Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chloe- Red Bandana + Hippie

Jacket- Black leather jacket from Juicy Couture Sample Sale in L.A
Dress- Vintage red bandana print (no label) from Rosebowl Flea Market in L.A
Shoes- No.7 shoes from Creatures of Comfort in L.A
Bag- Vintage bag with turtle clasp (no label) from Gadabout store in Toronto
Charms on bag- Louis Vuitton charm was a birthday gift from my boyfriend Justin :)

The Look: Red Bandana + Hippie

Fun Fact: I have Isabel Marant to thank for my red bandana print obsession! I love her red bandana print jacket that I saw in Teen Vogue! See here! So when I found this vintage dress at the Rosebowl this weekend, I just had to get it. Pin It Now!


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

I call it a sophisticated hippie look. The red looks amazing in combination with your skin tone and the cut of the dress is perfect. I love the color of the shoes; they are not too dark so they won’t cut off your legs. The combination with the leather jacket is not so obvious, but very very stylish (always love a paradox). The best part of the outfit is the oversized Louis Vuitton bag charm (I would only wear it with a big bag; so good inspiration). And of course the little turtle makes everything so graceful

Amanda said...

you look beautiful! the dress is amazing!

fashion clocked said...

so cooool love this bandana bad ass piece and the way it fits you is phenomenal!! It reminds me of isabel marant and a bit of henry hollands collection inspired by new york street gangs- that was all paisley but purple and turquoise ( cant remeber if it was last s/s? errrrr) x
fashion clocked

Fashion Gossip said...

Pretty! I love how romantic and happy you look in this dress! Red suits you good :) M.

Twins said...

Is it so warm in Canada?? Im leaving in South of France (Monaco) and its FU#*!ing freeeeeeezing here!! Maybe we will have to move to Canada... ;-) I really like all your accessorize! The cut of the dress is so feminine.. Ready for the Spring???? xx

Collette Osuna said...

Red is one of my the dress and blazer, super cute shoes too....awesome outfit:)

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Unknown said...

That dress is very cute!!!
Even so i am not a big Louis Vuitton fan, i really like the little bird charm!

mispapelicos said...

Clhoe, to say that you look beautiful in that dress is an uderstatement...I need a pair of sandals like yours inmediately, fantastic.
I am in your blogroll, such an HONOUR, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I cannot believe it...
You are angels, and I adore you.
Mil besos siempre.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh wow you look utterly beautiful in red and I love the leather jacket and its details.
You are sooooooooo lucky to go to the Rosebowl Flea Market - ever since I learned of its existence I've been pining to go there.
Hmmmm ... airfares from Brisbane to LA are pretty cheap right now;) xo

ediot said...

that outfit is amazing. loves it. esp. the dress and the shoes.
hope you're having a good week so far


Sabina said...

The bandana dress is beautiful, and everything goes great together here. The little birdie charm was the perfect touch.

merci beaucoup said...

wow, you look amazing!
and I really love your face on this pics, so beautiful! ;)

Anonymous said...

Chloe - you look beautiful as usual! The outfit look just stunning and I love the composition of these pictures. You brighten my day up when you're on the blog!!

Grace Escudero - The Afeminada said...

The outfit is awesome! The turtle clasp purse is my favourite part (loveee turtles). I really appreciate your comment on my blog, if only we could follow eachother :)


Gabrielle Pascua said...

I know, that editorial was one of the best I've ever seen! Thank you for your kind words on my blog - it means a lot, especially coming from you girls! I've just revived the blog and I'm relearning the ropes...I can't wait to post outfits!

Chloe, you look phenomenal, you're making me impatient for the second Sunday of March - I have yet to visit the Rose Bowl!

Would adore if you linked/followed me!

xx Gaby

Forest City Fashionista said...

The dress was a fabulous find--the colour and cut suits you perfectly! Wish it was warm enough back here in Ontario to dress like that :)

Lori said...

I love the LV charms- what a great accessory! and your dress is adorable ;)

...look closer