Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Samantha- Technicolor Dream Coat + Rainbow Brite

Colorful vest- Multicolor Topshop vest from Topshop store in Toronto
Neckpiece- Miu Miu colorful shag neckpiece from Miu Miu store in NY
Sweater- Purple Proenza Schouler cardigan from The Room at the Bay in Toronto
Stripe Shirt (underneath)- Blue and White H&M longsleeve from H&M in Toronto
Pants- Red Citizen of Humanity Jeans from The Narwhal in Toronto
Shoes- Black sparkle Topshop shoes from Topshop in Toronto
Sunglasses- Red Ray-Ban's gifted from Ray-Ban
Bag- Green Balenciaga bag from Holt Renfrew in Toronto

The Look: Technicolor Dream Coat + Rainbow Brite

Fun Fact: I have been craving bright colors this winter and can't believe how well this Miu Miu collar and Topshop vest go so well together. My grandmother was the one that thought up the theme to today's look. She told me I looked like Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor dream coat. If you want to hear my favorite song from that play click here!
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Caillianne- Pink Snow + Denim

Jacket- Isabel Marant Jacket from Creatures of Comfort in L.A
Sweater- Pink knit Beckerman zipper sweater from Beckerman Collection
Jeans- Pink H&M jeans from H&M in Toronto
Hat- Purple Topshop hat from Topshop store in Toronto
Bag- Pink faux fur Prada bag from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Shoes- Tapestry Rodarte for Opening Ceremony shoes from Opening Ceremony in L.A

The Look: Pink Snow + Denim

Fun Fact: We designed this sweater to have different colour zippers opening and closing to give it a motorcycle/crafty feel. We are having a big snowstorm here in Toronto! Happy snowy weekend to everyone!
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chloe- Cabo + Paradise

Tank- Pink Juicy Couture tank from Juicy store in L.A
Skirt- White eyelet Juicy Couture skirt from Juicy store in L.A
Hat- Vintage straw hat from Brimfield Antique Market in Boston, MA
Bracelets- Juicy Couture bracelets from Juicy Couture store in LA
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban sunglasses gifted from Ray-Ban

The Look: Cabo + Paradise

Fun Fact: I realllly didn't want to leave Cabo! We had the best time at  night dancing it up at Baja Junkie, Pink Kitty, and Happy Endings! We also hung out at The Mango deck and played name that 80's tune with fun people at the bar and hung out at Nikki beach all day... FUN!!! Pin It Now!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Samantha- Crayola + Fringe

Knit Jacket- Yellow knit jacket by Rose Jurisch from The One of a Kind show in Toronto
Sweater- Isabel Marant sweater from Creatures of Comfort store in L.A
Pants- Blue Acne leather pants from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Shoes- Brown studded Miu Miu oxfords from Miu Miu store in NY
Hat- Vintage Chanel hat from the Manhattan Flea Market in NY
Bag- Burberry Prorsum studded bag from Burberry store in Toronto

The Look: Crayola + Fringe

Fun Fact: One of my favourite collections of Fall 2011 was the Acne collection because the leather pieces were so strong! After I wore these buttery pants on our Holt Renfrew 12 Days of Christmas Collaboration, I waited for them to patiently to go on sale and GOT em'!!!
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chloe- Beach + Sailor

Jumpsuit- Sandro jumpsuit from The Bay in Toronto
Sweater- Wave knit Beckerman cardigan
Wrap around neck- Red BONTON scarf from Advice from a Caterpillar in Toronto
Hat- Straw hat from Brimfield in Boston MA
Sunglasses- Ray-ban light rays gifted from Ray-Bans
Bag- H&M tote from H&M store in LA
Shoes- Louis Vuitton sandals from Louis Vuitton store in Toronto

The Look: Beach + Sailor

Fun Fact: I was just in Mexico for some major relaxation of beach, sun and sand! This is one of my favourite cardigans because we made it! It was also featured in a Fibre One commercial! haha!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Caillianne- Surfer + Tropical

Jacket- Dries Van Noten orange jacket from Yoox.com
T-shirt (under jacket)- Yellow Lucky Brand t-shirt from Lucky Brand store in LA
Jeans- Versace for H&M pants from H&M store in LA
Bag- Larissa Hadjio crab bag from LarissaHadjio.com
Shoes- Alexander Wang shoes from Holt Renfrew in Toronto

The Look: Surfer + Tropical

Fun Fact: I totally miss my pink hair! It was, purple, blue and pink all of 2010! But I don't miss growing it out! So, I clipped in some neon pink and purple and braided it in! Pin It Now!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Chloe- X-Men + Leather

Top- Lamb and Flag t-shirt gifted from Lamb and Flag
Bracelets- M.Cohen bracelets from M.Cohen store in LA, Juicy Couture rhinestone black plastic and black bead bracelets are from Juicy Couture store in LA, Vintage coin bracelet (no label) from Rose Bowl flea market in La, Vintage Liberty coin bracelet from Hamptons flea market in NY
Rings- Vintage snake ring (no label) from Rose Bowl flea market in LA, YSL heart ring from YSL in LA
Necklace- Silver Beckerman anchor necklace, Dannijo green necklace from my sisters, Vintage silver necklace (no label) from Street Vendor in Toronto, Vintage silver necklace (no label) from Chelsea Flea Market in NY
Pants- H&M leather pants from H&M store in Toronto
Bag- Black Balenciaga bag from Balenciaga store in LA
Shoes- Dr. Martens studded shoes gifted from Dr. Martens

The Look: X-Men + Leather

Fun Fact: I love the whole Rock n' Roll tee with leather pants... such an L.A. loook! A cool new store just opened called Lamb and Flag.. go check it out! it's amazeballs they have such great jersey pieces! Pin It Now!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rana (Mommy)- Spiders + Pink

Dress- Giles Deacon spider dress from The Room at The Bay in Toronto
Jacket- Faux fur Jacob coat from Jacob store in Toronto
Tights- H&M pink tights from H&M store in LA
Hat- Hand knitted pink turban hat (no label) from One of a Kind Show in Toronto
Bracelets- Vintage diamante (no label) bracelet from Bouckville Antique show in NY,  and Dean Davidson silver ball bracelet from Dean Davidson sample sale in Toronto
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban sunnies gifted from Ray-Ban
Gloves- Vintage pink gloves (no label) from Courage My Love vintage store in Toronto
Bag- Pink patent Chanel bag from Chanel store in Toronto
Shoes- Burberry Prorsum heels from Holt Renfrew in Toronto

The Look: Spiders + Pink

Fun Fact: We met Giles Deacon last year and he is soo rockin'! We had the best time hangin' out with him, and dancing the night away! Our Mom is wearing his neon spider dress today in ode de Giles! Pin It Now!