Thursday, August 11, 2011

Caillianne- Baja + Surfer

Top- Proenza Schouler hoodie from The Bay at The Room in Toronto
Jean Shorts- Vintage denim jean shorts from The Rosebowl Flea Market in LA
Bag- Larissa Hadjio fish bag gifted from Larissa Hadjio
Sunglasses- Vintage sunnies (no label) from Showdown Vintage in Toronto
Shoes- Miu Miu clogs from Winners store in Toronto

The Look: Baja + Surfer

Fun Fact: I just got this Proenza surf hoodie! Totally stoked! Haha! I am such a surfer girl at heart so I just had to get it. It's from their Resort 2011 Collection and it's called the "Baja pullover". As kids, we used to go to Costa Rica every year to a small town called Nosara and we would surf and do yoga all day...ahhhh...Pura Vida! Pin It Now!


Devon Rachel said...

Ahhh obsessed with your sunnies and those fabulous clogs! You look absolutely stunning- well done :)

xox, Devon

Grace said...

I love that sweater, the print is crazy!

xx Grace

Lia said...

which winners did you get that from? OI always find the one on college and yonge has some pretty nice stuff!


| l e n e r d | said...

oh god oh god
in love deeply with the Proenza top!
oh god need one right now!
stunning look my sexy sister
love you all!

Joie de Viv said...

SOOO Fun!!! I saw tons of snowboarders wearing these on the slopes this past winter. I guess most are surfers too!

xx Vivian @

Maria said...

Oh i love your blog! :) Thank you so much for the comment on my last post.



Absolutely Mrs. K said...

I always have een in love with this Top! It is fun, quirky and just perfect! the colors and the knit are so insane! love the combination of the color of the sunnies and the top! so good with simple jeans shorts! oh yes and the clogs!

Lisa said...

A Carpet Jacket! I used to have a top just like that about 15 years ago. I used to get shouted at in the street by local boys who thought it resembled a carpet (must have been the intricate weave! lol!). Anyway, I always knew I was just fashion forward ;)

Great look x

blue roses said...

pura vida indeed, that sounds like the life. i would love to live right along the beach, to swim and sunbathe all the day long. love the hoodie with the clogs!

Unknown said...

love that sweater! so awesome!

Barb said...

You found Miu Miu at Winners? Ah, jealous.


YOU GOT THE BAJA HOODIE!! Gah I wanted this so bad. Looks perfect on you.

samantha rae said...

those sunnies are wickeddd!

N said...

the sweater left me speachless :)
love your sunglasses as well, the look is amazing!

Anonymous said...

I totally dig the surfer look! It makes me miss California!


Anonymous said...

Love love love that hoodie, especially in conjunction with the shoes! Fab!

kristina@beancakes ❤ said...

you look simply stunning! i love the baja textured hoodie!!
xo ~ kristina

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

looove the surf sweater, so casual and comfortable looking. can't believe you bought those clogs at winners!! I bought mine at Holts last year and have been endlessly searching to find more from that collection ever since - it was perfect. xx

Spencer. said...

Love your outfit, and oh wow those Miu Miu clogs look totally awesome! x

RA said...

your top is soooo wow!!!! :)))

margaret cruzemark said...

I totally adore your style here!!You look great.
Thank you for visiting and for your lovely comment!!
Kisses and hugs
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

sharla said...

and love the fact that you're from canada woooo!! :)


MJ said...

Really cool Proenza hoodie! You pull it off so well!

Mary said...