Thursday, January 13, 2011

Samantha- Truly Canadian + Lumberjack

Ski Jacket- Black puffer from Roots store in Toronto
Sweater (underneath)- Grey Proenza Schouler sweater from Proenza Schouler Sample Sale in NY
Pants- Pendleton for Opening Ceremony from Opening Ceremony store in NY
Scarf- Christian Dior Scarf a gift from a friend :)
Hat- Vintage brown hat (no label) from Aberfoyle Flea Market in Ontario
Socks- Red Ralph Lauren Polo socks borrowed from Dad
Bag- Vintage bag (no label) a gift from Godmum
Gloves- Brown leather Holt Renfrew brand fingerless gloves from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Shoes- Etro shoes from the Etro store in NY

The Look: Truly Canadian + Lumberjack

Fun Fact: I was sooo excited when I got these pants on sale from Opening Ceremony on my trip in NY!!! They are sooo "Canadian!" I look like I should be holding a Labatts beer in one hand and a hockey stick in the other! Haha! Pin It Now!


Anna said...

These trousers are so cool! Great sale buy. Also totally love that bag.
Thanks so much for your sweet comments girls!


Anonymous said...

I have the same bag ;)


Those shoes are the shit! Perfect way to end those fantastic pants. x

Sarah said...

That bag is beautiful!

magdamagda said...

love your cap! and bag!

jemina said...

Darling, you look from head to toe MAGNIFICENT, I can imagine how exciting your closet must be, you and your sisters are FABULOUS to the MAXXXXX girl, and of course your Mama too :)

Love, Hugs and Kisses dear

jocelyn said...

I miss you girls so much but seeing these fab photos warms my heart! xo

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

l o v e the boots!!!
it's so fantastic to read your comments! i'm loving it! hope you know that k come karolina is also on bloglovin, facebook and twitter :) so cu soon!!!

xoxo from rome

mispapelicos said...

Samantha, I adore your trousers, the grey jumper and nail polish, but those ETRO BOOTS are to die for, sooooooooooooooooooooooooo fantastic my dear friend.

Marissa said...

thanks for adding fuel to my growing pendleton addiction! ♥ the pants!

The Handbags Blog

K A T H L E E N said...

that bag is so chic and classic

Unknown said...

The trousers and bag are amazing.

Zarna said...

i'm LOVING the pants and that hat!

i totally thought that bag was a birkin too BTW.

another perfect beckerman look!

thehautepursuit said...

LABATT BLUE! hahaha that's what my dad drinks. Very Canadian.
I agree the navajo print is very us! I really wanted a cape or something from OC but it was out of my price range :( and I wish we had OC stores here in Canada! they are way too cool

valncami said...

wow love it as usual! those pants are so fab! and the shoes are amazing!!

xo, camilla & valerie

Callahan Brooks said...

I love them trousers! beautiful! x

It-Blogirls said...

love your bag

Therése said...

Thank you so much! :D Love your outfit too!
Your comment meant a lot to me! Do you live in Canada or have I missunderstood it? :)

Really, thank you! :) So nice to hear from other people in the world! Excuse my english, I'm practicing ;D

Kisses! Therése

Valerie Friedrich said...

I've wanted those pants forever...and that bag...ugh, amazing. XO Valerie

BECKY MAY said...

very much in love with that bag!

The Flower Girl



You look fabulous! Of course I love the bag but those pants are amazing!!! :)

M said...

obsessed obsessed OBSESSED with those pants
pendelton is SO GOOD.


Autilia Antonucci said...

Thanks darling , loving the way you mix 80's awesomeness with trends from today :)

STYLE'N said...

love the bag...looks like you both are having too much fun!!!

CHLOE and JESSICA said...

oh you girls are fabulous.. loovee the hat on you so cute and im in love with all things pendleton!

20 YORK STREET said...

THE HOTTEST lumberjack ever!

How do you put all these beauties together?

Another note, did you see my give-away?

Stay Happy and Positive!




Eugenia Woods said...

Great pants! I also love your blue nailpolosh in your previous post! Have a great day!

sbot said...

Hot pants! Love the bangs.


artdecodiamonds said...

I adore the bag and the pants.. fantastic!

Femme Fatale said...

Hi ladies! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love that you lovely sisters do this together! Stop by for more;)


Chic said...

You have such a great blog. Love your style:)

Amber Lucas A Mused Blog said...

girl those pants so AMAZING! I loving them with the bag.

ambersmouthwash said...

Those boots remind me of Austin Powers! I mean that in the nicest and sincerest way possible!! So weird that they are cool!!

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

amazing bag. x hivennn.

BackOfTheOne said...

are the most perfect here
but you MORE
love you

| l e n e r d | said...

those boots are the most beautiful thing!
just adored!