Thursday, December 22, 2022

The Best Winter Boots for Winter: At Browns Shoes!

The weather’s been colder and colder and as the winter is now in full force we need to be wearing winter boots every day. As Canadian fashionistas, we have a lot of different winter boots. But we decided to put them to the test, and figure out which boots are the most fashionable and durable during this harsh Canadian winter. 

There are a few variables we always consider when buying winter boots. Having warmer feet is super important to ensure you stay healthy this Winter. Did you know that warmer feet open up the blood vessels and allow better blood flow. Colder feet can weaken the immune system… and no one wants that! 

 So let’s discuss the best trends in winter boots and get into it! 

 The first thing we always ask ourselves when buying winter boots is… Are they cool? Are we going to slip? How fast are they to put on? And most importantly are they warm and waterproof? 

 Since we have dogs and are always ankle-deep in snow, we need to have quick options. We need boots we can slide our feet in and get out of the house in under 30 seconds! We also need warm ones that we can trudge through in the snow. There are also boots with ice grippers on the bottom that help from slipping on black ice (but we’ll get into that a bit later)! 

So let’s go through the hottest boots of the season (and warmest) and figure out which ones are the best ones to get. 

 We love shopping at Browns Shoes. They also have the best options when it comes to Winter Boots! We have been shopping at Browns since we were little kids. They not only have the most amount of options, and they have a boot for every weather type. 

 So let’s take a look at which boots should be in your closets this winter. 

 First up is UGGS! 

 When UGGS first launched many moons ago we were obsessed and have loved them ever since we were teenagers. The sheepskin inside can either keep the temperature of your feet hot or cool depending on the temperature. 

 We can’t get enough of the waterproof UGGS. They are the most genius inventions. They are called the Classic Clear Mini. They are cozy on the inside and waterproof on the outside! We love how you can slip your foot in and they are easy to put on. They have a cold-weather rating of -20 degrees Celcius. They also come in various colors. We love the black ones too! If you need some for the Holidays, the red color is fantastic! 

 Our other favourite boots are the UGG Adirondack Boot III for Women. They are calf high and feature waterproof-grained leather and suede-insulated silhouette. These take a bit more time to put on but they are worth it! They have an upcycled sheepskin lining for superior warmth. The EVA midsole adds cushioned comfort with a treaded rubber outsole. These come in tan, black, brown and beige (we love those the most)! These boots are spectacular if you want to go for a hike! They have that Canadiana feel. So just add a warm winter jacket and a toque and you are all set! 

 If you are all set to go for dinner with friends, we highly suggest Dr. Martens. They have a super thick chunky sole with an iconic 90’style! We love Dr. Martens Jadon III. They are an ankle-high 8-eye grained nappa leather boot. We always love styling Dr. Martens with skirts or jeans and accessories overload. They also fit half a size big, so just keep that in mind. 

 One time when we were on a ski trip, my friend lent me her Moon Boots and ever since then we were totally hooked! Let’s talk about Moon Boots. They are sooo cool, if you are going to hit the slopes! They are really great for Apres Ski and look fantastic with leggings. They are insulated and fitted with a lightweight midsole. They feature suction pads on the rubber tread sole which really helps from slipping. Moon boots are a total instant outfit. They have a mini platform and are vegan and keep your feet warm up to -10 degrees Celsius. 

 When styling your Moon Boots, the bigger and puffier the ski jacket the better! The sizing works, as follows! A Small is size 4, Medium is a 5-8 and a Large is a 9-11. So it depends on how thick your socks are and how you want them to fit. But it literally feels like you are walking in Space! Hi Mars! The colors come in Black, White, Blue & Khaki. The Khaki is our fav’! 

 We recently just got introduced to Pajar! Honestly, we felt like we were living under a rock when we found out about these boots! How did we not know about these? We loooooove how they have the ice grips on the bottom. 

 Let’s talk about that for a minute! The Ice Gripping Sole is so awesome because if you notice black ice or just need a little more stability when walking on the snow, all you have to do is pull the red sole down, on the bottom and it essentially suctions to the ground. This is such a crazy amazing invention.

 Both of us are notorious for slipping on the ice and this invention is perfect for Canadian winters. We love the Valentina Women Boots. These have a zipper up the side of them and are made out of Nylon. The lining is faux fur and the rubber traction lug sole will get you through icy streets in style and the temperature is up to -30. What’s so great is that they are made with recycled materials and they fit one size small so make sure to size up when getting these. 

 Another pair of Pajar boots we love is called the Taya Boot. They aren’t ice-grippers but they are super fashionable and come in Gold. We love the Gold! How fashionable is a gold pair of winter boots? They also come in Black and up to -20 degrees Celcius. This low version is lace-up but you can slip your foot in without undoing the laces. Which is super helpful! If you love red or white, the Taya version comes in a higher boot called the Taya High Boot. 

 Let’s chat about Sorel! We have been wearing Sorel boots since we were kids! The Sorel Tivoli IV Boot is lit! It’s an ankle-high boot with waterproof PU-Coated leather and textile upper silhouette. It’s super cozy with a microfleece lining. The D-Ring hardware is super cool and they totally have a Canadiana feel as well. We love the accented green sole. It looks super rugged and chic without trying too hard. They fit one size small and have removable liners and removable insoles. I love this part of the boot because if your feet are sweating, you can totally wash them. They have an extended welt seam and an awesome sole. It’s treaded and the outsole grips and protects against icy and snowy terrains. 

 We would style these with some warm and fuzzy socks, some cool leggings and a warm bulky sweater and toque. This style of boot also looks fabulous with a shearling jacket. 

 So there's this cool new style of Sorel and it’s a bestseller that our friends were raving about and it’s the Sorel Out N’About III Puffy Zip Boot. These boots are winter ready and perfect for jumping in and out of the car. We love the pop of neon and the zipper up the front. They are the ultimate rain boots. So it’s perfect if it's wet and slushy. They come in a light green color and black. They fit true to size, have a fleece lining and a removable liner and removable insole. 

 We would style these boots with an all-black leather or pleather pants look and a black turtleneck. It’s a chic look. 

 We noticed a big trend this Winter and it’s wide-legged pants. Only thing is, this style works best with a heel. So a high-heeled Sorel boot would work perfectly for it. We love the Brex Heel Lace Boot. It gives you some height when wearing those wide-legged pants and its 3.9” heel. The material is leather/nylon and they are water resistant. This is perfect if you are going to a Holiday Party and you are jumping in and out of your Uber and you need a cool heel. We also love the other colour way it comes in. The Sorel Brex Heel Cozy. It’s a Brown and beige combo. It’s super cool because it has an earthy vibe. So if you are rockin’ that black velvet dress and are under the mistletoe these boots are the moment. 

 No matter how you want to style them, we can confidently say that Browns Shoes winter boots are the perfect choice for anyone looking to stay fashionable and warm during the winter months. Not only do they look great, but they provide optimal comfort and protection from the elements. So if you’re in the market for winter boots, there’s no better option than Browns!

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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Kelly Wearstler's Los Angeles Home

It was unbelievable to see our awesome friend Kelly Wearstler after this crazy long pandemic! It has been a crazy few years and Kelly is the ultimate best! We've been friends forever. She inspires us and so many people to live in our own colourful world of vintage and decor. She designs from the heart and is the BEST when it comes to design, designing hotels and bringing rooms and spaces to life. She is the ultimate designer, artist, friend and so much more. When we went to L.A. it was so awesome to see her house. A few years ago back in 2011, we hung out at her Malibu house! Check out our post from 11 years ago here! It's sooo cute! So it was a real treat seeing her for hugs, dog kisses and a tour of her beautiful home! Love you Kelly! 
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Friday, November 11, 2022

Beckerman Twins wearing HISO Nirvana Jackets!

We love our HISO jackets! HISO is one of Canada's coolest outerwear companies. They have been around since 1975 and we love how well they are made, and how cozy we are in them. This is the Nirvana Style. It has a zipper closure, drop shoulder and buckles on the side to adjust it, to make it more fitted. We love styling them with cargo pants and some 90's boots for Fall. 
Check out the boutique Clementine in Toronto! It's a really cool concept store and they have the Cappuccino colour! (this is the size small jackets for reference)
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Saturday, October 29, 2022

Happy Halloween!

When Pam met Pam... or wait.. Is it when Pam met Barb?
We LOVE Pam Anderson! We love that she is Canadian and an animal rights activist. So we decided to dress up in her most favourite iconic looks for Halloween! We even drew her Barb Wire tattoo (in permanent marker! lol) Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you enjoy all your mini chocolate bars and lots of it! Cailli in the pink hat is wearing Pam's iconic lewk from the MTV 1999 video music awards and Sam is wearing her Barb Wire movie look! 
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Monday, October 17, 2022

Ride or Die!

We loooove this whole Kim K Soccer Mom look! Yassss! This is probably one of our most favourite trends for Fall! Black turtle neck and a black pair of jeans or leather pants. It's sooo easy to do and we're obsessed with these jeans by Beau Souci
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