Thursday, May 5, 2022

We're the Power Puff Girls!

OMG! All we're missing is Buttercup! Thats our sis (Chloe) who's in L.A! She has her in L.A! We're obsessed with these Moschino Power Puff bags and these  Simpsons x Levi's yellow jumbo corduroy pants! 
Cailli sewed this vintage happy face patch on to this vintage yellow cord vest that went so perfect with these pants. Sam wore her patched up vest that she DIY-ed and we had to pair it with these bags!
Our yellow frog bracelets are H&M from the Iris Apfel Collection. Sunglasses are by Socotra "Michael" Sunglasses and the shoes are Dunk Low by Nike 
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Monday, May 2, 2022

Hearts, Love and Rainbows! Soooo excited about H&M's Innovation Story called-The Cherish Waste Collection! Its online May 5th! This collection is all about special pieces that are made to be re worn and cherished in your wardrobe with all the pieces made from sustainable and recycled material. 
We're totally obsessed with these silky heart lounge pieces. The bottom of the pants have flames and we had a little snack of Flaming Hot Cheetos! It matched our outfits perfectly! The studded slides are so cool too! Sunglasses are Vehla eyewear (Dixie Black- Toffee)
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