Thursday, February 25, 2016

BeckermansxDiesel Campaign!

DIESEL and Double trouble! What more can we ask for? We had the best time collaborating with Diesel and wearing their latest collection! We fell in love with their Le- Bhonny and Le-Trasy bags. They are the Perfect size and the metallic leathers are out of this world! During NYFW, we danced our pants off to Joe Jonas performing his Cake album live, and had the best time at the Diesel party! It has been a dream to work together because we have been wearing their denim and clothing forever! Our first ever Diesel piece was a line green corduroy jacket! Make sure to check out the fun personality test to see which Diesel bag you are here and also check out our other campaign images here! Here is the rest of our campaign together!  photo BeckermansxDiesel-Diesel-cailliandsambeckerman-beckermanblog_zpszmdk4qeb.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-beckermansxDiesel-beckermanblog_zpsagtjwyqn.jpg  photo samdiesel-beckermansxdiesel-beckermansblog_zpsum5c5nsx.jpg Pin It Now!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 Review

We have been having a great time during New York fashion week! We have been running around going to fabulous shows and really enjoying seeing friends and collaborating on great projects! Not to mention...the fun afterparties! We hosted a Diesel party which was killer! Also, the Jeremy Scott after party was iconic! We loved staying at The Time New York Hotel. It's so relaxing and we love our room. The staff have been so helpful with all of our packages and running around for us. It has just been an amazing experience and we can't wait to stay here again. It feels like home. The best part is that the hotel is right in the heart of Time Square and we love all of the energy! The restaurant bar Le Grande was the perfect spot to grab drinks and hang out with our friends at night! Here is a round up of a few of the shows we went to, that we shot with our iPhone 6s, our daily outfits and Instagram videos that were all shot on the phone! It truly was a magical week of fashion and fun!
 photo beckermangirls-day 1-nyfw-beckermanblog-photo kimbumgeun_zpsycxkvsmi.jpg
Photo by: Kim Bumgeun
 photo beckermangirls-marquesalmeida-fashion week-NYFW-beckermanblog-photo park Β Sanghyun_zpsfnfuavhr.jpg
Photo by: Park Sanghyun
Adam Selman-Loved all the silk slip dresses! Especially the tinsel glitter dresses  photo adamselman-fall 2016-NYFW_zpsqqhtbzgd.jpg
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BCBG: The leather quilted pieces were soo amazing and our favorite!
 photo bcbg fall 2016-beckermanblog-NYFW_zpsb5djesoh.jpg
Day 2
 photo beckermangirls-NYFW-photo by adamkatzsinding_zpsgmtlylv5.jpg Photo by: Adam Katz Sinding  photo beckermangirls-outfitpic-NYFW-Fall2016_zpsn57ogp7m.jpg Zimmerman- Mirror Mirror on the Wall. We loved the hippy boho sophisticated chic and hand tied bow skirt  photo Zimmerman- Fall 2016-beckermanblog_zpsvrbzzlqz.jpg  photo Zimmerman Fall 2016- beckermanblog_zpsiruccy6v.jpg
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DAMNsel- We love up and coming designers. The girls at Damnsel did a collection about plastic surgery and even visited doctors to consult! Love how they used the red elastic's like surgeon lines that are drawn on the body!  photo Damnsel Fall 2016-Beckermanblog_zpsqf7vbxjg.jpg
Day 3
 photo BeckermanGirls-photo by Amy Venture-NYFW-harunoshibuyua_zpswfejemtv.jpg Photo by: Amy Chen
Herve Leger- Loved the 90's hard edge punk sexy vibes. Especially this grommet lace dress!  photo hervelegerFall2016-beckermanblog_zpsfnylbcps.jpg
Day 4 Happy Valentine's Day!  photo BeckermanGirls-valentinesday-NYFW-BeckermanBlog_zps9yoqlwqc.jpg

Tome: Loved the patent and the shirt dresses mixed together! Epic blouses and cool denim pants photo Tome-NewYorkFashionWeel-Fall2016_zpsyqivm3v8.jpg  photo Tome-Fall2016-beckermanblog-NYFW_zpszttttk63.jpg
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Day 5  photo Beckermanblog-beckermangirls-moschino-jeremyscott-Fall2016-NYFW_zpsgblghnfr.jpg  photo Beckermanblog-beckermangirls-moschino-jeremyscott-Fall2016-NYFW-3_zps7g98upsp.jpg  photo Beckermanblog-beckermangirls-moschino-jeremyscott-Fall2016-NYFW-2_zpsi78ujja4.jpg

Photo by: Callum Hutchinson  photo Beckermanblog-beckermangirls-moschino-jeremyscott-Fall2016-NYFW-4_zps4p2ejdgw.jpg

Photo by: The Knockturnal (before the Jeremy Scott show started)
Jeremy Scott: OMG!!! Cowboys and Poodles! This collection was off the charts amazing with fringe and plastic and Ren and Stimpy sweaters! Jeremy is such a genius and we loved this show so much! Especially the plastic little toy skirt and the studded leather jackets and pants
 photo JeremyScott-NYFW-Fall2016-BeckermanBlog-2_zpsr4rjvplj.jpg  photo JeremyScott-NYFW-Fall2016-BeckermanBlog4_zpsxlsbaijj.jpg  photo JeremyScott-NYFW-Fall2016-BeckermanBlog_zpsrznjtu4g.jpg  photo JeremyScott-NYFW-Fall2016-BeckermanBlog3_zpsj7mmx1a2.jpg  photo beckermansandjeremyscott_zpsnfcfvlvu.jpg
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Day6-  photo beckermanblog-photobypark2_zpsdgtt4ajz.jpg  photo beckermanblog-day6-cailliandsam-nyfall2016-photobypark_zps3xis9ldq.jpg Photo by: Park Sanghyun
Rodarte- A dark romance mixed with goth and lace! Loved the frilly boots and tulip earrings!  photo rodarte-beckermanblog-3_zpss63vee1n.jpg  photo rodarte-beckermanblog-nyfwfall2016_zpsxzvoksxv.jpg  photo rodarte_zpsfu3oifyk.jpg  photo rodarte-nyfall2016_zpscry0tqpe.jpg  photo rodarte-2-beckermanblog_zps6ujyf25q.jpg
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Coach- Obsessed with the varsity jackets, rodeo blouses, studded bags and shoes! Unbelievable! photo oach-Fall2016-Beckermanblog-4_zpsembhdkav.jpg  photo Coach-Fall2016-Beckermanblog_zpsca8vopiv.jpg  photo oach-Fall2016-Beckermanblog-7_zpsc9rys7af.jpg  photo oach-Fall2016-Beckermanblog-2_zpsqncs9rha.jpg  photo oach-Fall2016-Beckermanblog-6_zpslhjor0bc.jpg  photo oach-Fall2016-Beckermanblog-3_zpsj5ut7llb.jpg
Chanel Couture Preview- Karl Lagerfeld was inspired by nature including insects, bee's and wood. There were wooden beads and a new shape for the shoulder called an "ovoid". It was super serene and natural fabrics were used. It was mind blowing beautiful and super modern with gorgeous Lesage tweeds.  photo IMG_0253_zpsqg0n4tfo.jpg  photo IMG_0247_zpszfbuaqlp.jpg  photo IMG_0232_zpsa6cydskx.jpg  photo IMG_0294_zpslfnub8av.jpg  photo IMG_0290_zpsrjmz4ko1.jpg  photo IMG_0276_zpsmdfj8e2x.jpg  photo IMG_0275_zpsropdywhq.jpg  photo IMG_0272_zpspkq5jgkh.jpg Pin It Now!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Teva! #NYFW #SocksandSandals

It's New York Fashion Week again and we can't stop wearing #socksandsandals with our Teva sandals. We are obsessed! We love the Universal Slide for the airport. They are the best invention ever! First of all they are completely comfy, and second of all you can slide your feet out of them on the plane and relax in your socks. Our other favourite styles are the Original Universal Universal Ombre. We even styled them with tie dye socks! We have also been rocking the Teva "Foxy" boots with jeans and a shearling jacket because it's very frosty in NYC right now. They are great for hailing cabs, running from an uptown fashion show to downtown show. They are the perfect runaround boot with the worked-in leather look and super comfy when I want to slip out of my heels from Fashion week.

 photo beckermans-nyfw_zpsfzrwaok1.jpg  photo teva1_zpsyxw7wwwy.jpg  photo teva2_zpswjhigklb.jpg  photo teva-foxy-nyfw-beckerman_zps6zid7jgq.jpg  photo teva3_zps5k2oo0u8.jpg  photo teva7_zpsimghrivl.jpg  photo teva-socksandsandals_zpsx074lamv.jpg  photo teva4_zpstvouggvv.jpg  photo teva5_zpsklw0jopq.jpg Pin It Now!