Friday, September 2, 2016

SoftMoc Converse DIY Collaboration!

We love DIY'ing! Drawing, painting, crafting and customizing accessories is the best way to make any outfit stand out and be super fabulous! We are always running around town in our Converse and we are obsessed with the Chuck II Viz Flow in black and white from SoftMoc. When DIY'ing, the white Converse we used fabric markers and doodle'd all over them with pastel stripes and then used a permanent black marker to put geometric shapes and dots all over them. Now these shoes are ready for a night of dancing! The black Converse have diy-ed hand painted eyes all over them!  To do this, make sure to use acrylic paints and grab a fine paint brush to start painting round circles for the eyes. Start with a white paint and then use a yellow on top. This will make the yellow color pop on the  black shoes. Grab a permanent black marker to draw in the eyes and looks like scared cats or goblins in the dark!  These shoes were such a blast to make and we can't wait to customize more! Check Out SoftMoc's Huge Selection Of Converse!
 photo Converse-ReadyforMore-SoftMoc-finishedpic_zpsek3qgczt.jpg  photo Converse-ReadyforMore-SoftMoc-supplies-pic1_zpslzlluynh.jpg  photo Converse-ReadyforMore-SoftMoc-CailliShoes-diy-1_zpsqttz5dnr.jpg  photo Converse-ReadyforMore-SoftMoc-CailliShoes-diy-2_zpsxnfslymv.jpg  photo Converse-ReadyforMore-SoftMoc-CailliShoes-diy-3_zpshxu7laci.jpg  photo Converse-ReadyforMore-SoftMoc-CailliShoes-streetstyle_zps1brgur6x.jpg  photo Converse-ReadyforMore-SoftMoc-SamShoes-diy-1_zpssnljfagb.jpg  photo Converse-ReadyforMore-SoftMoc-SamShoes-diy-2_zpsxxfwbwix.jpg  photo Converse-ReadyforMore-SoftMoc-SamShoes-streetstyle_zpsdjxckmkq.jpg  photo Converse-ReadyforMore-SoftMoc-SamShoes-diy-4_zps4hfpwhj1.jpg Pin It Now!