Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Caillianne- Ice Storm + Happy Holidays

 photo IMG_8132_edited-1a.jpg  photo IMG_7889.jpg  photo IMG_7836.jpg  photo IMG_8064.jpg  photo IMG_8035.jpg  photo IMG_7932.jpg  photo IMG_8020_edited-1aaa.jpg  photo IMG_7800.jpg

Jacket- Gat Rimon Elena Jacket
Top- Marques Almedia denim top
Hat- Knit Mickey Mouse hat (I made)
Pants- Sequin Gat Rimon Pants
Shoes- Isabel Marant for H&M fringe boots
Bag- Balenciaga bag

The Look: Ice Storm + Happy Holidays

Fun Fact: We are obsessed with this new label called Gat Rimon. Their collection has such a cool vibe! We love how they do Rock N' Roll Chic in a Parisian way. Definitely check out their collection! We got completely wiped out in Toronto with this ice storm and it's the craziest ice storm Toronto has ever seen! No power and heat for many over the Holidays! D'oh! We hope everyone is safe and sending lots of love this Holiday Season. Merry Christmas!

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Best Gifts under $150!

These are some of our favourite gifts under $150..there's still time to find the perfect gift!
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Friday, December 20, 2013

Cailli- Bad Santa + Naughty or Nice

 photo IMG_7541_zpsd92b0e94.jpg  photo IMG_7790_edited-1_zps316722a1.jpg  photo IMG_7581a_zpsbbb2da71.jpg  photo IMG_7592_zps1bbef6b2.jpg  photo IMG_7688_zpsfb64fbde.jpg  photo IMG_7531a_zpsbd9bb31e.jpg  photo IMG_7778_zps5a1ef841.jpg  photo IMG_7504_zpsed21893a.jpg

Jacket- Maison Martin Margiela for H&M duvet jacket
Jumpsuit- Vintage Norma Kamali jumpsuit from Hells Kitchen Flea Market in NY (similar here)
Hat- handknit hat made by mom Godmum Rae (similar here)
Bag- Devi Kroell bag a gift from my Godmum
Shoes- Alexander Wang shoes (similar here)
Lipstick- Fiery by Stila
Dog- Miss Marni

The Look: Bad Santa + Naughty or Nice

Fun Fact: Marni and I are prancing around (while it's snowing) and pretending we are Santa! LOL! I also kinda feel like I look a tad like Scrooge when he is in his night gown. All I need is a night lamp to walk around with and a frown! LOL! This Margiela for H&M is one of my favorite coats of all time. It is soo cosy and the arms zip off to use as a throw. I just found another one on sale which is on Yoox. They have one duvet jacket  left! Woot Woot! Check it out!

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sam- Punk + Snowmageddon

 photo sam-citizens-guess-jacket_zpsca47b2fa.jpg  photo sam-beckerman-citizensofhumanity-punk_zps16acc931.jpg  photo punk-collection-denim-beckermanblog-fashion_zpsfb5a8b87.jpg  photo bad-ass-gloves-citizensofhumanity-punk-collection_zpsffe75c21.jpg  photo snow-toronto-boss-hat-jeans-vest_zpsa0354508.jpg  photo IMG_7408_zps32925798.jpg  photo snow-shoemint-beckerman_zpsa4f3bcfe.jpg

Jacket- Guess Faux Fur
Vest- Citizens of Humanity
Plaid Shirt- Citizens of Humanity
Jeans- Citizens of Humanity
Necklace- Isabel Marant for H&M (similar here)
T-shirt- Vintage Ramones
Hat and Gloves- Holiday Gift from my friend Dani
Shoes- Jane Aldridge for Shoemint (similar here)

The Look: Punk + Snowmageddon

Fun Fact: It's snowing like cray cray in Toronto right now but the pups are loving it! We are all about layering since wearing winter coats all the time gets boring! A few months ago, Citizens of Humanity did a press lunch in Toronto launching their punk collection and I think it was made for us…studs, ripped denim, and patchwork….DONE!

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Caillianne- World Traveller and Hippie Chic

 photo IMG_6008_zps3254ad18.jpg  photo IMG_5882_zpsd3bf4782.jpg  photo IMG_5930_zpseb3a4f9a.jpg  photo IMG_5987_zpsb227bdd0.jpg  photo IMG_6046_zpsd97bca7c.jpg  photo IMG_5898_zps347f8e0e.jpg  photo IMG_6063_zpsad84cfce.jpg

Jean Jacket- Isabel Marant denim jacket (similar here)
Pants- Isabel Marant pants (borrowed from Sam)
Hat- black beanie hat
Scarf- Christopher Kane scarf
Bag- Simone Camille bag
Shoes- Barbara Bui fringe boots (similar here)
Sunnies- Ray-Ban's
Lipstick- Nars Heat Wave

The Look: World Traveller and Hippie Chic

Fun Fact: My favorite thing to travel in is a loads of denim (and girly red lipstick!) I actually took the liner out of this jacket to make it look like an oversized denim jacket which I loooove! Oversized patch worked men's jackets are my staple and favorites.  I borrowed Sam's cords and was loved how they kinda did a 90's thing at the bottom over the boots and weren't super duper skinny. But this Simone Camille bag  is super epic. Not only do we hardcore carry our camera in it everywhere we go, its super soft and cozy and looks unreal with any outfit!

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Our Fav' Bags of the Season!

Here's our top bags of the season and a lot of them are on sale! Ohhh yeah!!
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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Chloe- Denim + Plaid

 photo IMG_2447_zpsb20e2daf.jpg  photo IMG_2369_zps1a895954.jpg  photo IMG_2359_zpse9f2f8e7.jpg  photo IMG_2427_zpse704d29f.jpg  photo IMG_2562_zpsd6cd98aa.jpg  photo IMG_2432-1_zps4bd63576.jpg  photo IMG_2488_zps3f930219.jpg

Top- Diesel (similar here)
Pants- H&M (similar here)
Necklace- Vintage Strawberry Necklace
Shoes- Charlotte Olympia (similar here)
Sunglasses- Miu Miu
Bag- Celine with red bandanna (similar here)

The Look: Denim + Plaid

Fun Fact: There's something said about a fabulous denim shirt that never goes out of style. My sister Cailli gave this to me as a gift the last time I was in Toronto and she had it for 15 years! And I wear it everywhere…to work, to holiday parties and hangin' around LA. I have a lot of oversized denim shirts, but when you find that perfect fitted one..hold onto it cause they are hard to find. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Sam- Studs + Leaves

 photo isabel-marant-sweater-beckerman_zps32689894.jpg  photo beckerman-leather-isabel-hm_zps8ee5d438.jpg  photo knitwear-sweater-leaves_zpsd63dfe24.jpg  photo paris-sam-beckerman_zps5564a241.jpg  photo IMG_4038_zps091a14b6.jpg  photo isabelmarant-studs-beckermanblog_zps9ddc1dab.jpg  photo boots-stud-fall-fashion_zps3d476d6e.jpg

Sweater- Isabel Marant (similar here)
Pants- Leather Isabel Marant (similar here)
Top- H&M
Belt- Isabel Marant
Bag- Isabel Marant
Shoes- Isabel Marant (white similar here and on sale!)

The Look: Studs + Leaves

Fun Fact: I'm all about wearing zip-up sweaters as "winter jackets" for as long as I can before it gets too cold! Growing up our grandmother was always knitting us sweater jackets and that's when the obsession began! Which reminds me, it's that time of year again when the knitting needles need to come out, so I can start making some winter hats! Last year, Cailli made me this one!!!

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Shoe Sale!

The best shoe sales are always in December! Everyone needs an amazing pair for the Holidays and for New Years to dance in the New Year! Here are the best shoes on sale!
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Chloe and Justin's Wedding in Malibu!

Our sister Chloe got married on May 18th, 2013 to the love of her life Justin Hardt in Malibu at Saddle Rock Ranch. We couldn't be any happier as her bridesmaids! When your sister marries her soul mate... there is so much love and happiness! And this day was filled with just that. She was glowing all night in her Prabal Gurung gown. Chloe and Justin were just featured in this month's Wedding Bells Magazine below. It talks about how they initially met when they were at summer camp back when they were fourteen and sixteen years old (awww... love story in the making). It was a spectacular night shared with close friends and family. We all shed a tear when they first hit the dance floor as a newly married couple. They danced to, Into the Mystic by Van Morrison. We danced the night away to Riri, and had the best night ever!  Also Wedding Bells Mag did an exclusive on their blog. See it here! Here is the video we made of the night and our pics below:) To see more pics of the wedding, our guests hashtagged that night on instagram and twitter as #BeckerHardt

Wedding Planner: David Pressman Events
Flowers: Krista Jon
(And to see her two sets of engagement photo's we took- the first was walking around L.A, click here The second set was at the Hollywood sign, click here )

   photo Final26_zpsabb01c88.jpg  photo Final21_zpsd1cab64b.jpg  photo Final8_zps9c96ef4c.jpg  photo Final11_zpsf56589f1.jpg  photo Final5_zps13716568.jpg  photo IMG_2508_zpsf1d106fc.jpg  photo Final15_zps167cf8cf.jpg  photo Final12_zpsb56713d9.jpg  photo Final23_zps25cdc096.jpg  photo IMG_2346_zps2415cf73.jpg  photo Final10_zpsb8893f52.jpg  photo Final7_zps7d8ff130.jpg  photo Final32_zps5afed324.jpg  photo Final3_zps34526b6f.jpg  photo IMG_2527a_zps6947c146.jpg  photo Final30_zps1de6498a.jpg  photo Final24_zps5285a1df.jpg  photo photo2-20_zps07ad1c06.jpg  photo photo4-6_zpse2f6a391.jpg Pin It Now!