Monday, April 13, 2009

Samantha- April 13, 2009

Check Jacket- Vintage YSL from Housing Works on 23rd + 3rd Ave in NYC
Red Shirt- Vintage Ship'n Shove for Me from Courage My Love in Toronto
Pants- Forever 21
Pin- Anka girl from Flea Market in NYC at 71st + 2nd Avenue
Necklace- Evil Eye from Bayview Village Heritage Antique Market
Striped Socks- From Dollarama in Toronto. They are the best thick socks!
Shoes- Black Prada platform sandals from 1994 Collection
Hat- Hand-made Harley Davidson leather + horn from bike shop in Amsterdam

The Look: Inspector Gadget + Equestrian

Fun Fact: I got this jacket from Housing Works in New York in December '08! It is such a special jacket because a woman named Annie Janowitz donated her mother's 500 pieces of YSL clothing with all the proceeds going to AIDS relief. It was such an amazing event! Pin It Now!

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Six Six Sick said...

Ah, you're so lucky you got that beautiful jacket---by the time I got to the store, all of the good stuff was cleared out!