Monday, March 31, 2014

Sam- Florals + Army

 photo sambeckerman-samantha-beckermans-beckermantwins-blog-canada-streetstyle.jpg  photo clovercanyon-seaofshoescollaborationshoes-beckerman-winter-fashion-flowers-blonde.jpg  photo clovercanyon-chloejacket-beckermanblog-toronto.jpg  photo clovercanyon-chloe-beckermangirls-proenzaschouler-ps11-bag.jpg photo sambeckerman-beckermansisters-torontonumberoneblog-streetstyle-canada-clovercanyon-chanel.jpg photo khaki-flowers-fashion-outfit-streetstyletoronto-canada-blackandwhite-floral-beckermantwins.jpg

Army Jacket- Chloe
Black Top- Clover Canyon (similar here)
Flower Pants- Clover Canyon
Necklace- Chanel and Dolorous Jewellery
Flower Jacket Around Waist- Clover Canyon
Bag- Proenza Schouler (similar here)
Shoes- Sea of Shoes for ShoeMint
Eyeliner- Chanel Blue #909
Lipstick- Nars Dragon Girl

The Look: Florals + Army

Fun Fact: I'm all about head to toe floral outfits for Spring mixed with quilted army jackets to give it that grunge look! And Clover Canyon knows how to do incredible flower prints and textile prints like no other. If only my flower outfit would melt the snow all around me! I got the new Chanel #909 eyeliner that Karl used in the Cruise 2014 Collection and tried doing the runway catwalk make up look. I'm obsessed with the blue eyeliner because its waterproof and goes on so easily. The colour is just electric! 

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Cailli- Architectural + Neoprene

 photo silhouette-futura-metalorbjacket-clovercanyon_zps09152020.jpg  photo clovercanyon-metalorbjacket-ivykirzhner-romanshoes-allsaintshat_zps7767b1d8.jpg  photo roman-ivykirzhner-spring2014_zpse5e860d2.jpg  photo clovercanyon-metalorbjacket-neoprene-ivykirzhner-roman-silhouette-futura_zps3a1342b6.jpg  photo allsaintshat-metalorbsjacket-clovercanyon-hmjeans-beckermanblog-numberoneblog_zps009ff33f.jpg  photo pradafringebag-metalorbjacket-clovercanyon_zpsb72a7bce.jpg  photo beckermanblog-clovercanyon-spring2014-ivykirzhner-romanshoes-pradabag_zpse76b30ea.jpg  photo clovercanyon-futura-silhouette-beckermanblog-metalorbjacket_zps7a2c4961.jpg

Coat- Clover Canyon
Zip up jacket- Clover Canyon (similar here)
Jeans- H&M (similar here)
Shoes- Ivy Kirzhner
Hat- All Saints
Gloves- Quill and Tine Victoria Gloves
Sunglasses- Silhouette Futura
Bag- Prada (similar here)

The Look: Architectural + Neoprene

Fun Fact: Where is thou Spring? Shakespeare? Can you write me a Sonnet about thou Polar Vortex? It started to snow as I was blogging and we had a laugh attack because this weather is not letting up anytime soon.  As Canadians we never complain about the weather... so enough about the weather! LoL! Today, I'm wearing some of my favorite things! The Clover Canyon Spring 2014 collection which is all surf inspired, and a geometric dream. I'm wearing their neoprene metal orbs coat and zip up. I love all the punched holes in the neoprene.. it's brilliant! These Silhouette Futura Sunnies are soooo cool. All day people have been asking me about them. It's their anniversary and they brought back the 80's Futura...totally obsessed. They are so lightweight, rimless, super sporty! Spot on in my mind! And our girl Ivy Kirzhner is back at it again.... her Roman Gladiator heels are so epic! They are going to be my go to heel this Spring. I love her hardware that she uses and this nude color is sooo perfect!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Redken Collaboration and Free Giveaway Contest!

We were totally Redken Ready all through World Master Card Fashion Week in Toronto! Kiki and Steve (who are awesome!) made us look super glam all through the week. I woke up like this... (with a little help from the Redken team! lol!)We had our hair in cornrows, pinup rolls, braided ponytails, and in glamorous finger waves. They made us look polished as we ran from show to show. We are hosting an amazing Redken Giveaway!(For Canadians only) Please leave your email in the comment box below! The contest is from March 24- April 7th, 2014. FIVE winners will be selected to win $100.00 worth of Redken Styling Star products. All you have to do is follow them on Instagram and Twitter @RedkenCanada
   photo styleyourstory-beckermantwins-sambeckerman-caillibeckerman-yellow.jpg photo redken-beckermangirls-fashionweek.jpg  photo streetstyle-beckerman-toronto-beckermanblog-bloggers-canada-fashionblog.jpg  photo beckerman-wmcfw-toronto-fashionweek-canada.jpg  photo koihairstudio-redkenhairprofessionals-beckermansisters-beckermangirls-toronto-fashion-canada-blog-beckermanblog-pinup.jpg  photo redken-beckermansisters-kaelennyc-mrmittens-hair-koihairstudio.jpg  photo briads-braidedhair-beckerman-hairspray-worldmastercardfashionweek-wmcfw-twins-beckermans.jpg  photo torontofashionweek-beckermangirls-redkencollaboration.jpg  photo streetstyle-toronto-redkenhair-redkenprofessionals-totoro.jpg Pin It Now!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Maybelline + Toronto Fashion Week Collaboration

We hung out with the awesome Maybelline Canada team backstage at World MasterCard Toronto Fashion Week, and they helped us perfect our red lip for Fashion Week. It was sooo much fun! Backstage is an incredible experience because model's are getting their makeup done and there is a lot of excitement and energy for each show coming up. ET Canada was there to follow our journey and see how to apply the perfect lip! The phenomenal Grace Lee, who is Maybelline's lead Artist got down to business. She applied the most amazing red on our lips (and our new obsession- On Fire Red #895) It's the perfect shade of red and it wears amazing! We had so much fun goofing around backstage and now we are ready for the shows!

   photo gracelee-headmakeupartistofmaybelline-beckermanbloggers-twins-toronto-streetstyle.jpg  photo sambeckerman-caillibeckerman-gracelee-toronto-makeupartist-bloggers.jpg  photo makeupartist-toronto-canada-fashionweek-maybelline-maybellinecanada.jpg  photo lipstick-beckermangirls-sisters-worldmastercardfashionweek.jpg  photo redlipstick-beckermans-makeup-products-maybelline-backstage-toronto-wmcfw.jpg  photo maybelline-beckerman-sisters-torontofashionweek.jpg  photo bornwithit-maybelline-hashtag-beckermangirls-blondetwins.jpg  photo maybellineproducts-torontobehindthescenes-canadafashionweek-toronto.jpg  photo maybelline-chocolatebar-wrapper-candy-toronto-fashionweek.jpg  photo maybelline-backstage-beckermantwins-toronto-makeup-lipstick.jpg  photo beckermanbloggers-beckermansis-samanthabeckerman-cailliannebeckerman.jpg Pin It Now!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Grunge Girl + Skate Girl

 photo sambeckerman-beckermans-torontoblogphotos-emojiphonecase-omweekend-rodarte.jpg  photo isabelmarantpuffycoat-marcjacobsfauxfurbag-alexanderwangshoes-beckermangirls-twins.jpg  photo michaelnelsonwatch-beaded-masaii-rodarte-isabelmarant-poppylissiman.jpg  photo beckermangirls-twins-canada-rodarte-numberoneblogcanada.jpg  photo freidarothmanjewelry-newyorkjewler-torontoblog-beckermans-sisters-isabelmarant-nars.jpg  photo samanthabeckerman-sam-toronto-marcjacobsbag-beckermanblog.jpg

Grunge Girl Top- From Poppy Lissiman
Skirt- Rodarte
Leggings- Bernhard Wilhelm
Hat- Oh Mighty Emoji Hat
Jacket- Isabel Marant Puffer
Bag- Polka dot Marc Jacobs 

The Look: Grunge Girl + Skate Girl

Fun Fact: Poppy Lissiman is one of my favourite stores to shop at! She has the coolest pieces like this neoprene Grunge Girl top and also this crazy cool batman sweatshirt we can't stop wearing! One of our favourite new designers is Michael Nelson. He makes these beaded watch bracelets, that I'm wearing as cuffs. It's always 3:00pm with this bracelet! (Coffee time!) He works with 12 Masai women who work together in a fair trade cooperative to bead his masterpieces which allow them to earn a living in the comfort of their own village, while raising their children and families. I think these bracelets are really epic and so beautifully made. I also love Freida Rothman whose jewelry I'm also rockin' today, (necklace and rings). We have worn her stuff from the beginning and I love how she uses semi precious stones and how delicate each piece is.  Turquoise is my favourite type of stone :) Toronto Fashion Week starts today and I can't wait to see what the Canadian fashion designers have in store, in our hometown!

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bryan Adams Photoshoot for Yorkdale Mall's 50th Anniversary!

We were so honoured to be part of Yorkdale Mall's 50th Anniversary Campaign and representing one of Canada's Style Makers. Yorkdale is our most favourite mall! (sidebar- we are total mall rats!) It was such a special photoshoot because legendary Bryan Adam's was taking the photo's and we got to hang out all day and have fun! And let me tell you, he is the coolest Rockstar ever, and he is vegan :) Two thumbs up! His vision was to see us dressed exactly alike down to the shoes, hair, make up. It was so wild because we never dress alike (except for Halloween! lol) The end result was spectacular and in black and white. We are wearing our fav' H&M pieces and Chloe boots. The photographs are part of a series that will be used in Yorkdale's campaign and will be in magazines like Hello Canada and Lou Lou Magazine this month. It is also hanging in the mall (between Zara and Old Navy) To see all of the StyleMaker's photograph's from the series, click here. Also check out the behind the scenes video below!
   photo beckermantwinsportrait-hm-canada-anniversary-stylemakerportrait_zps5c8168ee.jpg  photo backstage-yorkdale-beckermans-toronto_zps8cc61a34.jpg      photo hair-backstageforyorkdale-style-50anniversary_zpseee6b2ce.jpg  photo caillianne-sambeckerman-samandcaillibeckerman-sisters-twins-toronto_zps265a73af.jpg photo bryanadams-beckerman-jeannebeker-fashion-yorkdale_zps5680dcd2.jpg  photo yorkdale-mall-toronto-canada-toronto_zps2c433cdd.jpg  photo cailliandsam-beckermanblog-beckermangirls-beckermansisters_zpsb421bf69.jpg  photo bryanadams-rockstar-singer-photographer-photos_zps275eb009.jpg
Toronto's Style Makers Photo Shoot with Bryan Adams from Yorkdale Shopping Centre on Vimeo.
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Friday, March 7, 2014

Cailli- Eyeballs + Monsters

 photo hayleyelsaesser-jeremyscott-monsterbag-toronto-beckermanblog_zps6e299d2b.jpg  photo venessaarizaga-hayleyelsaesser-beckermanblog-toronto_zps51e0bb16.jpg  photo beckermanblog-numberoneblog-toronto-hayleyelsaesser_zpsb951c785.jpg  photo jeremyscott-hayleyelsaesser-eyeball-monster-toronto-beckermanblog_zps990f58c3.jpg  photo hayleyelsaesser-toronto-jeremyscott-monsterbag-numberoneblog_zpsfc23812f.jpg  photo hayleyelsaesser-beckermanblog-toronto-eyeballfashion_zpsec2d7aad.jpg  photo jeremyscottbag-monsterbag-beckermanblog_zps1916baec.jpg  photo christopherkane-leopardshoes-beckermanblog-fogaltights-toronto-beckermansisters_zps74a02d97.jpg  photo beckermangirls-beckermansisters-hayleyelsaesser-jeremyscott-monsterbag-eyeballdress_zpsf42d0e38.jpg

Jacket- Guess Faux Fur Grey Jacket
Dress- Eye See you Tee dress Eyeball Hayley Elsaesser dress
Hat- Eyeball Hayley Elsaesser hat
Plaid shirt- Vintage Plaid shirt
Tights- Fogler Tights
Jacket- Vintage jean jacket from Chelsea Flea Market in NY
Necklace- Venessa Arizaga The Good Times necklace
Bracelet- Bad Apple Bracelet by Venessa Arizaga
Jean Jacket- Vintage denim jacket
Bracelet- Venessa Arizaga bad apple bracelet
Gloves- Quill and Tine The Victoria Glove
Bag- Jeremy Scott bag
Shoes- Christopher Kane shoes

The Look: Eyeballs + Monsters

Fun Fact: We are obsessed with Hayley Elsaesser's eyeball collection! Monster Eyeballs are on everything including hats, totes, dresses and shorts. She Australia's hottest designer and one of our friends :) Venessa Arizaga is also one of our most favorite and awesome jewelry designers! Her necklaces and bracelets always are totally rad, cool and totally handmade. The good times necklace is one of my favorites and it has Oreo's, bears, eyeballs and hotdogs. And her bad apple bracelet is so cute. If you were wondering where I got my bag, it's from New York Fashion Week. When we went to the Jeremy Scott Show, they had this bag as a giveaway on my seat! I nearly died when I saw it had a crazy yellow monster on it.

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