Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rana (Mommy)- Elle Woods + Pretty in Pink

Jacket- Pink Prada jacket from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Skirt- Pink Prada skirt from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Bag- Etro bag from Etro store in NY
Shirt (under jacket)- White Armani shirt from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Sunglasses- Marc Jacobs Resort 2009 sunnies from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Shoes- Prada flower heels from Holt Renfrew in Toronto

The Look: Elle Woods + Pretty in Pink

Fun Fact: Our Mom's favorite color of all time is P-I-N-K!!! Her whole house is pink and she has definitely spread the "pink bug" to us because it's our FAV' color of ALL TIME too! So, when we saw her wearing her total pink outfit, we had to blog her! Teddy the poodle, our Mom's sidekick jumped in... and it reminded us of our favourite movie, Legally Blonde! Pin It Now!


Mel said...

your mom is gorgeous, and what a cute ass puppy :)

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

how to describe this look: sophisticated, classy but with an edge! so fabulous that you mom is so fashionable! i love a boucle jacket but i think it is a pretty big risk to wear it in pink! but how amazing does it look! incredible, perfectly styled with the nude accessories and the simple tee! this is how you should style a duex piece! and the glasses makes it so much bolder, perfect edgy finishing touch! oh and i love the gnome and the frog!


freat mom! love her shades!


Unknown said...

How pretty! I absolutely love those shoes!

♥ Gina Michele

Jennifer S. said...

I love this! Your mom looks so good!


jocelyn said...

I will join a pink party anytime, and if anyone can rock a pick suit and those fabulous shades, it's your Mom. Hugs to all!

N said...

thank u for your comment, you're dolls ;)
love your blog and you're really looking like Elle here;)
xxx, following you ;)

The Pink Monocle said...

She's so amazing! This outfit is so adorable and classy and chic all tied into one pretty package! I really like the touch of edgyness added by the glasses!

Anonymous said...

uh oh Mom is haute! She is working that suit and her glasses are fierce!

Anonymous said...

uh oh Mom is haute! She is working that suit and her glasses are fierce!

rosanne mac cormick said...

I am so excited to know that your Mom loves an over 50 woman, i have always and continue to love the colour and wear it often...i enjoy the stares and the easily translated looks from females...isn't she too old for that!!...story of my life...colour is meant to be enjoyed, and too many women go through their lives afraid of it...kudos to your beautiful Mom and to all of you for bringing joy to our lives.

Gosia said...

Your Mom looks really chic!

kat @ paper doll theory said...

How adorable! Your mom is absolutely gorgeous by the way.


I wanna be fierce said...

This outfit has a Jackie O vibe to it and I love every bit of it.


Wida said...

She's so adorable! I want her shoes soooo bad!

Missing Amsie Blog

Sabina said...

Hello, diva! Your mom is fierce.

yvo said...

love the jacket

Leslie Christen | Fashion Stylist said...

PERFECTION. love love loe

ox Leslie

Lydia Armstrong said...

Why is your mom so freaking cute!

vivalablonda said...

OMG your sunnies I looooooove them, and the entire outfit is really cool!


mtg said...

She is beautiful. And she's got style ;)
Love her glasses! plz check out my cat-eyes here:


Roisin Elizabeth Keats said...

Expanding on my previous comment - can I have you mum's dog too?! Great taste in dogs obviously runs in your family!
Much Love
Roisin Elizabeth

Andrea said...

Absolutely gorgeous pink suit, I always tell people if I ever wear a suit it will be bright pink. The dog totally blends in, so cute.

BESOS LYNN said...

Is this really your mom? She is freaking amazing!!!! Seriously, she looks great, what a wonderful sense of style! I love that she is so playfull in all the pics!