Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chloe- Marching Band + Denim

Vest- 3.1 Phillip Lim Holt Renfrew store in Toronto
Sunglasses- Red Miu Miu sunnies from Miu Miu store in L.A
Jeans- Diesel boyfriend jeans gifted from Diesel
Bag- Balenciaga black bag from Balenciaga store in LA
Ring- YSL ring from YSL store in LA
Pins on Vest- Vintage pins from Hells Kitchen flea market in NY
Bracelets- Juicy Couture neon and red bracelets from Juicy Couture store in LA, M.Cohen skull bracelets from M.Cohen store in LA, Vintage coins on leather band (no label) from Hamptons flea market in NY
Watch- Diesel watch gifted from Diesel
Shoes- Fendi shoes from Holt Renfrew in Toronto

The Look: Marching Band + Denim

Fun Fact: I forced my boyfriend Justin to try on my "boyfriend" jeans just to see how "boyfriend" they actually were and they looked fantastic! Now instead of stealing his jeans....I legitimately have my own pair :)
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Bri said...

The vest is gorgeous, I loved the blog post title!


Loving your shoes and all the brooches, brilliant.

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

that is like the most adorable little jacket i have ever seen! what a cut and what a shape! so perfect with the 80's jeans! love the oversized effect from the jeans! and oh my the background!!! wish i could find backgrounds like that

Anonymous said...

I must have these jeans, awesome!


jocelyn said...

What a great look, and the color scheme is cooling us off in this heatwave! xo

Andrea said...

i love the vest and the sunnies!

Kimberly said...

such a cute outfit love the sunglasses!

City Style

Isabel said...

You can't fool me! Those are mom jeans through and through.

Anonymous said...

Great boots!
- Aliya :)

Anonymous said...


giamarieb said...

you are too adorable!! happy birthday and congrats again!!!!