Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Samantha- Ballerina + Empire State of Mind

Jacket- Faux fur Jacob jacket from Jacob store in Toronto
Blazer- Pink Dries Van Noten blazer from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
T-shirt- Lanvin for H&M legs t-shirt was a gift from my Godmum :)
Leggings- Black H&M leggings with knee patches from H&M store in L.A.
Bag- Dior bag borrowed from Olympia
Boots- Chanel quilted boots was a gift from my Mom :)

The Look: Ballerina + Empire State of Mind

Fun Fact: I'm sooo in ballerina mode after seeing the movie, Black Swan. I wanted to be a bad ass ballerina but waaay more streetstyle punk! I love the crinoline coming out from the neckline and the dancing feet are embellished with beads and gems! It would be so cool if I knew some ballet moves but I'm more of a tap dancer...I tap danced with Caillianne for nine years in my teens! haha Pin It Now!


transcultural life&style said...

You look so pretty. I love that coat and those boots are gorgeous.

mispapelicos said...

Fantastic ballerina Samantha. I love the whole ensemble, and adore your boots.

Anonymous said...

The t-shirt is FANTASTIC!
I want one.... =]

A La Mode said...

Wow this outfit is incredible! Super loves! XX

Kim said...

Love this! The blazer + t-shirt are pretty much perfection, I want them!
I'll have to see black swan to see what it's all about but it seems kind of creepy :)

Sarah said...

Aaah Lanvin for H&M! I can't wait to see Black Swan either

Michaela said...

Love your boots and blazer! I do really want to see Black Swan!

Anonymous said...

Love the blazer, it looks so good with the Lanvin shirt!

Unknown said...

those boots are very olsenish!
i love them!
thanks for visiting my blog, i'll add yours to my faves for sure.

Jennifer S. said...

I lovveee your coat!


c.o.a said...


kate said...

Just became a follower!! Fun! Love the blazer!
velvet cupcakes

It-Blogirls said...

love your lanvin for h&m shirt :)

coco kailee said...

Everything about this outfit is perfect. I love the colors and the mix of femme with rock'n roll. Its awesome! So jealous of the blazer too <3

xoxo coco

Twins said...

So great the pink jacket in all this black!! And the Yeti jacket is just the best!!!! haha xx

Zarna said...

i love these quilted chanel boots - they look so amazing!!

i just added the beckerman girls to my "craves" list - you ladies really have one of my absolute favorite blogs!

Angeles Almuna said...

Gorgeous lady! I'm in love to this t-shirt....but I couldn't get it here in Miami...but in any case you look superb, great mix and great attitude!


Katherine said...

Hot boots!


alannah. said...

oh that pink blazer is so cute! & i wish i could see more of those tights because i really like the look of them.. especially since the waxy look is contrasted against the fur of the jacket!
my friends is currently in nyc on holidays from australia & i told her she has to look out for anything in h&m x lanvin collaboration but i doubt very much she'll see anything!x


Style Stars said...

amazing outfit!! i loved the black swam. the collar here makes it :)



Anonymous said...

Great blog and looks!
Kiss from Morocco

Chantal | Blamethefireworks said...

lanvin, omg <333


Sarah Dee said...

I love that shirt! (black swan makes me want to be a ballerina too lol)

<3 Sarah

Taylor said...

I love that pink blazer.. I'm getting more and more into pink lately. And the big fur coat on top is amazing as well.

Jardin de la Mode said...

Love this look! I want that blazer!
It's gorgeous!