Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Minnie Mouse comes to Toronto!

We are Disney's Fashion Ambassadors! Our fashion icon, Minnie Mouse came to Toronto so we could celebrate and host "Minnie Style," at Toronto Fashion Week. We had the opportunity to play "tour guide" our with new best friend! We took her around our home town of Toronto and we had the time of our life. We went to some of our favourite locations: the CN Tower, had High Tea with Disney's First Lady, went shopping on Bloor Street, enjoyed shoes at the Bata Shoe Museum and visited the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario). It was the best day ever! See the video here. It was truly a dream come true!

Minnie is quite the fashion darling herself! We all recognize her signature look and have seen her inspiration everywhere from high fashion to high street. She is a true fashion icon. "Minnie Style" is all about having fun with fashion. What makes Minnie truly shine through is her inner beauty. She is confident, has the most positive attitude and she inspires everyone around her to let their true selves shine through.

There were six fabulous interpretations of "Minnie Style" on display at the party, designed by the finalists of the Mercedes Benz Start Up Competition. The finalists were" Eliza Faulkner, Beaufille, Laura Siegel, Sid Neigum, BLAK.I and Valerie Tolila.  Each designer was asked to create a head-to-toe look for Spring/Summer 2015 that was inspired by Minnie Mouse. We announced the winner...and it was Sid Neigum! The party was such a blast and everyone was wearing their Minnie ears and rocking their #MinnieStyle. We had so much fun with our best friend Minnie, and we never want her to leave Toronto!

 photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-13_zpsc794e5f7.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-12_zpsa8c58008.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-11_zps27427dbd.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-9_zpsc21cff63.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-8_zps712581ac.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-7_zpsd71031f2.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-5_zpsc5773185.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-6_zpsc883ca3c.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-14_zpse70c33f1.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-15_zps0499246a.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-16_zpsce22b45e.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-19_zps8ba5d32b.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-3_zpse68384dd.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-4_zpsb5e7a415.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-2_zpsc6437be3.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-20_zps902f0927.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-21_zps22da7256.jpg

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Andee D. said...

This is so CUTE! Makes me miss Disney World. It also make me want to wear Minnie Mouse ears every day.

Andee Shropshire

Unknown said...

noooo way, so gonna post this as my fav blogpost of the week on fb haha. This looks like my childhood dreams come true! (okk, maybe i still wanna hang out with minnie mouse, I admit

dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

The Dainty Dolls House said...

You girls looks so blooming cute :)) Love what you're both wearing, so gorgeous :)) How cool to spend the day with Minnie...well done. I LOVE it all :))) xoxoxo

Agnes W said...

All 3 of you look absolutely adorable!

House of Illusions

Coco said...

You are so cool girls!!! The pictures are super fun and cute!
Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

Lyric Fashion Lover said...

This is so much fun! Congrats to all the designers on a job well done! Love the fashions! Love you gals and Minnie Mouse, too! : )

Jeanne said...

What a fun event girls! You look adorable! You decidedly have a style for every occasion!

NotJessFashion said...

You both look fab in your outfit! and the event surely looks awesome fun!

Jessica |

mispapelicos said...

Thank you my beautiful girls for being so gorgeous, and so humble to remember me, ahhhhhhhhhhh
I want to meet and hug you
Tons of loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Konstantina Antoniadou said...

These photos are amazing!!
Thanks for sharing♥

Laura Mitbrodt said...

Omg! I love this!!

Caro * said...

Stunning photos !
I love Minnie Mouse, she is so cute <3

ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

just looove these photos, dear! you are so awesome :)

ChocolateFashionCoffee Facebook Page
ChocolateFashionCoffee INSTAGRAM!!!

TrixStar said...

I LOVE MINNIE Mouse! She is my idol! Great photos, girls!
xoTrixStar forever

Shannon Jenkins said...

Way too cute! You both are adorable Minnie's!

<3 Shannon

Tina Bradley said...

Amazing pics! I adore the Minnie inspired style feature here!!! T.

Kirsten Thyra said...

love it!


Beauty Follower said...

Such a fun shooting... toy all look so adorable :)