Monday, June 4, 2012

Samantha- Preppy + Riding

Jacket- Navy Proenza Schouler jacket from The Room at the Bay in Toronto
Shirt- Balenciaga white shirt from
Pants- Isabel Marant Navajo cords from
Bracelets- Green rhinestone H&M bracelets gifted from H&M
Necklace- Vintage horn necklace from Chelsea Flea Market in NY
Bag- Balenciaga alphabet bag from
Shoes- Burberry Prorsum creeper shoes from Net-A-Porter

The Look: Preppy + Riding

Fun Fact: This was such a fun shoot! I climbed up this big electrical box and shot it in the clouds before we had a HUGE storm. I have been totally into wearing blouses lately especially this one with the tipped silver collar. I think Cailli's blouse addiction has completely rubbed off on me :)
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coline said...

Cool photos :)

The Habit said...

That jacket is beyond hot and love how you paired it w/ the blouse and IM cords. Love it! Great pics babe!


The Habit

mispapelicos said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww Samantha, Preppy indeed. I adore, and WANT that jacket, ahhhhhhhhhh.

Luna Tiger said...

Oh ! beautiful ! the collar and the necklace are awesome and edgy !!!

Domonique Wilson said...

That jacket is perfection, especially with the leather accents!

Laura said...

Great outfit and the second picture is really cool!

jocelyn said...

Love the look - especially the last shot - in the clouds!!

Unknown said...

You always look so edgy, I just love your unique style!
Brooke @ what2wear,

blue roses said...

that jacket is incredible.... definitely "downton abbey" fox hunting meets country western prep!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

that second photo is simply stunning, incredible! love the combination of this rock and rolla outfit and that gorgeous eclectic bag! you rock those pants! and stunning with the crispy white blouse

Anonymous said...

Preppy is always good, and maybe undervalued these days!

x Peter @

Jenny-Kate said...

The second picture's amazing!

XO Jenn,

Bla bla said...


Thanks for comment! I can't believe that in whole blogosphere, Beckerman Sisters left me a comment! Don't want for this to sound like ass kissing but you really made my day! Tnx a lot. (I've changed my design in meantime but obnly little things)

Totally love your look!!! Aaah, lucky you, these are Isabel Marant trousers that you wrote me about!!!And I totally love the shirt & shoes that you wear. You made awesome combination & great pictures!!!

Girls,Have a great time, enjoy & lots of fun!!!

Unknown said...

Those collar tips are awesome!!!l

AliƩnor said...

Wow looove this outfit! all the details are great !!



Unknown said...

these pics are totally wow!
your blog is very interesting:)