Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DIY Breakfast food Recipe's!

Throw down some fruit and make a food monster! LOL! We have been instagramming our DIY breakfast foods (@BECKERMANBLOG) and making breakfast really fun and challenging in the morning. We are not foodies in the slightest, and not gonna lie, we drink smoothies while making them so we don't get hungry. But trying to make these little creatures has been really inspiring and difficult when when need to go grocery food shopping. Check out our creations and DIY videos and pics make your own! As Miley says...We can't stop!" To see how we made Mickey Mouse in a video, check our Instagram because we had the Mickey Mouse Munchies and couldn't wait for breakfast...uh oh!


Mickey Mouse:
1 Waffle for face and mouth
2 Pieces of bread for ears Banana slices for eyes
2 Chocolate chips for eyeballs
1 Raspberry for mouth
Nutella to put on ears (And add maple syrup on top for delciousness!)
   photo photofixedtouploadmickey_zps11bdce47.jpg

Mouse Cheese Platter:
Cheese- Cut in triangle
Blueberries- add eyes and a nose
Ears- are smaller crackers
Cherry stem- for tail
And add bigger crackers around plate
   photo cheesephoto_zps6f463e5b.jpg

Fruit and Nutty Owl
1 Apple for wings and face and ears
6 Almonds for wings
1 Chocolate granola bar for tree bark and a bit for eyes
Banana slice for the moon
Cheese slice for nose and feet
 photo owlbreakfast_zpsbbf095cf.jpg

Teddy Bear Toast:
3 Pieces of toast
We used WOW Butter (Fake peanut butter) or you can use Peanut Butter on toast
Banana slices for eyes and nose
Blueberries for eyes and nose
 photo bears_zps6a45a2d4.jpg

Monster Food Face:
2 Bananas as eyebrows
2 Cherries as eyes
1 Waffle
2 Yogurts for eyes
Blueberries on top of waffle
H&M cell phone case for mouth
 photo monsterfoodface_zps0f58102b.jpg

Happy Pancake Face:
2 Pancakes with Powder on top
2 Raspberries as eyes
1 Blackberry for nose
Blueberries for mouth
Maple Syrup
 photo Pancakesmiley_zpsc00251df.jpg

Fish Food:
1 Piece of Bread for body (cut in a fish shape include fins and tail shape)
Slice strawberries for body (add cream cheese underneath)
Blueberries for eyes and bubbles
Lettuce for the ocean floor


Breakfast Butterfly:
1 Banana for body and face
3 Blackberries to make as stripes in the body. Use them to also make a smiley face on top of banana
1 Apple- Slice it in circular shapes for the body and use red skin to stripe the tail
2 Cherry stems- for the antennas

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