Friday, March 29, 2013

Samantha- Grunge + 90's

 photo IMG_6705_zps2d8202ef.jpg  photo IMG_6763b_zps7105197c.jpg  photo IMG_6723_zps2b35d261.jpg  photo IMG_6704_zpsfe704ce8.jpg  photo IMG_6756_zpse975eaff.jpg  photo IMG_6717-1_zps5199791b.jpg  photo IMG_6698_zps8cc152d2.jpg

Jacket- H&M with Maison Martin Margiela Collab leather jacket gifted from H&M
Blouse- Plaid blouse gifted from Zara
Pants- MiH Bonn Jeans gifted from MIH
Bag- Simone Camille Mojave bag gifted from Simone Camille
Earring- Blue Luv AJ earring cuff gifted from Luv AJ
Shoes- Maison Martin Margiela Tabi boots from

The Look: Grunge + 90's

Fun Fact: Today I feel like Little Mermaid Ariel all punked out with fringe and leather. This Luv AJ ear cuff is so awesome because its metallic blue and badass.  My Dad and I hung out today and he took these pics for me! It was raining throughout our shoot and boy, did he have me laughing-thanks Dad! Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend! Pin It Now!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chloe- Stripes + Americana

 photo IMG_3330-1_zps371a0f65.jpg  photo IMG_3376b_zps3efc429b.jpg  photo IMG_3371a_zps23eb39a6.jpg  photo IMG_3343d_zps31200671.jpg

Top- Juicy Couture hole top from
Knitted Dress- Isabel Marant Etoile from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Bracelet- J.Crew bracelet from J.Crew store in Toronto
Necklace- Orange beaded vintage necklace (no label) from Hells Kitchen Flea Market in NY and Crystal Juicy Couture necklace from
Bag- Vintage Kenzo bag from Vintage store in Australia
Shoes- Christian Louboutin shoes was a gift from Mama Beckerman

The Look: Stripes + Americana

Fun Fact: Lately, I've been having so much trouble with my car phone that I've been spending a whole lot of time at the car dealership. So, what a better time then ever to blog! My sisters made me buy this knitted Isabel Marant Etoile dress last year during the winter, it was so freezing cold but now I'm so happy that I have it on this warm and sunny day! Everytime I wear this top, I think it looks like Swiss Cheese!!! haha Pin It Now!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Samantha- Athletica

 photo IMG_6554a_zps5c3a4b4f.jpg  photo IMG_6458_zps2631821f.jpg  photo IMG_6496b_zps591666e3.jpg  photo IMG_6437_zpsd76b84d8.jpg  photo IMG_6438_zpsabf01b66.jpg  photo IMG_6470_zpsb49f7ba6.jpg  photo IMG_6547a_zpse235c7b7.jpg  photo IMG_6503b_zps24437de4.jpg  photo IMG_6439_zpsd957d298.jpg

Vest- Denim Proenza Schouler vest from The Bay at The Room in Toronto
Zip up- Fred Perry bought about fifteen years ago from Sporting Life in Toronto
Skirt- Comme Des Garcons skirt from The Bay at The Room in Toronto
Hat- Emrbroidered hat from H&M from H&M in Toronto
Socks- H&M green socks from H&M in Toronto
Shoes- Ivy Kirzhner Royal blue Caspar shoes gifted from Ivy Kirzhner
Bag- Simone Camille bag by Simone Harouche gifted from Simone Camille

The Look: Athletica + Tribal Rhythm

Fun Fact: The best thing about being a blogger is learning about the new and upcoming talent and fashion designers that are out there! And we love these Acceossories designer's BIG TIME!!! They are both the sweetest :) For bags it's definitely Simone Camille. Her handbags are sooo cool with the use of hand stitched fabrics and vintage coins. Her bags have a backpacker Gypset style and she makes us want to go back to Ibiza! Simone is also a phenominal styllist and has such amazzzzing style. Celebs like Nicole Richie, Miley, and Beyonce wear her bags. For shoes, it's definitely our girl Ivy Kirzhner. We went to The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT in NYC) with Ivy back in the day and she is the most talented shoe designer. This is her first season and we couldn't be anymore proud of her. She was inspired by Cleopatra and Egypt and Art Deco. Her heels and flats feel amazing on, and they are selling out on ShopBop. There is a huge buzz around her name because she has been in the industry a long time and she is a super well respected shoe designer. She also has the cutest bunny named Bonkers and a fab blog called Saint and Libertine which has amazing inspiration.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Bay Trends Event!

We had the best time co-hosting The Bay trends event with Senior Vice Fashion Director, Suzanne Timmins and Noreen Flanagan, Editor-in-Chief of Elle Canada. We had an amazing turnout of people, lots of yummy macaroons, wine, and a fabulous runway show! We each picked out our favorite pieces from the store, and styled them inspired by the trend. Then we chatted about why we loved each look, as the models strutted down the runway.
The 4 amazing trends that we are going to be seeing this Spring are: Graphic, Florabunda, Sweet Chic and Gypset. It was such a special night and thanks to all the amazing friends who stopped by. Here are some pics from the event! photo IMG_6269_zps6dcbcfce.jpg  photo IMG_6288_zps02ed1732.jpg  photo IMG_6280_zps9e4778b0.jpg  photo IMG_6293-1_zpsf8b796d3.jpg  photo IMG_6297_zps70cb2266.jpg  photo IMG_6300_zps2b47cb3f.jpg  photo IMG_6303_zps8b2ce121.jpg  photo IMG_6311_zpsbe431caa.jpg  photo IMG_6317_zps3f7c0e85.jpg  photo IMG_6322_zps03feb591.jpg  photo IMG_6334_zpse4d8f9ee.jpg  photo IMG_6337_zpsbe11cfea.jpg  photo IMG_6342_zps50e3262d.jpg  photo IMG_6357_zps211eb8b4.jpg

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Caillianne- Streetsyle + Denim

 photo IMG_6167a_zpsfec579bd.jpg  photo IMG_6101_zpsd028402d.jpg  photo IMG_6141_zpsdeb9b218.jpg  photo IMG_6155_zps4713ea71.jpg

Jacket- Isabel Marant jacket from Curve in L.A
Jean shirt- Jean shirt from Forver 21 in Toronto
Jeans- Acne jeans from Yoox
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban's gifted from Ray-Ban
Shoes- Isabel Marant shoes from Jonathan and Olivia in Toronto
Bag- Prada bag from Holt Renfrew in Toronto

The Look: Streetstyle + Denim

Fun Fact: Sooo excited when I found these crazy denim jeans! The denim strips are all shredded and have sooo many strings hanging that I feel like a Mummy who was was mummified in Denim! Pin It Now!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Samantha- Schoolgirl +Funk

 photo IMG_4735_zps9dc18194.jpg  photo IMG_4850_zps998d43bd.jpg  photo IMG_4882a_zps48be4804.jpg  photo IMG_4685c_zps6e3f6c06.jpg  photo IMG_4736_zps132f724f.jpg  photo IMG_4715_zpsa08b4230.jpg

Blouse- Marc Jacobs printed silk blouse from
Dress- Marc Jacobs Medallion patent leather
and tweed dress from
Bag- Pink faux fur Prada bag from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Tights- Black H&M tights from H&M store in Toronto
Shoes- Black Burberry Prorsum Creepers from

The Look: Schoolgirl + Funk

Fun Fact: I'm so obsessed with this Marc Jacobs tweed and patent leather dress because it's so couture with the padded hips and the leather/patent combo is so schoolgirl. I get excited whenever I wear it because it was my New Years 2013 dress that I wore dancing in the New Year with my sistas! Also, have just found the best RED lipstick color, Nars "Heat Wave." We are still religiously using the Nars thick pencils "Dragon Girl" but found that we needed one as back up if we couldn't sharpen it, while we were out. The color is outta this world---red with a touch of orange and it doesn't bleed or need lip liner. If you are lookin' for a new red lipstick, us Beckermans (aka lipstick junkies) approve this color! Pin It Now!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Caillianne- Lara Croft Tomb Raider + Bad ass

 photo IMG_5087-1_zps3cd4e0f7.jpg  photo IMG_5038_zps3c01ec5e.jpg  photo IMG_5040_zpsf5273ef4.jpg  photo IMG_5107-1_zps028a49ca.jpg  photo IMG_5299_zpsc808ae4b.jpg  photo IMG_5083_zpsc34a9757.jpg  photo IMG_5231a_zps6e07c8b6.jpg

Jacket- Embroidered Zara jacket gifted from Zara Online
Pants- Acne leather pants from Net-a-Porter
Blouse- Star silk pajama top from H&M
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban sunnies gifted from Ray-Ban
Bag- Balenciaga bag from Holt Renfrew in Toronto
Shoes- Balenciaga shoes from Holt Renfrew in Toronto

The Look: Lara Croft Tomb Raider + Bad Ass

Fun Fact: I've been obsessed with the Asian inspired bomber jackets ever since I saw Lara Croft Tomb Raider (Angelina Jolie) rockin' one in The Cradle of Life movie! I just got this jacket from Zara which I'm totally obsessed with, because the embroidery is so pretty with birds and flower petals. I tried to find this jacket in stores but it was sold out and thankfully I found it online. This star silk pajama blouse I found in the $5.00 section in H&M. OMG! I freaked out when I saw it because I have a thing for mini star prints, and it's lux pjama dressing! Pin It Now!