Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chloe- April 23, 2009

Dress- Elizabeth Wayman, New York. I bought this from the Chelsea Flea Market, NY
Hat- Helen Kaminski from Saks, NY
Bolero- Vintage Polka Dot Bolero, no label, from the Hamptons Flea Market
Boots- Miss Sixty Cowboy Boots from Lord & Taylor, NYC
Necklace- Air Mail charm necklace from the Bayview Village Heritage Show, Toronto

The Look: The Cowboy Junkies + Ralph Lauren

Fun Fact: These balloons are for Justin's birthday!!! Wahoooo!!!! Happy birthday Justin! Pin It Now!


loveroffashion said...

I love balloons on sticks!!

Beckerman Girls said...

You rock Loveroffashion!!!