Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Caillianne- April 28, 2009

Dress- Beckerman Tie Dye Dress
Bracelets- Vintage Bug Bracelet from Chelsea Flea Market and from This and That Vintage in Chelsea
Necklace- Vintage heart lockets I put onto a necklace
Shoes- YSL
Bag- Vintage crochet bag from Chelsea Flea Market
Hair pieces- Vintage Shell clips from F.I.T. Flea Market and Vintage pearl hair clips a gift from Samantha!

The Look: Woodstock + Ariel from the Little Mermaid

Fun Fact: This Beckerman dress was one of our first samples for a dress we were trying out for Spring 09 and we sampled it in our Tye Die fabric from Spring 08 to see if it would work.. and we loved the sample! Pin It Now!


loveroffashion said...

I want this shirt!!ai

Eli said...

I love this tye dye effect, also loving the shells in your hair. I was going to say this look was hippie mermaid before I even saw what you wrote!

Anonymous said...

i need this dress