Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Our Visit to the Teotihuacan Pyramids in Mexico

We visited Mexico to do a Grazia Mexico photoshoot, do a conference at a Fashion University, visit Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera's home and to see THESE incredible pyramids!!! The Teotihuacan pyramids were built in 1 A.D as a place of prayer, not burial, like the ones in Egypt. There are two major pyramids, that you can climb up. The Pyramid of the Sun has over 248 gigantic steps to the top and the Pyramid of the Moon has only 48 steps which is still colossal. So, in the heat and jet lag, we decided we better go up the Pyramid of the Moon because we could actually make it to the top. And boy, was it magical! The view, the warm breeze, the layout of the Pyramids all together is sooo beautiful and breathtaking. The huge hills in the background (our tour guide told us) are more pyramids waiting to be excavated. We really felt the spirituality of the pyramids and enjoyed the incredible view from the top!
 photo beckermantwins-sisters-mexicotrip-mexicocity-piramides-pyramids-blondes_zps7a7fb47f.jpg  photo moonpyramid-mexico-sunpyramid-mexico-beckermans-beckermangirls-sisters_zpsb63e58a2.jpg  photo mexicoruins-1AD-stonework-teotihuacan-pyramids-beckermangirls_zps7fd0846f.jpg  photo caillianne-beckermantwins-blonde-etroshirt-hmpants-stripes-inesfigaredobag-strawhat-mexico_zps12a30c6e.jpg  photo moonpyramid-beckerman-trip-mexico-teotihuacan_zps0a851ca3.jpg  photo pyramids-mexico-beckermansinmexico-beckermangirls-sambeckerman-view-holy_zps5f3fa9e4.jpg  photo pyramidview-beckermans-sambeckerman-tiedye-leather-rodartejacket-chloeboots-hm_zps5968daeb.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-piramides-mexico-ruins_zps8117f76b.jpg  photo sambeckerman-rodarteleatherjacket-tiedyepants-etsy-strawhat-koonsforhmbag-balloondog-pyramids-mexico-versaceforhmshirt_zpse139ecab.jpg  photo sambeckerman-sofiacalderon-samantha-beckermans-mexico-piramides-pyramids-moonpyramid_zpsee334ca6.jpg  photo sofiacalderon-pyramids-mexico-teotihuacan_zpsc13ce7f5.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-teotihuacan-piramides-mexico_zps9fff77d5.jpg  photo sambeckerman-beckermanblog-pyramids-mexico_zps044e6533.jpg  photo sunpyramid-mexico-piramidesdeteotihuacan-pyramids-mexico-teotihuacan-sun-beckermans_zpsd9b23732.jpg  photo sambeckerman-caillibeckerman-jumping-twins-pyramids-teotihuacan-view-jump-raybans_zps57df12b0.jpg  

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Unknown said...

I am loving this posts from my country!! I'm glad you had the time to visit Teotihuacan! xx-Ari

Unknown said...

I sooo want to visit mexico, it looks amazing !

katherine lou said...

Awesome, awesome photos! I've visit Mexico before but I have never been here before!! You ladies look so fab!

itstimetostyle said...

Amazing place! I want to go there!!
Your looks are really cool! I love yours bags, I need Ines Figaredo bag <3

Xo xo

Lyric Fashion Lover said...

Beautiful place! Beautiful pictures! xoxo

Annie L said...

The jumping pic is the best photo! Love your outfits - fab vertical stripes
.xo Annie
New England Romance

i.s. said...

omgosh how fun! x

Laura Mitbrodt said...

This place looks amazing! I would love to go here

Unknown said...

This looks like so much fun! Love it girls!

Unknown said...

Wooouu amazing foto!!!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Just so amazing!! Love the place and I love what your both wearing, stripes....yesss!! I love stripes, those are fantastic!! Marvellous as always dolls xoxox

styletraces said...

Amazing view!! LOVED the striped look ♡

Unknown said...

Wow that looks amazing, and you guys look ace as usual! :)

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Unknown said...

You guys are the bomb to the diggity man. love your vivacious spirit.

Emily Jenny

Stiletto Beats

Vanessa said...

Wow, stunning pictures, love Mexico so much. *__*
Lovely greets Vanessa

Jessica said...

Awesome pictures! Looks like you all had an incredible adventure! =D
Thanks for visiting my blog!

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Dianne Tho said...

uau, such an amazing place :D

Unknown said...

can´t really concentrate on the outfits.... outfits are too awesome :D love these bright pants and the versace style top.

dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts