Thursday, October 30, 2014

TevaXWoolrich Collab!

TevaXWoolrich have teamed up for an awesome collab called #SocksAndSandals and we are obsessed! We have been wearing Teva's since we were teenagers but we have never had matching socks to go with our Tevas...until now. We love how Woolrich made the coolest coordinating socks to keep our feet warm this Fall. They are super soft and cozy and we love the pattern on them so much, we are even wearing them as knee socks. We are outdoorsy girls at heart and love the sock and sandal trend. Check them out here!  photo teva-woolrichcollab-beckermanblog-toronto-cailliandSam-1_zps0be420ed.jpg  photo teva-woolrichcollab-beckermanblog-toronto-cailliandSam-2_zpsee56c933.jpg  photo teva-woolrichcollab-beckermanblog-toronto-cailliandSam-8_zps69c93430.jpg  photo teva-woolrichcollab-beckermanblog-toronto-cailliandSam-4_zpsb5f453a7.jpg  photo teva-woolrichcollab-beckermanblog-toronto-cailliandSam-3_zps3990d20e.jpg  photo teva-woolrichcollab-beckermanblog-toronto-cailliandSam-7_zps1ad00e1b.jpg  photo teva-woolrichcollab-beckermanblog-toronto-cailliandSam-5_zps0f91747e.jpg  photo teva-woolrichcollab-beckermanblog-toronto-cailliandSam-6_zps67c8067e.jpg Pin It Now!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Moose Knuckles!!!

It's getting colder outside and there is no better jacket to get this winter, than the Moose Knuckles jacket. It's super warm and chic. We love Moose Knuckles because it's Canadian born and they are all about looking bad ass and cool on a cold freezing day! We love how Rock n' Roll they are, as well as the hardware on the sleeve, the removable hood, and the red lumberjack fabric. Bring on the Canadian winter! We are ready for it! We are wearing the signature plaid wool parka!

 photo mooseknuckles-beckermanblog-toronto-cailliandsam-redlumberjacketjacket-2_zpsfd40277f.jpg photo IMG_5459_zps283881b1.jpg  photo mooseknuckles-beckermanblog-toronto-cailliandsam-redlumberjacketjacket-4_zps53455fd6.jpg  photo mooseknuckles-beckermanblog-toronto-cailliandsam-redlumberjacketjacket-7_zps7d8a173b.jpg  photo IMG_5576_zps0c04aabe.jpg  photo mooseknuckles-beckermanblog-toronto-cailliandsam-redlumberjacketjacket-5_zps26f1f470.jpg  photo mooseknuckles-beckermanblog-toronto-cailliandsam-redlumberjacketjacket-3_zpse0916371.jpg Pin It Now!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Minnie Mouse comes to Toronto!

We are Disney's Fashion Ambassadors! Our fashion icon, Minnie Mouse came to Toronto so we could celebrate and host "Minnie Style," at Toronto Fashion Week. We had the opportunity to play "tour guide" our with new best friend! We took her around our home town of Toronto and we had the time of our life. We went to some of our favourite locations: the CN Tower, had High Tea with Disney's First Lady, went shopping on Bloor Street, enjoyed shoes at the Bata Shoe Museum and visited the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario). It was the best day ever! See the video here. It was truly a dream come true!

Minnie is quite the fashion darling herself! We all recognize her signature look and have seen her inspiration everywhere from high fashion to high street. She is a true fashion icon. "Minnie Style" is all about having fun with fashion. What makes Minnie truly shine through is her inner beauty. She is confident, has the most positive attitude and she inspires everyone around her to let their true selves shine through.

There were six fabulous interpretations of "Minnie Style" on display at the party, designed by the finalists of the Mercedes Benz Start Up Competition. The finalists were" Eliza Faulkner, Beaufille, Laura Siegel, Sid Neigum, BLAK.I and Valerie Tolila.  Each designer was asked to create a head-to-toe look for Spring/Summer 2015 that was inspired by Minnie Mouse. We announced the winner...and it was Sid Neigum! The party was such a blast and everyone was wearing their Minnie ears and rocking their #MinnieStyle. We had so much fun with our best friend Minnie, and we never want her to leave Toronto!

 photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-13_zpsc794e5f7.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-12_zpsa8c58008.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-11_zps27427dbd.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-9_zpsc21cff63.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-8_zps712581ac.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-7_zpsd71031f2.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-5_zpsc5773185.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-6_zpsc883ca3c.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-14_zpse70c33f1.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-15_zps0499246a.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-16_zpsce22b45e.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-19_zps8ba5d32b.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-3_zpse68384dd.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-4_zpsb5e7a415.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-2_zpsc6437be3.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-20_zps902f0927.jpg  photo minniestyle-minniemouse-disney-beckermanblog-cailliandsambeckerman-disney-worldmastercardfashionweek-toronto-21_zps22da7256.jpg

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Alexander Wang x H&M Collection Launch in NYC

The Alexander Wang for H&M Collection is coming... and it's coming in strong!!! BANG BANG WANG!!! We are obsessed! The collection mixes sports and performance for everyday life. The fabrics are made for the never ending dance parties! The women's collection includes 38 exclusively designed garments including the playful everyday objects like the swim goggles, boxing gloves, and even a whistle. This morning we went to a press preview and heard Sally Singer interview Alex about the collection. It was such an inspiring discussion. Alex mentioned how he keeps all of his ideas on his iPhone and how he learned so much about technical fabrics and working on a large scale with H&M. Most of the collection was made in Italy and he was able to explore new concepts and ideas with H&M. The scuba dresses, fabric innovation and motorbike sweats takes this collection to a whole new level because everything was designed brand new for this designer collaboration. The only thing he brought back was the Freya boot, and he added a scuba sock in it. We love how he played with his logo! There are injected logos on sweatshirts, compression crop tops and tights.  It's hard to pick our favourite pieces, but we love the yoga mat, sunnies, t-shirt dress, boxing gloves, hats and puffy jackets.

The launch party was in Harlem at the Armory. We all took our seats and performers flew down from ropes attached to the ceiling and started climbing the walls,  and jumping and flipping off trampolines. It was insane!  It then went directly into a fashion show led by supermodel Karlie Kloss. The beats of the music were electrifying as Tyson Beckford and all of the models wore plastic sports face guards. All of the models looked like a Wang Army! Strong, powerful, chic, and athletic. Then the most anticipated moment of the night was when Missy Elliot came out on stage and the crowd went wild! She was so phenomenal...we are still singing Missy Elliot's songs... Get your freak on!!! She was the guest performer of the night and she was so unbelievable, she brought down the house!
The #ALEXANDERWANGXHM Collection launches Nov.6th, as well as online and in 250 stores worldwide. Check out the video we made on Instagram!
   photo IMG_4440_zps228d8470.jpg photo IMG_4368_zps868a7ed7.jpg  photo IMG_4364_zps911ad74f.jpg  photo IMG_4326_zps9f5f032f.jpg  photo beckermangirls-nyc-wang-beckermanblog-bloggers-canada_zps6a239ddb.jpg  photo beckermanblog-twins-alexanderwangxhm-collaboration-hm-runway-nyc-preview_zps6f23e688.jpg  photo tyson-beckford-runway-wang-alexanderwangxhm_zps2f6c7fe6.jpg  photo alexwangxhm-alexanderwangxhm-hm-beckermantwins-beckerman-style-collab_zps010efb2f.jpg  photo alexanderwangxhm-beckermans-hm-alexwang-collab-nyc-athletic_zps6310b853.jpg  photo IMG_9099_zpsb775077c.jpg  photo IMG_9082_zps792b02df.jpg  photo alexanderwangxhm-beckermans-beckermansinnyc-beckermantwins-sisters-alexanderwang-missyelliottperformance-ny_zps3c3247f2.jpg  photo missyelliott-alexanderwangxhm-hm-alexanderwang-collaboration-nyc-beckermanblog_zps9453b70b.jpg  photo missyelliott-beckermangirls-ny-hm-wang-collaboration-alexanderwangxhm-beckermantwins-beckermanblog-streetstyle_zpsa1e736e5.jpg  photo IMG_9069_zps2c9e8961.jpg  photo IMG_4653_zps44fdf203.jpg
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

High Pony's and Pomeranians

 photo Cailli-beckermanblog-beckermandog-marni-cubby-haleyelsaesser-toronto-beerjacket-balenciaga-mbmjskeletonscarf-3_zps3b5f9ff2.jpg  photo Cailli-beckermanblog-beckermandog-marni-cubby-haleyelsaesser-toronto-beerjacket-balenciaga-mbmjskeletonscarf-6_zps8e133244.jpg  photo Cailli-beckermanblog-beckermandog-marni-cubby-haleyelsaesser-toronto-beerjacket-balenciaga-mbmjskeletonscarf-4_zpsae0075c7.jpg  photo Cailli-beckermanblog-beckermandog-marni-cubby-haleyelsaesser-toronto-beerjacket-balenciaga-mbmjskeletonscarf-5_zps10900ce1.jpg  photo Cailli-beckermanblog-beckermandog-marni-cubby-haleyelsaesser-toronto-beerjacket-balenciaga-mbmjskeletonscarf-2_zps680c7695.jpg  photo Cailli-beckermanblog-beckermandog-marni-cubby-haleyelsaesser-toronto-beerjacket-balenciaga-mbmjskeletonscarf-7_zps7748b030.jpg

Jacket- Hayley Elsaesser beer jacket
Top- Marques Almeida jean tank
Jeans- Isabel Marant for H&M
Sunnies- Ray-bans
Scarf- MBMJ skull scarf
Bag- Balenciaga
Shoes- Junya Watanabe for Comme des Garcons

The Look: High Pony's and Pomeranians

Fun Fact: On a walk with these little rascals today! The leaves are changing color and it's so beautiful! We just celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving yesterday and luckily its still not too cold. I loooove this Hayley Elsaesser beer jacket! It's sooo brilliant and looove her prints soo much! Pin It Now!