Friday, January 30, 2015

Cailli- Plaids + Daisies

 photo caillibeckerman-beckermanblog-LA-guess-coach-toronto-2_zps044b14fe.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-beckermanblog-LA-guess-coach-toronto-8_zps67667377.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-beckermanblog-LA-guess-coach-toronto-3_zps57d07c97.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-beckermanblog-LA-guess-coach-toronto-7_zpsfef8d282.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-beckermanblog-LA-guess-coach-toronto-6_zps4a9309aa.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-beckermanblog-LA-guess-coach-toronto-5_zps214f6448.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-beckermanblog-LA-guess-coach-toronto-4_zps5ba3a20c.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-beckermanblog-LA-guess-coach-2toronto-1_zps7a12787c.jpg

Jumper- Daisy Guess Carlie Jumpsuit
Plaid shirt- re-worked plaid shirt from Luxury Jones
Bag- Coach Camouflage surrey satchel bag

The Look: Plaids + Daisies

Fun Fact: Today is a big mix and match day! I'm obsessed with these Guess daisy overalls and mixed with my fav' new plaid shirt from Luxury Jones and topped it off with this crazy amazing Coach bag. I brought this bag on my L.A trip and wore it everyday for two weeks! lol! its the best shape ever! Pin It Now!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Cactus + Denim

 photo caillibeckerman-beckermanblog-blissandmischief-chanelboots-isabelmarantdress-1_zps8fbf0549.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-beckermanblog-blissandmischief-chanelboots-isabelmarantdress-8_zps367b3cd6.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-beckermanblog-blissandmischief-chanelboots-isabelmarantdress-7_zps57ac25d0.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-beckermanblog-blissandmischief-chanelboots-isabelmarantdress-6_zps5c42d717.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-beckermanblog-blissandmischief-chanelboots-isabelmarantdress-5_zps34ae8ceb.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-beckermanblog-blissandmischief-chanelboots-isabelmarantdress-4_zpsaf8b473f.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-beckermanblog-blissandmischief-chanelboots-isabelmarantdress-3_zps1e4e0faf.jpg  photo caillibeckerman-beckermanblog-blissandmischief-chanelboots-isabelmarantdress-2_zpsda83e8f9.jpg

Shirt- Bliss and Mischief (made to order) The Face of the Desert denim shirt
Dress- Isabel Marant patchwork dress
Bandana- Vintage bandana
Sunnies- Ray-bans
Shoes- Chanel denim boots

The Look: Cactus and Denim

Fun Fact: OMG this shirt! I love this denim cactus Face of the Desert shirt sooo much!!!! Obsessed and over the moon with what our friend Hillary Justin has created! I love how it has cacti on the elbows and on the back of the neck! WOWOWOWOWeeee Zowowoweeeee!!! It's oversized and so cozy and I love all the flowers that are intertwined on the shoulders. I had to put it with my new denim Chanel boots.... sooo 90's and western!
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Monday, January 19, 2015

February Issue for Flare Magazine!

Can you smell what The Rodnik Band is cooking! We interviewed Philip Colbert the magnificent and super talented designer from The Rodnik Band in this months February issue of Flare Magazine. He mixes, rock and glam together to create statement pieces... to make any fashionista go ga ga goo goo in the kitchen! lol! Check out our fun video and interview with Philip on now!
 photo Flare_Beckerman_TheRodnikBand0056_zpsd71c65f3.jpg  photo Flare_Beckerman_TheRodnikBand0239_zps4cbedfc7.jpg  photo Flare_Beckerman_TheRodnikBand0207_zpsb864849b.jpg  photo Flare_Beckerman_TheRodnikBand0064_zps8698f10d.jpg  photo Flare_Beckerman_TheRodnikBand0253_zps2b0e52de.jpg Pin It Now!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Sam- All White + Tiny Toon Adventure

 photo iphone6-allwhitedenimlook-la-canadasnumberonebloggers-beckermanblog-twins_zps3b41d9f4.jpg  photo iphone6-offwhite-jeans-rippedjeans-tinytoons-canada-blog-bloggers-streetstyle_zps1218a095.jpg  photo iphone6-moschino-beckermanblog-offwhite_zps1b4a9219.jpg photo iphone6-losangeles-whitedenim-jeans-beckermans-sisters-giuseppezanotti_zps05f73b35.jpg  photo iphone6-giuseppezanottichainboots-whitedenim-rippedjeans_zps588874cd.jpg  photo iphone6-moschino-shopsuperstreet-sambeckerman-canada-california-grafitti_zpsdba17a78.jpg  photo iphone6-sambeckerman-off-white-virgil-whitedenim-losangeles-canada-beckermanblog_zps33744a96.jpg

Jeans- Off White by Virgil Abloh
Jacket- Denim and Supply Ralph Lauren
T-shirt- Iro
Shoes- Giuseppe Zanotti
Bag- Moschino from

The Look: All White + Tiny Toon Adventure

Fun Fact: One of my challenges to myself this year for 2015 was to try different looks. One colour, that I (almost) never wear is white, so I had to try it, now that we are now in LA! The jeans are by designer, Virgil Abloh who I met in Miami during Art Basel and he is super awesome. His line is called Off White which has the sickest streetwear, denim and leather pieces! And he is Kanye's creative director, also an architect and DJ..he does it all! The fit on these jeans are soooo comfy and I love the WHITE letters on the front...perfect for my all white look. And my bag is from my amazing friend, Lucy from (one of my fav' places to shop!!!) who has the best Moschino pieces. It has two compartments in it, so I keep all my phone chords, chargers, backup mophies on one side and my wallet, lipstick and sunnies on the other. Its really keeps me organized! We are sooo excited for the next few weeks in LA because our sister, Chlo is having her baby any day now! Her due date was yesterday so, we are going to be Aunties soon! YAY! Pin It Now!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Cailli- Monsters + Patches

 photo coach-beckermanblog-1-toronto-garybaseman-1_zps4fc80791.jpg  photo coach-beckermanblog-1-toronto-garybaseman-5_zps8ff7fba7.jpg  photo coach-beckermanblog-1-toronto-garybaseman-3_zpsfb134c21.jpg  photo coach-beckermanblog-1-toronto-garybaseman-4_zps30fafb06.jpg  photo coach-beckermanblog-1-toronto-garybaseman-8_zps400bf893.jpg  photo coach-beckermanblog-1-toronto-garybaseman-2_zps301b7ec9.jpg  photo coach-beckermanblog-1-toronto-garybaseman-7_zps0d02a52e.jpg  photo coach-beckermanblog-1-toronto-garybaseman-6_zps8da25404.jpg  photo coach-beckermanblog-1-toronto-garybaseman-9_zps995f5298.jpg

Jacket- Coach jacket (similar here Red Check Jacket)
Scarf- Coach grey leopard Gary Baseman print scarf
Jeans- Vintage jeans with patches, a Beckerman DIY
Shoes- Coach shoes
Scarf- Jeremy Scott monster shawl
Bag- Coach x Gary Baseman mini carryall leopard bag

The Look: Monsters + Patches

Fun Fact: After coming back from L.A and hanging out with the awesome Creative Director of Coach, Stuart Vevers and the amazing artist Gary Baseman at the Coach Party, they have officially given me the monster bug! Now, I'm not quite sure what the monster bug is, but it has been passed on to me and I can't stop obsessing about monsters!  Gary Baseman's wild beasts and Stuarts innovative Coach Spring '15 Collection is the most epic Spring collection and it's dripping with Gary's hand drawn wild beasts. At the Coach party in L.A, Gary hand drew his wild beast on my bag and signed it. It's one of my fav bag's along with these Coach boots and jacket from the Fall Collection!

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sam- Camouflage + Fireman Coat

 photo sambeckerman-fashion-blogger-street-style-leathercoach-rhyder-camouflage-numberoneblogincanada-fashion_zpsfa7699b4.jpg  photo sambeckerman-samanthabeckerman-canada-fashionblogger-coachambassador-toronto-streetstyle-firemanjacket-coachrhyder-bloggers_zps7ee04094.jpg  photo coach-beckerman-sisters-twins-canada-firemanjacket-toronto-canada-camouflagebag-coachbag_zpse5d62b42.jpg  photo coachbag-rhydermetallic-camouflage-coach-sisters-beckermanblog-beckermangirls-canada_zpsf8360a2d.jpg  photo sambeckerman-blogger-coachgirl-leatherjacket-chainboots-hanleymellonblouse-blissandmischiefjeanjacket-coachbag_zps4a1b4804.jpg  photo coach-beckerman-girls-sambeckerman-hanleymellon-coach-stuartvevers-fall2014-canada_zps0f27cfb0.jpg  photo sambeckerman-samanthabeckerman-coachgirls-coachambassador-hanleymellonblouse-_zps8a965638.jpg
 photo beckermangirls-beckermanblog-beckerman-twins-coach-coachbag-coachjacket-canada-winterstyle_zps801124a0.jpg

Coat- Coach
Hat- Vintage
Jeans- H&M
Bag- Coach Camouflage Rhyder (or similar)
Blouse- Hanley Mellon
Jean Jacket- Bliss and Mischief
Gloves- North Face
Earrings- Givenchy and Alien earring by Throw a Kiss
Shoes- Giuseppe Zanotti
Lipstick- Nars Heat Wave

The Look: Camouflage + Fireman

Fun Fact: I'm all about an amazzzzing camo bag and this bag is everything! Coach really knows how to make the ultimate bag--the metallic leather camouflage had me wanting to go to boot camp! lol! It's so light and the size holds everything. I haven't taken it off in 3 weeks because it goes with every outfit. I can't believe it's -16 Celsius in Toronto, so I've been layering up all of my outfits and have been wearing jean jackets under everything! My coat is the Coach Fireman coat from the Fall/Winter 2014 Runway Collection and I love the craftsmanship on this jacket. The hardware hook closures to the suede collar and red printed houndstooth lining makes it uber awesome.  Now I just need to find myself my own personal fireman!

Get the Look:

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Monday, January 5, 2015

The Story of Cubby and Marni

Cubby and Marni our lil puppidoo's!!! Where do we start! Cubby and Marni both have very special stories and we wanted to tell you all about them, including their favorite things, baby pics, middle names and all of their funny things they do each day. Our days are filled with laughter because of them. We do crazy fun video's together and wanted to share their tails tales here today because they are little lights that make everyone happy!
 photo ScreenShot2015-01-05at121427AM_zps870ca8d7.png

Full Name: Cubby Peter Denzel Beckerman

Where does my name come from? I came with the name Cubby (and my Moms thought it was adorable) and Peter, my Moms thought I looked like a Peter...whatever that means. Denzel, I got to pick myself! Denzel Washington is my favorite actor ever. I watched Pelican Brief like a million times and I'm addicted to all Denzel movies including his newest... The Equalizer!

Age: 12

Birthday: Unknown. When my Moms got me, I had two extra rows of teeth on the top and bottom. So I had double the amount of teeth. That day, I had 14 teeth pulled, but I don't remember a thing! I didn't have a birth certificate, so my Moms made it July 4th- cause I'm an all American boy from Long Island!

Born: Long Island New York

Nickname: Coco, Cubsie Bear, Manny, Cub Cub, Puppidoo
Favorite Outfit to dress up in: It would obviously have to be Karl Lagerwoof. He is my everything!

Favorite toy: A plush bone toy named "boney" I bring him everywhere with me, and he is permanently in my mouth always. When my Moms found me, they bought me a boney, and since I was such a little baby, I carried the stuffed boney around everywhere, like it was my pacifier. To this day, there is always a stuffed bone in my mouth.

How did my Moms get me: My Moms were studying at F.I.T (The Fashion Institute of Technology) and came home to their building and saw the broker in their building holding a one pound Pomeranian (yes that was me) And asked whose dog that was? (Sidebar: They were looking to adopt that week and had called the ASPCA, and looked online, to see if their were any Pomeranians at the shelter.) The broker told them that he had found me on the third floor on the terrace. I had escaped from my previous digs and went under the gate and was wandering outside. The broker said he was going to put me in the rental office. The girls (my future Moms) said that they would take me and cuddle me in their apartment until the owners came home, and to send them up to their apartment to pick me up. 10 hours later, someone came to get me and it was the owner's roommates girlfriend. That was a tongue twister! A few days later, my original owner, an Asian Heiress came to their apartment and said, do you want Cubby? Her boyfriend bought me for her, and she couldn't handle two men in her life. She also locked me in a bag for 16 hours a day and abandoned me. The girls said YES!!! And before I knew it, I had twin Moms!

Favorite thing to do: Eat and Sleep and squeak toys! I can actually squeak toys all day if someone let me! lol!

Known as: A  little fashion boy. I love sitting on everything and love bags, and getting dressed up.

Unknown Fact: My Moms named a dog sweater company after me called "Cubby Couture" When my mom was in fashion school, she was taking a sweater patternmaking class and she shrunk the pattern and started making me sweaters. I swear I was her best fit model. I sold them off my back and my Moms had sewing equipment in their apartment. They sold over 200 sweaters and started their own fashion label called Beckerman back in 2005. I swear I'm a superstar! I also have eyebrows and walk on a slant.

Best Moment: When my Moms found me! I was meant to escape and find my Moms that day. I was the best gift from a stranger. It was fate that we found each other in this life.

Scariest moment: When I was attacked by another dog and it shook me. It put a hole in my trachea and I had to spend a week in emergency. I really scared my Moms, but I was strong and pulled through

Operations: A knee replacement

What I love: I wait on the bathmat everyday and bark until someone cleans my eyes and brushes my teeth. I love having clean eyes and teeth every morning to start the morning off right. I also love when my grandpa (Çailli and Sam's Dad sings to me) And, I love going to bed early.

What I dislike: I don't like when people try to pick me up. It scares me. I only like my family picking me up.

My favorite words: When my Mom says, "wanna keep me company?" that means I go upstairs with my stuffed bone and sit beside the tub (and keep her company) and drop my stuffed bone in the tub when she's not looking

Favorite song: Kelly Clarkson, "A Moment Like This." It was the first song I heard and every time I hear it, I fall asleep smiling. It's my baby song.

Cubby's baby pics:
 photo beckermandog-cubby-babypics-beckermanblog-pomeranian-cubbybeckerman_zps65fcf464.jpg
Karl Lagerwoof:   photo cubbyaskarllagerwoof_zps8aebceb4.jpg
Breaking Bad:
 photo walterwhitebreakingbadcubby_zps14b4c9b0.jpg

Mickey Mouse:
 photo cubbyasmickeymouse2_zps5c2ab9e1.jpg

Pumpkin Patch Boy:
 photo cubbypumpkinsquare_zps87c641ed.jpg

Santa Klaus:
 photo cubbyasagnome_zpsd35d6ab0.jpg
Justin Bieber:
 photo cubbyasbieber_zps821fd270.jpg

Wearing my Cubby Couture sweaters, my Mom's made me in 2002:
 photo ry400-5_zps26c89907.jpeg  photo ry400-2_zpsdca87903.jpeg


Full name: Marni Spring Summer '04 Beckerman

What does my name mean?: My Moms named me after the Marni fashion collection. Specifically Spring/Summer '04 because that's the year I was born. They said it was a life changing collection and super pretty and girly. Yup, that totally sum's me up!

Age: 10

Birthday: March 30, 2004

Born: Toronto

Nickname: Mar Mar, Mar, Marnsies, Miss Morningstar (I do like the mornings)
Favorite outfit to dress up in: Its always McMarni after Moschino!

Favorite toy: Toys, aren't really my thing because Cubby loves them so much. I steal his boney and tease him all the time! Cubby is my boy toy!

How did my Moms get me?: My mom's went to the mall to buy a sewing machine and came back with me! (They don't sell dogs at malls anymore) And my Moms bought me instead because I was starving and looked like I needed saving. They saved me! Now, I'm healthy and beautiful!

Favorite thing to do: I love watching Netflix and getting my belly rubbed on the couch.  My favourite television series to watch is Walking Dead with my Moms! I make sure they aren't too scared. I also love when people tell me how beautiful I am.

Known as: The Fashionista! I love doing dog videos and being the center of attention! Dress me up Mom!

Unknown fact: I run things in the Beckerman household. I'm the boss. I also love doing photo shoots the most! I sit on the carpet and bark until my my Moms dress me up. Cubby might be the lil fashion boy, but I'm the fashionista! I can't walk up stairs very well because I have really little legs and a big butt! (and I'm proud of it!)

Best Moment: Being featured as a best dressed and most chic-est pup in Harpers Bazaar and best dressed on The Coveteur.

Scariest moment: When I got attacked from another dog and he punctured my back with his teeth. I had to get stitches and tubes to drain it, but I healed up nicely.

Operations: None

What I love: I love sitting in the backyard and barking all day. Summer or Winter, I will take it! I love being outside all day. My Moms say I'm like a sleigh dog but mini version.

What I dislike: I really don't like slippery floors and will not let people pick me up either.

My favorite words: My favorite words are... "Do you wanna go in the car?" Um.. stupid question Mom! Of course I want to go in the car! The car is my favorite place to be! I can listen to music and be queen bee and let my tongue hang out.

Favorite song: Fancy by Iggy Izaelea. It get's me really pumped up because my Moms say M-A-R-N-I, and replace my name with Iggy's name! It makes me run around the house and swish my big tail back and forth!

Marni's baby pics:
 photo beckermandog-marni-babypics-beckermanblog-pomeranian-marnibeckerman_zps0674cef3.jpg
Mc Marni Moschino:  photo marniasmcmarni_zpsda0d6e16.jpg
Me as Bjork:
 photo marniasbjork2_zpseb9e7aa1.jpg

Parachute Jumper:
 photo marniparachuting_zpsb6c47fcf.jpg

Harry Potter:
 photo marniharrypotter_zps607ead32.jpg

 photo IMG_8560a_zps393ab967.jpg

Vintage Drew Barrymore:
 photo photo1_zpsd24bc955.jpg

Our first photoshoot in 2005:
 photo ry400b_zps9fa932f4.jpg

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