Saturday, August 3, 2013

Chloe- Nautical + Surf

 photo IMG_2212a_zps1ac9b41c.jpg  photo IMG_2184a_zps2b6c52cd.jpg  photo IMG_2175a_zps86cb00ea.jpg  photo IMG_2192a_zps9fb14987.jpg  photo IMG_2136a_zps0e0c6aad.jpg  photo IMG_2050a_zps2714026e.jpg

Jacket- Prada jacket from
Dress- Juicy Couture stripe dress from Juicy Couture in L.A
Earrings- Tom Binns earrings a gift from my sister
Bag- Celine Nano bag a gift from my hubby
Shoes- YSL denim shoes from YSL store in NY

The Look: Nautical + Surf

Fun Fact: It's almost my Bday! YAY! And my fam got me so fab goodies! My sisters got me these Tom Binns rose throne earrings that I wear everyday now! And my hubby got me this black nano Celine bag that I went crazy gaga for!!! In my family we call it Birthday month! LOL! So you can get prezzies before your Birthday actually happens! Pin It Now!


Natalia/Shandrese said...

love it!!!

Tom Binns Design said...

Hi Chloe, we love our Bejewelled rose thorn earrings on you! What a lovely present :-) We've added your post to our facebook page:

Ramiz Raza said...

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