coated poplin Brigitte leopard cosmetic case- $65.00 from Tory Burch: We always carry lipsticks in our purses everyday and we keep them in cute cosmetic bags incase they open up (tres dangerous)! This is sooo perfect because it's leopard and you can wipe it down because it's coated.
13. Stine Goya Snake sweater- $407.00 from Creatures of Comfort: This sweater looks like it's dripping in snakes! It get's soooo cold here in Toronto, so it's a staple to wear sweaters all winter and this one is killer.
14. Tom Scott red hairy slippers- $207.00 from Creatures of Comfort: These slippers make us laugh and they remind us of Raggedy Ann dolls. We are so obsessed and wish we could curl up next to a fireplace and roast marshmallows.
15. House of Holland striped pants- $720.00 from Opening Ceremony: These stripe pants are so jailhouse rock and we want to rock them all winter and go to holiday parties in them. Pin It Now!


Woods said...

you know what i agree with you girls i'm loving/needing/wanting those Doc more and more and some more!

Unknown said...

I love the Doc Marten x Opening Cermony shoes so badly!!
Also the Wang glasses are on my wishlist :)



I think I need them all!!! :) great choice!!! Have good day

uggkicks said...

I like the NO 7.

MMM said...

great stuff!! and beautiful blog as well=)
come and visit us on

Fashion is for idiots [like us] said...

girls, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! I am checking your blog for every post. Its great. you are great. your outfits are stunning, cute and freaky. love that. keep your style up!
love&rockets, Lie


AHAHA! I wanted those red slippers too, but my man was horrified. He said if I wanted them so bad, to make them myself. Maybe i will!

Anonymous said...

I want number 1 2 and 13

Jessica said...

I love this gift guide! Thanks for having such an entertaining blog, and thanks for coming by and saying 'hi'!

fashion clocked said...

dying over the prada bag in the most amazing shades and the stine goya knit wowwwwwweeeeeeee. Love this gift guide...I have one posting on my blog tomorrow made up with photos ive been snapping...think you will love it too... especially cos you love robots eeeek!!Katie.xx

fashion clocked

Stefanie said...

5 !

ClosetConfections said...

Love the hairy slippers and the proenza bag! Off to drop hints to "santa", lol!


caits said...

perfect. great idea. i cannot believe its almost christmas, is anyone else freaked out at how quickly this year has gone??

Unknown said...

loooooooooooooooooooooooove the prada purse :D


Connie said...

That Stine Goya sweater makes me very, very happy.

The Heartbreak

uggkicks said...

I like No.7,it is very hot this year ,I want to buy some pairs .And match these clothing and shoes in

Samantha said...

Okay, I would love to be on a Secret Santa list with you ladies because you have the best gift choices!! I love 6, 10, and 13!!