Friday, July 3, 2020


We decided to launch #BeckermanWellness  to open up the conversation about health, fitness and body positivity. Also specifically what we have learned about ourselves and our body and mind along the way of our weight loss journey. 
Since the 2020 Quarantine, we have made a special effort to focus on our health and fitness... here's some tips!

In our IGTV video we chat about our weight loss tips, hacks for if you are feeling low and our favourite snacks. We wanted to keep this light and fun. Also, just as a side note, we are not health professionals, but we have gone through this journey in a healthy way.

Beckerman Wellness 

1.Weight loss Tips: have a goal!

If you have a dress or something that is small or that u want to wear in the future. Have it as your goal "dress" or your goal pants.
Not drinking or eating when you know you are sad or feeling weird. Feeling your emotions
-Intermittent fasting. Not eating after dinner time. Letting everything digest until the morning.
-Apple watch: Using the Apple watch as a positive motivator to hit your steps. We try to get to 10,000 steps a day. And hitting our MOVE goal on our apple watch.
-Peloton bike- Doing classes and working out.
-Or you can walk outside or go on hikes.
or walk on the spot while watching your fav shows at night.
-Tracking your weight with free weight tracker App on your phone once a week to keep track of it.
-Meditation apps like peloton app (don't need a bike), sleep app, Calm app
 -Getting the Flo app or Apple cycle tracking so you know when you are getting your period and know when you are emotional. 

2.Hacks for if you are feeling low!

-Go for a walk and put on your fav music. Music is healing. Listening to music and zoning out. Until you feel a roar in your belly of fierceness. Release those endorphins because music is healing. Have a workout mix or a chill mix you  can put on to cheer you up.
-Call a friend or text a friend who always cheers you up and just talk about all your feelings. Talking about your feelings good and bad is both positive. Just talking about how you are feeling is really great.
-Start a hobby or do something you enjoy like tie dye or needlepoint or something you always wanted to try 
-Feeding your mind with positive thoughts and not with unhealthy foods. But it is important to enjoy yourselves when you are happy. Try to balance your emotions.

3. Our fav snacks right now:

G zero Drinks 
Powerade 0 sugar Drinks 
Teddy graham cookies 
Mini twix bits 
Crispy minis 
Peanut butter dips 
Welch’s fruit gummies 
Popcorn (skinny pop or a generic kind)
Caramel rice cakes
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Friday, October 11, 2019

London Fog x Jeremy Scott

 photo London Fog-Jeremy Scott-Beckerman Twins-1_zpsnguoak8x.jpg  photo London Fog-Jeremy Scott-Beckerman Twins-3_zpsfzwa1syn.jpg  photo London Fog-Jeremy Scott-Beckerman Twins-2_zpsumlmhlmd.jpg  photo London Fog-Jeremy Scott-Beckerman Twins-4_zpstiqi6xx4.jpg

Okay Okay Okay... Hold the Phone... or at least put it on speaker phone and scream out loud... THE NEW LONDON FOG x JEREMY SCOTT Collection is Here!!!!

These jackets just got released and we are OBSESSSSSSSED!!!!! We are love the 80's graffiti on the front that says "LONDON" and the Back lapel says "NYC" in graffiti. It's street, its skate, and you could literally wear it to grab a coffee with sweatpants and some timbz and it looks cool! It's the sickest trench coat in the game! Jeremy, you did it again!!!!!!!! Can't wait for the rest of the collection to drop!

The Look: London Fog x Jeremy Scott Get the Trench Coats on London Fog. We are wearing the size (medium) just for reference :) Pin It Now!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Hieram Owl Hats

We are obsessed with our hand painted Owl hats by Hieram! Our friend and a well known artist in Toronto, Hieram is so awesome and an incredibly talented artist! He has some owl hats available in his online shop or you can commission him to paint on your already owned vintage hat. The new custom hats Hieram works with is Toronto bespoke house Coup De Tete and those hats are 100% handmade from all natural materials. Our hats were vintage and he painted a Barn Owl on Cailli's brown floppy hat and a Great Horned owl on Sam's green hat. He really captured the owls essence and beauty. It gave our vintage hat a new life! Click here to check them out! Photos by: Mack Kalishenko  photo beckermanblog-hieram owl hats-1_zpswqrwj5lw.jpg  photo beckermanblog-hieram owl hats-6_zpsygq8vc5p.jpg  photo beckermanblog-hieram owl hats-4_zpsz86wynik.jpg  photo beckermanblog-hieram owl hats-2_zpsm3xjcvtj.jpg  photo beckermanblog-hieram owl hats-5_zps7rh1dvit.jpg  photo beckermanblog-hieram owl hats-3_zpsowqxmlgm.jpg Pin It Now!

Friday, March 1, 2019

Dark and Stormy! OFF WHITE!

It was a dark and stormy day!(True Story! lol) It's been snowing like crazy in Toronto but we've been staying warm in our OFF White Puffers in this -15 degree temperatures! Photography by Mac Kalish
 photo Beckerman Blog-offwhite-virgilabloh-twins-1_zpsv9pno2dw.jpg  photo Beckerman Blog-offwhite-virgilabloh-twins-3_zpsvrbe9n1f.jpg  photo Beckerman Blog-offwhite-virgilabloh-twins-4_zps6ukzs8ev.jpg  photo Beckerman Blog-offwhite-virgilabloh-twins-6_zps8qey2dbe.jpg  photo Beckerman Blog-offwhite-virgilabloh-twins-2_zpsxbltuhd0.jpg Pin It Now!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Coach Fall/Winter 2019 Fashion Show!

Neon green dinosaur sweaters, old school logo hip sacks, patchwork shearling jackets and studded rock n' roll Elvis heels are all so hella good... and sooooo Coach! In honour of the Coach fashion show today in New York, we are wearing all of our favourite pieces! The #CoachFW19 Fashion Runway Show is today at 2:00PM at the American Stock Exchange. Make sure to check to see the Live Stream to see what our good friend Stuart Vevers has dreamt up.
   photo Coach-BeckermanBlog-CoachFW19-Beckermantwins-CoachShow-1_zpsljkuxavo.jpg  photo Coach-BeckermanBlog-CoachFW19-Beckermantwins-CoachShow-3_zps9tl8zkra.jpg  photo Coach-BeckermanBlog-CoachFW19-Beckermantwins-CoachShow-2_zpselyw3mef.jpg  photo ICoach-BeckermanBlog-CoachFW19-Beckermantwins-CoachShow-7_zpsjmpdysts.jpg  photo Coach-BeckermanBlog-CoachFW19-Beckermantwins-CoachShow-4_zpsph4h1ej1.jpg  photo Coach-BeckermanBlog-CoachFW19-Beckermantwins-CoachShow-6_zpskemn3am3.jpg  photo Coach-BeckermanBlog-CoachFW19-Beckermantwins-CoachShow-5_zpsiqdirlst.jpg

Shop this look:

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Thursday, January 31, 2019


H&M collaborated with EYTYS! It's so 90's, bad ass and just perfect for right now!
The collection includes baggy cargo pants, chains that clip perfectly to belt loops, Utopia sweatshirts, snakeskin blouses and not to mention the iconic Eytys shoes and slides. OBSESSED! Also loving these white skate socks which read "this must be the place". Check out the collection here! Or at select H&M stores! (Our doggy Dolly made a cameo too! woof!)

 photo BeckermanBlog-HM x Eytys-toronto-2_zpsh1rhobww.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog-HM x Eytys-toronto_zpsdnb64svw.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog-HM x Eytys-toronto-3_zpswni3mvdg.jpg  photo BeckermanBlog-HM x Eytys-toronto-4_zps05hcbaao.jpg Pin It Now!