Saturday, September 3, 2022

Dust of Gods (Sneak Peek) for New York Fashion Week!

We had the best time at our friend Antonio Tadrissi's studio. We got to preview and try on some of his pieces for his upcoming Dust Of Gods fashion show in New York. OMG!!!! It's insanely amazing! Antonio and his team are the best at recycling and bringing pieces to life...and in this case, we're talking showpieces!
They are special, one of a kind, edgy, full of life and ready for the runway. The jackets are held together with kilt pins, custom news print grommet details, and the re-worked Carhartt pieces are also standout pieces. He is a master at re-working denim. The cropped bolero with strips of denim is one of the UNREAL showpieces and we are eye-ing the puffy plastic vest with designer dust bags. It is a must see show and we're so happy we got to try it on! 
Photos by: Auste 
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