Friday, June 25, 2010

Samantha- Chanel + The Office

Top- Vintage Top (no label) from Value Village in Toronto
Pants- Grey Dries Van Noten pants from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Earrings- Isabel Marant pink feather earrings from Net a
Shoes- Chanel Lightbulb shoes from Chanel store in New York
Purse- Coral fringe Etro bag from Etro store in New York
Dog- Cubby Peter Denzel Beckerman :)

The Look: Chanel + The Office

Fun Fact: This lightbulb shoes are my babies! This is the first time I am wearing them on the blog! They turn on and off and we will post them soon glowing in the dark! Today we did a photoshoot for the Toronto Star Newspaper and we will show you backstage pics next week! Cubby (aka Batdog) was such a star! Pin It Now!


Fashionunderfifty said...

The fringe bag and shoes are beyond amazing - just PERFECT!

Pennerad said...

such a beautiful dog.
and the shoes are stunning. can't wait to see them (turned) on!

Becca [Free Honey] said...

These shoes are so crazy and fun! I can't believe they're functional lightbulbs. What a unique find.

Madge said...

da na na na nannananananana BATDOGGGG!!!

MMM said...

amazing look!! love it =)
have a look at